Friday, November 29, 2013

So much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving 2013.

This past month has come and gone, yet again. It seems like as I get older the time does indeed go by quicker. This makes me happy and sad at the same time. I looked back on the last few Thanksgiving blogs, and saw how much Grant and I have grown as a couple, and as a family. One thing that continues is that we are thankful for our health, faith, love, family, and our closest friends.

It's funny to think how much has changed over the last few years. God's plan is ever changing, just the way it should be. People come and go... and sometimes even family. My great aunt passed away yesterday, my grandma's youngest brother's wife. It's hard to see people go. But, I keep my faith and know one day we will see her again. I think back to the memories I share with them as a child and it makes me smile. Remembering spending the night at their house, and watching my parents play pinnacle with them all night. Good childhood memories. They won't be forgotten.

Grant's dad and step mom flew into town on Wednesday, and we have had so much fun. They have cooked, played, and loved on our boys. I'm thankful for them spending this time with us. 

I am thankful for the health of my family. I feel incredibly blessed to be a wife, and a mother to my growing family. I try and show my appreciation for what God has given me everyday. 

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and has a wonderful weekend as well! 

Here are some pictures from our week so far...
 My sillies.
 I can't handle how cute and loving they are.
 Generations of Stone men.
 Pop's and Jake.
 Father and son.
 Our little family. :)
 My love.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Harvest Party!

Jake's school had their Harvest Party today. When I went to pick him up I saw the entire school sitting out with their classrooms enjoying their lunches. So many adorable little people. 

It's so nice to see how many parents are involved with their children and their education there. Even as early as Preschool-Kindergarten. They posted a chart for parents to participate and bring items. By the time I got the list it was full! Asher and I came to support Jake during the lunch. 

Look at his happy face! :)
Some of the school out and about enjoying their lunch!
 My silly man.
 Jake and his teacher. She's so incredibly sweet!
Jake even got the "best cleaner" today. 
I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday! We sure are!

Date night... weekend in Ojai.

This past weekend, Grant and I went to a wedding in Ojai. Since Ojai is around 1 1/2-2 hours away we decided to stay at the resort. We made it an over night date night. SO FUN!

The resort was beautiful, and the wedding was super fun! With our schedule as hectic as it has been, it was so nice to have this quite time with my love. It's so important for us to have one on one time. Because lets be honest, during the week Grant works like crazy, and I'm busy with the munchkins.
 My feet were SO sore the next day. We literally danced the entire wedding. :)
The resort we stayed at was beautiful. I definitely want to go back another time. I didn't take my usual million photos. But, I did take a few. Sunday we went to Santa Barbara and had lunch. We also went to a fave winery of ours in the area (Cottonwood Canyon), and did a little tasting before we headed home to the boys. What a nice little break away. :)
Amelia usually watches the boys every Saturday night for our date night. But, this time she came a little earlier, and stayed the night. I don't worry as much when Amelia is there. She knows the routine, the boys, and everything with the house. She sent me lots of pictures. The boys were happy to have her. And so were Grant and I. :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

No pants. No problem.

Today was my weekly Bible study/mom's group at my church. They are so well organized and efficient. I have to say... it's really nice. Last year I didn't do it, because Asher was so little, but this year I was ready! Asher goes in the toddler room, and Jake goes in the preschool tree house room. I also am the room mom for preschool room. Not sure what exactly I have to do... but, it's a lot of crafting, organizing, planning for their room, etc for the kiddos. I guess I'll find out more next week... ;)

10 minutes before our group study ended I had someone come and get me. The girl said that Jake went up to her and told her that he had to go to the bathroom. So, she took him to the bathroom, but he couldn't get his button undone in time and he had an accident. She came to get me for extra pants. I didn't have any, so I decided to just take him home. She said he was running around with a pull up on (I had the extra undies in my diaper bag that I had on me... but, he hasn't had any accidents so I didn't leave the bag behind).

I guess there is a liability with them pulling the kids pants down? No clue. I will also look more into that so I can prepare Jake for the rules with the bathroom. That's what I get for putting the boys in designer jeans. They are a pain to get off. Next week... loser or elastic pants. ;)

Anyway, when I went to get him he was running around with his pull up on not even affected by it. He was having a blast with his buddies.

Here is my little crazy man...
 Lego heart.
On way to get Ash.
Asher also didn't have any shoes on when I went on got him. Talk about making yourself at home with my kids. Sillies love going to church! :)
Happy Thursday everyone!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Halloween activities.

The Stone house is full of Superhero's! How lucky am I? 

This year Jake wanted to be Superman. He's been talking about it since summer. Jake thought that Ash would love to be Batman. Asher was pretty excited when I got his costume as well. ;)

Before we celebrated Halloween, we got together with our neighbors for pumpkin carving. Carving and dinner party. It was very fun. I love our neighbors. :)
 The boys hanging out with their pumpkins.
 I even attempted one!
On the day of Halloween, Asher got up at 2 am because of teething. He had a nap a really early nap, because he was so tired from getting up so early. I had a feeling this would impact Halloween activities.

It started out with him NOT wanting to be Batman! However, he went to the costume basket and pulled out a Spider-man costume that was a little too big for him. But, I just rolled with it. He was happy in it, and that made me happy.

We put the kids in the radio flyer and headed 3 doors up for dinner, and trick or treating fun!!

Here is my Superman!
 Family picture... Maybe next year they'll be more interested in the camera? ha ha.
 Asher was a little grumpy... But, still super cute if you ask me!
 Jake and Jackson... I mean, Superman and Peter Pan!
 And then there was Spider-man of course!!
 My character!
 And he was off with the big kids. NO ONE tells this kid he can't!
 Trouble in the neighborhood.
 And then Asher decided to take off his costume while trick or treating...
We managed to get it back on... And then he walked into someones house. Right after this picture, Grant took Ash home for a bubble bath, and bed. ;)
 Superman and I continued on...
It was such a fun year! Jake actually was super into it. At first he was wondering what was going on... and then he followed all the big kids collecting candy. Then he looked at me, like... mom, are you sure I can keep it?! And then he was even more stoked! ha ha. 

Watching them grow is truly amazing. Growing into the little people that they are meant to be. Blessed to be a mommy.
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