Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Our anniversary was on Monday, April 18, but Grant and I were traveling. Since we didn't get home until late afternoon, we decided to order in dinner. We ordered from a restaurant we go to often. We opened a bottle of wine and just relaxed as a family. It was a perfect evening. Just relaxing with my boys. Grant told me that night that we were going to celebrate the upcoming Friday.

Yesterday, Jake and I went shopping for Easter presents and food. When I got home I started getting ready while Grant watched Jake. When I got downstairs, Grant had cheese, crackers, meats, and wine waiting. Michelle (or babysitter) arrived, she was briefed on Jake's schedule and we were about ready to leave. The first surprise happened. As I was getting ready to get into our SUV, Grant looked at me and said, "the limo is out front." I was totally surprised! Once the limo arrived... the second surprise was we were going to my favorite steak house. Mastro's Ocean Club, in Newport Beach. Third surprise... Lots of Vueve (yummy champagne)! :)

The week before I accidentally ruined my anniversary surprise. A box showed up and I opened it. The watch I've been talking about for months was here!! ;)

Our first year of marriage we got pregnant and had a baby! Wonder what the 2nd year will bring? Grant and I have really learned to rely on each other. Grant is my best friend and love of my life. I'm thankful for him and the family we are creating together.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. Thank you for making our day special.



  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting Yummy Mummy! I'm following you back. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful husband you have, wishing you a blessed easter and happy spring!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It looks like it was a lovely day. :)

    Thanks for joining in the Bunny Hop! I'm now following you back.

  4. happy anniversary, you guys are a really cute couple!


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