Sunday, August 30, 2009

HAUTE AFFAIRS - 30th Birthday Party!

Last night I hosted an event at my Brother's restaurant Lascari's in Brea, California. Angelica came to me and asked if I would host her 30th birthday party. Angelica and I went to high school together. The party was perfect! Absolutely adorable! Take a look at the pictures below!

Hope you had a great birthday Angelica... Thank you for contacting Haute Affairs.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's new?

What's new in the life of the Newlywed Stones? Well, we have certainly been quite the busy duo! Between weddings, traveling, work, and new ventures we are all over the place.

Matt, Josh, and my friend Tricia got married this year (or wedding season as we like to call it).

Haute Affairs is doing great! I have booked a 30th birthday party this weekend for a friend from High School. Her colors are pink, black, and white. I can't wait to post pictures of the favors, menu cards, tags, wine charms, and flower arrangements. Next is a baby shower and a few holiday parties! :) I have actually been thinking that I would like to start making wine charms and sell them on my website for Haute Affairs as well? Thoughts?

Grant is doing great with Arthrex! He is really happy and excited that with this tough economic climate how well their company is doing as a whole.

Grant and I just got back from Boise, Idaho as well! What an amazing trip. Dylan is now 6 (going on 16) and just the most adorable boy! He is playing flag football and doing a fantastic job at that! In the pictures below he is the only boy left that still has a flag and the whole team was instructed to chase him and pull it off! He's also the fastest on the team! What a little stud! His golf game is still going strong as well! In fact, everyone at my parents golf course treats him like a little Tiger Woods. Too cute. We also went to the Farmers Market, and even played golf a few times...Everything else is going well in Boise. I'm starting to love that town more and more. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything, Grant and I had a blast!

Next week Grant and I are going to Annapolis to visit Larry and also see Ginny and Dave. Annapolis is a great city! Grant and I always have a great time there!

Grant and I are also planning our honeymoon and we will be taking that the week/weekend of Thanksgiving. How exciting!

Ok, so that about catches you all up! Here are some pictures from our last trip. I will update more next week!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Temecula Wine Tasting...

Katy and I met our friend Ryan in Temecula this weekend for a little wine tasting while Grant played golf with the guys... As usual Katy and I had a successful trip! :)

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