Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Early mornings with my babies.

Mornings generally start out the same time over here. I get up around 6-6:30 am, make coffee, turn on the news, and wait for the kids to wake up. In between 6:30-7 am the boys wake up. I make their bottles before I go in and get them. I get Jake first, and then we both go and get Asher.

We move out to the living room, and Jake will get Asher's big pillow in place for me, and then he'll lay on his pillow (with Minnie, duh!) and then we all sit and watch a little "Jack's Big Music Show." After their bottles are finished, it's total party time! But we always have that 20-30 minutes of wake up time in the morning. I even get a chance to drink my coffee. On the weekends we take this time to our bed. Grant holds one, and I hold the other.

After that, it's TV off, and play time. Jake sets off to get his puzzles, and blocks, and Asher goes towards his activity walker. Jake will sometimes take it from Asher, and then Ash chases Jake through the house. Hilarious. I need to tape it!

I just wanted to post a little something to remember our mornings together. Below are a few pictures from over the last few weeks.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Asher 8 months - Note to my baby...

Asher John,

Words can't describe the happiness and life you bring to this house. You are such a perfect addition to our family. Yesterday you turned 8 months old. We are working towards the year mark. I now know what people told me when they said cherish these moments... because they go by fast. They do. It's true. But, every milestone seems to bring more and more joy. Watching you grow and explore is amazing. It makes me so happy to see you smile.

You are trying to stand without holding anything, and you are cruising along the furniture. You chase after your brother, and are trying to catch up to him everyday. Soon you'll be playing with each other (not just side by side). You try to talk to him, and you try to grab on to him to see what he has in his hands. You chase your brother through the house. It makes Jake laugh so hard! I ask your brother who his best friend is and he points right to you. Jake loves you so much. Having you boys this close together is such a blessing. Everyone told me I was crazy... and guess what... they were all wrong. It's tough at times... but, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I wanted to write you a little letter (other than the many notes I already have for you), to tell you how much I love and cherish you. I'm documenting all this for you to have and give to your children one day. I have enjoyed your father's baby book, your Grandmother Stone has given me, and I have enjoyed reading the book your Grandmother Spellman has made for me. I hope you enjoy all the notes, and pictures I have for you as well.

Right now, your standing, eating baby food, solid food (you grab it off your brother's tray or plate), and drink about 4 bottles a day (at 6-8oz). Sometimes a little more if you seem hungry. Your a solid little dude. I love hugging, and kissing you! You started sleeping through the night as well. You may wake up once or twice, but then you go back to bed. I however, don't go back to bed... I stare at the monitor until you are completely sound asleep. Your talking like crazy! And you wont let anyone take anything from your hands. You will let out a yelp if someone tries! Your strong... physically, and emotionally. You have many features like the Spellman family, but you have your daddies dimples! You are built like a strong Stone boy. You make my heart flutter. You and your brother are the most handsome boys I've ever seen. I know I'm bias... but, it's true. ;)

Thank you for the happiness, the love, the kisses, the hugs, and all the joys you add to our family. We all adore you and thank God everyday for you.

Love you more than anything,

Your mommy.
On to your 8 month pics. By the way... you are not the sit still and wait kinda kid... just like your older brother! ;) I still managed to click fast enough!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aventures with Minnie Mouse...

If you knew me before children you would laugh at me... you would not believe all the Disney that goes on in my home. I was a Disney hater. Didn't understand the big deal with Disneyland, etc. I grew up going... I had yearly passes... I just didn't like going. I didn't like the crowds... I didn't like the mouse. YEP! I said it.

Growing up, I never watched a single Disney film. You may think I'm lying... but, I'm not. I didn't like the fact that there was always such a rough plot. Think about this for a moment...

1. Lion King: Dad dies... right out the gate.
2. Bambi: Mom dies...
3. Sleeping Beauty: POISONED!
4. ALL OF THEM have something terrible that happens...

But, as my husband would say... there is ALWAYS a happy ending.

My best friend Katy would laugh at me when I would talk about my hatred for Disney movies... She would say, "one day, you will watch them with your children, and love them!" I didn't believe her. Then I would tease her for her love all things Disney.


I married a Disney lover. My first born LOVES Mickey... and now my little man... has a girlfriend. Her name is Minnie Mouse. She goes everywhere with him. She plays cars, blocks, puzzles, go for rides in his car, in our car, sleeps with her, eats dinner with her, and so on. He loves with her. I have to admit. It's pretty cute.

I decided that I should be documenting this so that I can show him one day... how much he loved Minnie. So, here are some pictures I have of Minnie's travels...
Found Minnie in Jake's stroller.
Found Minnie in Asher's bouncer.
He gave Minnie water, and pretzel chips.
Talking about their big day together.
Out for a morning Ride.
Pushing his GF in the swing.
CONFESSION... I LOVE the movie Tangled. Yes, I really do. And I love all the Pixar movies too.
So, there you have it. I like Disney. I have a yearly pass, and I love going as a family! Watching Jake run around Toon Town, and watching Jake see Mickey for the first time was awesome! The older he gets, the more fun he has.... and me too! he he!

Until next time!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch part 2.

This weekend Grant and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch again. Grant didn't go with me during the week, so he wanted to take Jake and Asher this weekend.

Here are some pics from our family trip to the patch. Oh... it was around 90 degrees out as well. I'M NOT KIDDING. SO SO SO HOT! Hoping that fall returns to So Cal. I'm not equipped for the heat.

I love the pictures below of my little boys. Both such happy little boys. Makes my heart so happy!

Daddy and his boys.
Jake petting the goats again. He loved the animals.
Feeding the goats!
Choosing some pumpkins.
Happy Monday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

This morning I took the boys to the pumpkin patch. We got there when it opened, and there were no crowds! It was a nice surprise running into Kristyn and Colton! I bought a few tickets, and we walked around. However, Jake's favorite thing to say is... NO! He doesn't necessarily scream it. It's actually very matter of fact. NO! Or, "NO, MAMA." Awesome. 

With that said. He said, "NO" to quite a bit. For example, the train. Wasn't having it. He did LOVE the petting ZOO. He got all upset when we left. He didn't want to leave. He LOVED the bunnies. It was very cute. I hope he doesn't ask me for one, one day. UGH. We had them growing up. They were dirty, and they doubled in numbers... so to speak! ha! 

Anyhow, the weather was sunny, and not too hot. It was perfect! The kids had fun, and all in all... it was successful! YAY ME! 

My cutie patooties! 
 Petting zoo...
 The bunny cage...
 Can I have one mommy?
 Silly BOYS!
 My babes.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thank goodness for the cell phone!

I used to have more time to blog... And sometimes I miss telling the funniest stories that happen during the day with these kiddos. I need to start using my blogpress app again, so I can document the funniness!

There are so many reasons I don't have time to blog... mainly to do with my growing boys! So for this blog I decided to post a few things we've been up to.

Last week we went Liz and Victoria's house... On the day below Victoria had a bounce house. The kids bounced all afternoon!
 While the big kids bounced... Asher sat with Liz and I. He just watched them, and played with his toys... Soon, he'll be partaking in the fun! He's so handsome.
 Asher is not only crawling all over the house... he's standing, and skimming the furniture. Grant and I predict that he'll be walking in the next 2 months!
 Grant's best friend has 3 kiddos. Jodie (Matt's wife), and I got together and had a play date. 5 kids under 3. It was actually pretty mellow... even for all the kiddos. ;)
 Jake got a new do... And yes, he looks more like Grant everyday. Love it. Such beautiful men in my life!
 Jake loves building with his blocks, playing with his cars, and puzzles. He is so mechanical!
 Asher focuses his time on trying to walk. OH MAN! He's getting close.
 Asher also has a new do... Baby FoHawk! My baby love.
Friday I had a girls dinner with a few of the girls. SO FUN! 
Today, Grant and I had the baby sitter for a few hours... so, we went to the gym (spin class), and then had a peaceful breakfast. Short, and sweet. I think we both enjoyed that more than the night outings. So, this upcoming week... we might skip the evening date, and just do the morning instead. The rest of the day was playing with the kids, and getting ready for an upcoming week!
So, there's a few weeks in photos. What would we do without our cell phones? I feel like I never miss a moment, because the phone is never far! I have some cool videos of the boys that I will post later this week. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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