Friday, April 1, 2011

Road trip/Flight #4 (Part two)

Part 2 of our Idaho trip will be a little shorter. After Jake's 2 trips to the urgent care he started to feel better. I ended up in the urgent care after. I started taking medicine, and then I came down with the flu. SERIOUSLY. Anyhow, I wasn't really up to taking pictures feeling as sick as I was. 

Before I got the flu I did have a lot of fun days! Over the weekend my dad, grandma, brother, Jake, and I went on a few drives around Boise. It was pretty cold and rainy so it was fun to pick up coffee's and cruise around the town. We stopped for lunches, and ate at some good restaurants! Ever heard of Diners, Drive In's and Dives from the Food Network? Well, they've been to Boise more than once! We went all over. Boise is such a great city. Have you ever been? If not, I recommend it!

We got back home after over 2 weeks in Boise. I feel like a broken record, but, I hate leaving my family. It's so hard to be far. I HATE IT. My family is so helpful and loving. I'm so lucky. I wish I could just drive over for dinner or for my family to watch Jake while Grant and I have a date night. It's nerve racking finding someone to watch your precious baby! I was happy to come home and see my husband! Grant was a busy little bee while I was gone! He is so darn thoughtful! He bought me a PreCore elliptical machine and a food processor! I have been complaining about not being about to get to the gym and that I wish I had one... and also that I wanted to make sure I was making all of Jake's food while we were home... presto! Now, I have both. :)

It's been a tough transition for Jake in the last 72 hours. Jake got home around 11am on Wednesday evening and didn't really remember our house. He didn't remember his room, and the things he once loved. I know it was late and he was really tired. Imagine waking up in Boise (after over 2 weeks), then getting on a plane, falling asleep, and then waking back up and brought into a new home. He didn't want me to put him down. He didn't even really want to go to Grant. I told Grant not to get upset. Jake fell asleep on me and laid next to me the entire night. Yesterday he woke up and things were much better. Today he was even better. Still doesn't like when I walk out of the room, and only wants me to hold him.  Any advice? I read that it takes a few days when you've been gone as long as us to get back into the swing of things. Poor thing. We're going to Oklahoma in a few weeks... will it start all over again?

Since I've been gone... Jake is crawling, and even grew! I can't leave him anywhere! How do you take a shower? Where do you put them? I have to take the crib mattress down, and put together the high chair Grant just bought yesterday. This little guy is mobile!

Well, enjoy the Boise pics. Jake turned 7 months today... I will post his 7 month pictures later today! 
pop pop with Jake.
On the freeway heading to downtown Boise.
Love the trees in the town area.
The Capital.
Jake with his pop pop. He had so much fun playing with him!
We were feeling better, so we all went to lunch!
Dylan saying good bye to Jake at the airport.

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  1. Brooke I bought a Graco TotBloc to use as a safe place for Bowman to play while we needed a short amount of time to do something. It's bigger than a pack-n-play so he can stretch out, play, roll, crawl across it and have fun pulling up to a stand in it. It has worked very well for us. (I decided on it over the Joovy because reviews of the joovy said it smelled really bad due to chemicals in manufacturing it). I bought the black one because the bright one seems rather obnoxious.

    Gotta love busy baby boys!


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