Wednesday, June 29, 2011

43 weeks old.

What a fun week so far! We have been busy playing and learning new things over here. Jake is growing so fast and now moving even faster! Last night he started pushing off things and standing... holding nothing! He will be 10 months old next week! 2 more months until he's 1 years old! My little boy is growing up right before my eyes. SHOCKING. This week I noticed that he is actually playing with Victoria. Instead of playing on their own they started playing with each other. Sharing toys and talking to each other. It's adorable.

Here is a little video of them before we went to the park on Tuesday.

We went to the park down the street from my house and had lunch. Our little ones where all over the place! It was funny. It's almost easier taking them to a restaurant so they can sit in a high chair. ha! Anyhow, they loved being outside and playing in the sun. It was a pretty cool day so it wasn't too hot for them.

Here are a few pics:

And then today we went on a walk along the bay to 2nd Street, and came back to play! Liz watched Jake while I started dinner and packing for our trip!

(They are totally dressed alike. After we changed their diapers we decided to leave off their clothes since it was hot. We both had the same bibs! ha ha.)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st night away - Mommies night out!

I know this isn't a big deal to some. But, it is a big deal to me. I haven't spent a night away from my little man. I didn't think I was even going to do this trip as much as I talked about it. One night isn't a big deal though right? I'm not a bad mom for wanting one morning to sleep in?

Leonesse Cellars
My friend Liz and I both have little babies the same age. Victoria is 9 months and Jake is 10 months (next week). This was her first trip away as well. The way up we looked at each other and wondered if this was the right thing to do. But, we kept going. We really weren't going all that far and we would be back the next evening. The most important thing was the our little ones would be happy and safe. We both are fortunate to have very hands on husbands that wanted us to have a good time. So, deep down we knew our munchkins were in good hands. I once read somewhere that when you get away (even for a night) you come back a better happy mommy. I was that before... but, it was nice to not worry about anything for 24 hours!

We got to Temecula and went directly to Leonesse. My FAVORITE winery in the valley. We took the golf carts down through the winery and went into the barrel room to taste. They are great there! And the wine is SUPER YUMMY. Then we went over to Weins, Mount Palomar, and then Churon. We went to Churon because that's where we were staying the night. I will recap the wineries tomorrow on my wine blog winegirl15(click on link), so check there tomorrow morning. Then we went out to dinner at PUBlic House and then went to The Wine Collective.
Leonesse barrel tasting room for members.

Love those baby grapes. Grow baby grow!
Yes, we looked like twins! ha ha.
The next day Liz and I both woke up at 6am. Wide awake. It took us about 30 minutes to fall back asleep until 8:30am. We didn't go to bed until 1:30am so I was still tired. We had breakfast at the winery and then went to Glen Ivy resort for a spa day.

Glen Ivy was not what I expected. I've heard such great things about it... and I honestly wont go back. Broken Saunas and Steam rooms, it's crowded, loud, dirty, and the pools were so packed. It's wasn't my idea of a spa. Maybe I'm spoiled. But, I still like the Montage (Laguna Beach), and Burke Williams (Orange). I'll stick to those. Anyhow, Liz and I totally made the best of it! We took lounge chairs and put them in a far away location and we finally had piece. We found a spa with no one in it and jumped in! The best part about the trip to that spa was the grotto. They can only let a few people in at a time, so it wasn't too crowded. They take you down into a what looks like a cave (hence grotto), paint you with a mixture of aloe and coconut oil, and then you go into another room (like a steam room) so that your pours can open and you rub the mixture in. Then you walk into another room with showers to clean up. After that room there is another room with apples, and tea. So, that was nice. It was cool and somewhat quite so Liz and I enjoyed that. Here's the thing, I don't mean to sound like a snob or a brat, but I was getting away and I wanted to be in a quite zone. I've been to PLENTY of spas and they are always quite and not overcrowded. Liz and I laughed because we are the types that research things to death. We didn't research this place because so many people talk about it. UGH. Live and learn.

On the way home we stopped at Toms Farms. An open market with live music that my parents would take Marty and I to growing up. We got good produce and then headed home. Liz and I will laugh about this trip for years to come. All in all it was nice to get away. Temecula was local and we mainly wanted to get a little wine and sleep in. The spa was an added bonus. Next trip perhaps we'll venture further out like Santa Barbara, Napa, or Sonoma. Depending on when we are all pregnant! But, perhaps we can just make a couples trip and bring the babies! he he. Jake's already been to Santa Barbara, and Lodi. ;)

I got back in time to bathe Jake and hug on him. I missed him so much! I missed Grant too! I couldn't wait to hug the both of my boys! Lucky mommy.

Next month... BURKE WILLIAMS. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, June 24, 2011

42 weeks

Jake is really getting fun! He's cruising on furniture, enjoying meals with us in his high chair, eating "big people" food, laughing, etc. He's becoming a big boy! The Bjorn is almost impossible for me to use. He's getting too heavy for me. I still use it... but, only when I have to.

This is a big weekend for me. On Saturday I'm going with a girlfriend wine tasting, and then having a spa day on Sunday. Why is that a big deal? It's my first night away from Jake! He's almost 10 months old! Even though I was conflicted with booking this weekend, I just feel like I need a little me time. I'm thankful that my husband will be with my little man while I get a night out with a spa day! Jake is in the best of hands! I'm glad I'm going with a girlfriend that has a little one as well. This will be her first time away from her baby too. We will have each other to talk to about our nerves and our excitement! I have not been away from Jake for a long period of time yet. As nervous as I am... I'm in need of wine and spa day!

Here are some pictures from the week. I will post pictures of this weekend on Monday morning.
Little man and I lounging.
Stroll and Savor over the week. Went with some of our friends... Jakey even went and treated us to dinner. 
I took this picture during a walk that Jake and I took. Beautiful, right?
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
Love and cheers,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

9 month baby well check.

Today I took Jake to his 9 month check up.  He's such a healthy and happy little man. I have noticed that he's been leaning out a little... or perhaps stretching! And, I was right!!

He's in the 95th percentile in height (30 1/2 inches), and 85th percentile in weight (23 1/2 pounds). By all means he's still a big boy! He's so active now. From crawling to standing to cruising all of our furniture! Wonder when he'll start walking?

Here is my love muffin. It's he the cutest 9 month old you've ever seen?! :)
He only got one shot today. His 3rd Hep B shot. That series is now over and done with! yay! Next appointment is when he's a year old. WOW. That makes me emotional. He's almost a year!!

Have a great week!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to the special men in my life!

Grant reading to our son at dinner. :)
Happy 1st Father's Day to my handsome husband. Thank you for working hard so that Jake and I can play all day. Thank you for all you do on a regular basis for our family of 3. I appreciate you grabbing Jake when you walk in the door from work no matter how tired you are! Giving Jake baths and bottles before bed time and just loving our little boy. I knew when I met you that you would be a great father.... and you are. I thank you as much as I can, but today I just want to say it again. I love you honey!

One of my favorite pictures of my boys!

To my father, thank you for being an amazing role model of what a man should be like. Grant is definitely following suit. :) You were and are so wonderful and I always know that you love me! I hope I can fill a house full of children and love, just like I had growing up. You are amazing. I am lucky to have you!
My daddy!
I adore him!
Larry Stone, my other dad... thank you for teaching Grant to be a loving father! You raised a strong and loving man... a true reflection of the dad you are. I hope you have a wonderful day as well!
Stone  men!
Life father... like son!
I love all the men in my life... Thank you God for this beautiful family and day! Amen. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

41 weeks

Baby center sends me an email every week alerting me what week my son is and what his milestones should be. I'm not sure if I'd be able to remember what week he is anymore. I lost track around 6 months. Now, I usually go by months. Jake is 9 months old. :)

This little character has really been on the go. He's crawling and standing everywhere. He stands up and lets go... and either grabs what's next to him or lands on his booty. Does this mean he's going to walk soon? YIKES! He totally has a personality now. I'm just so lucky to have this little monkey. He's amazing. I love him to pieces.

Tuesday is his "9 month" baby well appointment. I will update stats then. I noticed he's slimming down... wonder if it's because he's moving all over or growing taller? Perhaps a combo of both.

Until next week!

Happy weekend!

Some pics from my cell:
Big boy!

Giving himself a kiss in his mirror. ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I'm proud to announce...

That my baby brother (OK, he's 29 and has been married since 2007) is going to be a daddy!!
We are 17 months apart! We grew up like twins!

I'm just so excited!! Can you tell?

Ashley is 13 weeks today! I couldn't be happier for them! Growing up Marty and I didn't have cousins close in age. My uncle Phil (Mom's brother) didn't have his first baby until I was 14. And even though we are close now... growing up Marty and I only had each other. We always said that we wanted to have kids close in age... AND... BAM. Jake is 9 months and Baby Spellman is due December 20th.

My sister in law Ashley :)
I just can't believe that we are going to have babies close in age. This is the most exciting thing ... ever! I'm pretty sure this is going to make me want baby #2 now. Then Jake can protect baby Spellman (if it's a boy they are naming him Martin John Spellman V - HOW COOL IS THAT), and then Jake and Baby Spellman can protect Stone baby #2. OK, I'm really getting ahead of myself. I just am so happy!

Marty and Ashley are high school sweethearts. Ash has been in my life for 11 years! She has become a sister and most importantly a close friend of mine. :)
Mart and Ash's wedding 11-11-2007

My wedding. 4-18-2009
The day I found out I was pregnant. We went to watch my cousin Bryan play hockey.
Uncle Marty there from the beginning of Jake's life!
 This is such a wonderful year for our family. I mentioned back in April that Ginny (Grant's sister) is due in August as well! I can't wait to meet that little boy! Jake is a lucky little guy to have Jackson (Ren and Lee's son), Ginny and Dave's baby due in August, and then Marty and Ashley's due in December to grow up with!

Happy Tuesday friends/family!
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