Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jake's 1st day at Preschool!!!

Well, after months of researching, we've found a great preschool. I'm thrilled that my little man loves it as much as I do.

Jake is 2 1/2, and going to be 3 in September. I wanted him to start this summer for a few days a week to see how he liked it. He goes on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9-12pm. Just for a few hours. He's going to a Christian preschool, so he's learning bible stories, playing with other children his age, and also doing fun projects. In the next few weeks we are starting potty training... and they assist at school.

He wasn't scared or nervous at all. I was nervous and scared though. We walked into the school as a family, and Jake walked right into his room. Looked over at me, and said, "bye mom!" Really?! That was it? I got tears in my eyes, but was happy that he is so confident.
His new backpack.
He walked in and started playing with the toys.  It was weird leaving Jake. We're always together. But, it's so good for him to do his own little thing. School is so important to me!
I then drove off with this little turkey. He loves all his alone time with me... but, is so happy when he sees his big brother later!

His first project!

This week they are learning about baby Moses. Our "at home activity" is to go outside and thank God for the wind, air, and clouds. It's the cutest thing ever!

Until next week! :)

California Staycation.

Since we live in such a beautiful state, this year Grant and I decided that we are going to do a few staycations. With that said, the first place was chosen by Grant. We originally were going to head to Palm Springs, and with the weather being around 118 (I'm not even exaggerating... that is what the weather station was reporting for the weekend of the 4th of July), Grant decided to surprise us and book a weekend Friday through Sunday at Disney's Grand California. We are season pass holders, and have been to the hotel for brunch, and walk past it every time we're at Disneyland, but have never stayed. I always say how fun it would be to stay there for the weekend... So, Grant decided to surprise us Thursday evening. I was actually all packed for Palm Springs... So, I repacked the kids and I... and got all ready for our 20 minute away staycation.
As pass holders we have early entrance (an hour earlier than regular guests), but as hotel guests you can even enter an hour earlier than that. Pretty sure Jake and Grant went on every ride. We usually go for a few hours here and there... and we did the same with staying there. Only this time, we went into the park for a few hours, went to our hotel for pool time and naps, and then went back for the World of Color... which is amazing. If your going to Disneyland... go and get fast passes in the morning (that way you get a spot in a good location for the show) and check it out! 
We even called our friends Josh, Lex, and Eloise meet us on Friday for pool and park fun... and then they got a hotel room on Saturday evening to staycation as well. We always have a fun time with the Levenshus family.

Here are our kiddos. Yes, I bought the kids matching 2013 Disneyland shirts. I'm a sucker for fun things like this. ;)

Pool time.
Getting ready for World of Color.
A little something I learned... Don't buy a 2 1/2 year old a balloon right before dinner, and then expect him to put it down to eat. Baby melt down. Ugh. Learned a good lesson. he he
Brunch at Story Teller Cafe. One of our favorite spots for the kids. My kids go crazy for the characters that walk around, and the dancing they can participate in.

Carousal fun!

Buzz Lightyear ride... so fun!
Jake loves him some Mickey Mouse.
Jake is hitting the age where he doesn't want to sit in the stroller, but he still gets tired. Good thing Grant is a very strong man. ;)
More pool time fun. My boys. 
Jake has the same pose as Grant. 
Our little Disney family! Until next time Disneyland!
Excited for our next staycation!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer TIME!

I've heard about all the bucket lists that everyone has going around for different seasons. So, we decided to start one. I wont type out the entire list... but, I'll post some pictures of my lil men, and what we've been up to.

Pinwheel fun on the front porch.
Ice cream cones on a hot summer day. 
This was Asher's first official cone. How brave was I to give it to him in the car? He did pretty good.
LOTS of park fun!
Lots of bay days! And yes, that's a water table on the sand. How cool is that? 
Making cookies.
Lots more to post... next blog... our staycation!

Jake's 1st soccer practice.

My little man started playing soccer. I was a little worried that at 2 1/2 he might be too young... but, he loved it. He's in a group of 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 year old boys/girls. They are all so cute! Jake will get his jersey this Saturday! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. :)
Jake and his buddy Henry.
Jake and his coach Kevin.
Asher went running like a wild man. We sweat more chasing after him, than Jake. Watch out 18 month old class. Asher is only 16 months... but, he's getting ready for that group!
Asher running around through Jake's group.
Until Saturday...

Asher's 1st haircut.

A few weeks ago I finally took Asher into have his first haircut. I haven't wanted to cut his adorable curls, but it was starting to get too crazy to manage. So, I brought Jake and Asher in. 

Jake has had lots of hair cuts, so he's a pro. Asher was a little frightened at first.
And then Jake came over and gave his brother support. 
And a dum dum lollipop also helped.
And then... he started liking all of the attention.
All done! Happy handsome boys.
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