Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Introducing... Asher John Stone

February 24, 2012
7 lbs 9 oz 19.5 inches
He's perfect! He was ready to rock and roll at 36.5 weeks old! Pretty good size, huh? I have received so many messages in regards to the VBAC and if I still attempted it, and how everything went. Rather than send out mass texts/emails, I thought I would blog so that everyone can read it and then I can turn my blog going forward into Asher's baby book. Just like I did for Jake.

Here's how the story begins...

February 22, 2012: I started having contractions in the morning. They started to happen every 6 minutes or so. I was concerned with having a VBAC and laboring at home, so Grant dropped Jake off at my dear friend Liz's house and we went into Long Beach Memorial. I was checked. Contractions were indeed every 5-6 minutes, but the contractions were just not strong enough to be considered active labor. I was still 1 centimeter dilated, and 90 effaced. No change. I decided to go home and rest.

February 23, 2012: Over the night I had lots of pain, and I thought lots of change as well. I was in pain with the contractions, and they were exactly 5 minutes apart. I went most of the day and tried to relax, but by the afternoon, my girlfriend Kristy came over to watch Jake, so Grant and I could go to
  the hospital again. My contractions were confirmed at every 5 minutes. No change in centimeters or effacement. I still wasn't ready. Even though they were more painful, and closer together... I still wasn't ready. I went home... confused. But, I also knew at this point, the baby was coming soon.

February 24, 2012: I woke up feeling really rested. I got up, showered, got ready for the day, and went to get coffee/bagels for Grant and I. The walk from the car to the bagel shop was a bit challenging. I got back and I didn't even want to eat. The contractions started again. I had Amelia (Jake's babysitter) come over to help me with him, so that I could relax a little. I laid down, and tried to take it easy. Around noon I knew something was for sure going on. I knew I was going to have the baby. My contractions were about 2 minutes apart. I didn't want to rush into the hospital since the 2 days before I went in and wasn't ready. So, I stayed at home and monitored myself. I finally called the doctor. My contractions were way more painful and for sure 2 minutes apart. The doctors office told me to go in immeditaely. I still hesitated. I called the Labor and Delivery unit for advice. They said to drink 3 glasses of water and relax. Then they said, take a walk and then come in for a shower. If the contractions have settled down, relax. If they have continued.... Go in. 

So there I went... Amelia, Jake, and I went on a walk down the street. 2 glasses of water deep, and another in hand we went. I got back finished my water, took a shower, and laid on the couch. Amelia left, and my friend Liz came over to check on Jake and I. Grant was in a meeting and I knew he was close to home if I needed him. I was laying on the couch talking with Liz, and then I felt a kick like sensation! It actually startled me. I got up and looked at Liz. I told her I thought my water had broken. I ran to the bathroom (remembering when my water broke with Jake) and verified that indeed my water was broken.  I called Katy. I told Katy to come over and watch Jake until we could figure out my mom flying into town, etc. Then I called Grant. I told Grant to hurry and get home. My contractions were becoming close to a minute a part, and were VERY painful. 

Grant and I got to the hosptial about 15 minutes later. My contractions were so bad that I could barely walk. This was it! Grant and I were so excited. Operation VBAC was in full affect! At that point I started praying. This was it! The moment I was waiting for. Would it be a success? Could I possibly end in c section after 24 hours of my water breaking? There were so many things that were racing through my head. But, I stayed strong. I WAS GOING TO HAVE A SUCCESFUL VBAC! 

I got admitted. Contractions were strong. They were 1 minute apart. I was confirmed at 1 centimeter, and 100 effaced. They said because the contractions were so close together and I am a VBAC that they would administer the epidural. Epidural incase I needed to become a c section, and also for pain. LET ME TELL YOU PEOPLE.... They are very nice! My whole experience changed after I got one. I didn't scream or act like a crazy person during the contractions. I was quite, I focused on a focal point, and I got through them. Once the epidural was in I was just going to wait and see what happened. They said most likely I'd be there for awhile. And that I would probably have the baby the next morning. They also mentioned that since my water broke I had about 18-24 hours to have him or I would risk infection to the baby. Because the water sack protects the baby and the body against infection. And mine was ruptured. So, they would most likely take him c section if I didn't progress. My doctor wasn't on that night, but lives close. Her husband was out of town so she had called me to tell me she would come in the morning and she'd hope to delivery the baby. I like all the doctors from her group, so I wasn't worried. Grant began to read a book on his ipad, and I just laid and tried to get some rest. We were ready for a long night. Jake was with my best friend Katy, and my mom was coming in the next day. Everything was taking care of on the home front. 

Then I had this weird pain. I told Grant I began to feel the contractions again. I also told the nurse. She said it was kind of odd, but she said if they get any stronger to let her know. She left the room. Grant and I were sitting there talking when all of a sudden I scream for him to get the nurse. He looked at me puzzled. I told him I was starting to push! I could literally NOT stop myself. He ran out of the room to get the nurse. The nurse came in and said it's not possible for the baby to be here so soon. But, she'd check to see if I've dilated anymore. Then I here her say.... "F#$K!". She got on the phone and started calling people. Yelling for them to hurry into the room. She then got on the phone and found that the doctor on call was in route and would be there in 20 minutes. She looked at me and said, "that she had never seen someone go from 1cm/100% to 10cm/100% and a -2 station in just a few hours. She was literally touching the babies head. The next thing I knew I had about 10 people in the room. Nurses, doctors, attendees, etc. 

The next thing I know I'm in position to really push. But, there was a minor problem. My little man was sunny side up! It didn't matter, that wasn't going to stop this process. They decided to use the vacuum (not sure of the technical term), to assist with his birth. They said I had 3 sets of 3 pushes to get him out or we'd have to think about a c section. On my 3rd set of pushes, one the nurses looked over at me and said, "from what I understand about you... you are an A type, profectionist! You don't want a c section, and you've made it this far... you can do it! PUSH!!" At that moment, I looked at Grant and looked down... and pushed like crazy! BAM! Asher John Stone was born. Hallajulah! My son arrived. Labor didn't drag on, and even though it was hard... it was way worth it! I totally recommend having a VBAC for any woman that has the desire to have one. You have to mentally be ready for one. The odds can sound scary, and lets be honest... Labor is NO joke! But, in the end... The pain after and recovery is totally different. I was able to hold Jake immediately, eat, get up (after epidural wore off), and do almost anything. The c section wasn't all that bad. But, I wanted to be more mobile afterwords. I wanted to be able to hold my son immediately, and also be able to play with my son(s) and not be limited on what I can and cannot do. I'm so thankful and blessed to have had this oppertunity. Everything went better than expected, and I'm doing great!

ASHER JOHN: We finally decided on a name just weeks before he was born. Asher is a biblical name. Asher means happy and blessed. John is a family name. It's on the Spellman side. My father is Martin John Spellman III, and my brother is Martin John Spellman IV. We were orginally going to go with Duke Martin Stone, but then once we changed the name to Asher we didn't think Martin went as well. John is also Hebrew. It means God is gracious. And isn't that the truth? It's the perfect name. He's the perfect little man. I'm just so in love. I have so many men to love! 
Our family has grown! 

My beautiful blonde baby!
But, what would my story be without a little drama? That's right folks... More took place. After they took Ash, they ran tests right away. Being 36 1/2 weeks runs a little risk. After a day with me breastfeeding. His sugar levels weren't high enough for the doctors liking. They took Asher into the NICU. I had to walk behind the nurses with my son in his bassinet following them in. They told me he couldn't sleep with me and might not be able to leave when we leave. He was in the NICU for 2 days. They hooked my newborn baby up on an IV and administered Dextrose (Glucose / Sugar). His body balanced itself out by the first day, and the second day he stayed to be monitored off the IV. We were able to take him home 1 day after we came home. I remember walking down the halls for a 2am feeding crying. Hysterical. But, I prayed. I prayed the entire day. I prayed for the health of my little Ash. How scary a feeling to not know what's happening. To be so happy for short period and then worry struck! Grant was my rock. He prayed with me, reminded me that this is common, and told me it would all be alright. My mom flew into town on Saturday and has been so helpful. Cooking, cleaning, helping with both babies, and taking care of me too. I love my mom!

Asher was discharged and is a healthy little monkey. He just need a jump start with his sugar processing. It was a scary thing to have happen, but I'm lucky to have him home with us. I'm so thankful for all the prayers and calls I received. I even heard our pastor in Boise and his 2 services prayed for us. Power of prayer. God is good. We are beyond blessed!

This picture was taken right before we left and had been at the NICU since 4am! I made it to just about every feeding in the NICU. I walked the hallways at all hours. Feeding times were every 3 hours. I wanted to breastfeed my son, and to be there to hold and care for him. So, that is exactly what I did.
Car ride home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

36.2 weeks - Doctor Blogging.

I went into my OBGYN today knowing there have been some changes since my last visit 2 weeks ago. I know my body pretty well... And I was right... There was change.

I am 90% effaced, and 1 centimeter dilated. 

I was the same with Jake at 37.6 weeks, and had my water broke a week later (38.6 weeks). I feel the same as I did with Jake towards the end, I'm only 36.2 weeks. They say you are usually earlier than you were with your first child. I was 8 days early with Jake. 

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound to measure the most accurate weight/size of the baby for VBAC purposes. It looks as if this baby is already measuring around 7 1/2 pounds, and I'm measuring 38 weeks. Not bad considering I've gained a total of 30 lbs. This is obviously just an approximate finding. Until this baby is actually here, we will not really know, right? But, it gives us a good idea where we are. I am all baby! Big belly now! 

My doctor said this is actually what she likes to see for VBAC's. I'm progressing early on, and the baby is measuring full term, this is ideal. I know I could go weeks more... but, seeing my water broke fairly quickly after my effacement and dilation, this is all great news! My doctor said she thinks I'll have the baby in the next week or two. HOLY MOLY! This is really happening! This baby is going to be here soon! EXCITING and nerve racking all at the same time. :)

Last night I bought my double stroller (I went with the BOB Revolution Duallie), and all the other things  I needed. The babies room is completed, and my bag is packed. I have the proper people in place to watch over Jake, and I'm feeling ready. I can't wait to hold my baby boy! The name we chose for this baby is perfect! I love the meaning and it's very special to Grant and I. I just couldn't be happier. 

Now, I just pray for a safe VBAC delivery. The health of the baby is my biggest concern. I'm just so excited to be able to have this opportunity. I will not be disappointed if I end up having a c section. As long as the outcome is a healthy little boy!

Here I am at 36 weeks! Look at my belly! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I have ALWAYS liked Valentines Day. Even as a child! My mom would always do a little something special for every holiday. So, I will continue this tradition with my family. I will always make cards, and give small thoughtful gifts to the ones I love. That's what my mom did, and I always looked forward to the goodies, and it's what my children will look forward to as well... and of course I do something special for my husband as well.

Today/Tonight will be a mellow night at home, and then Grant is setting something special up for Saturday night. Date night. :)

Make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them. Tomorrow is not promised. Happy Valentines Day friends!

Look at where Jake was just last year. What a difference a year makes. How fast they grow! Maybe by St. Patricks Day we will have our second son!? EXCITED!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

34 weeks - Doctor Blogging.

Today, I went to my every 2 week appointment. Everything looks good. Blood pressure is good, I haven't become swollen yet, and overall feeling pretty good. The downside of pregnancy for me is definitely the heartburn. I have it pretty much all day. I refuse to take anything but Tums. I only have a few weeks left, right? I've made it this far... I can do it! ;)

My belly is starting to feel really heavy, and I starting to actually sit and rest here and there through out the day. I'm not a napper, but I took my first nap during this pregnancy this week. Yesterday, Jake took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and for about 45 minutes after I cleaned the house and got cleaned up, I shut my eyes. It was so nice! I was so refreshed when I woke up. Jake's naps are from about 11/11:30am to about 1:30/2pm. So, I manage to get lots done during that time. I can accomplish most things when he's awake, but I like to spend that time with him instead of cleaning or prepping for other things. I think going forward I will take some of that time to sit and rest.

My doctor checked to see if I was dilated or effaced today. I was complaining a little about the pressure so she wanted to check it out. Sure enough I'm about 20/30% effaced. No dilation. Head is really low, in fact she could actually feel his head! This is still VERY early. My pregnancy with Jake was the same way. If I continue to progress the chances of a successful VBAC are much greater! They don't induce and they rarely let you go past your due date. I went into labor at 38.6 weeks with Jake... The day before my c section. :)

In 2 weeks I go to see the Ultrasound Tech that specializes in the babies measurements. We need to start monitoring how big he is or how big he is getting. Today I was back to 34 weeks pregnant. 2 weeks ago I was measuring 2 weeks ahead. So, this will be the most accurate way of finding out. The next day I will see my regular doctor to go over the size and do my 36 week check up. After that... I go weekly! 

CRUNCH TIME! I can't believe I've made it to the home stretch. I'm so thankful for all of my good friends, and family that have supported, and encouraged me during these times. Grant has been amazing, and I'm so happy to have a husband that is so hands on. Jake has been the most wonderful little man loving on me and making me smile all day long. Seeing his smile and his laughter makes me want more of these blessings! I'm so happy and fortunate to be able to add another family member to this growing family Grant and I are creating.

Here is what I'm looking like these days:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Backyard fun with Daddy!

It's been such a beautiful day out! When Grant got home from work today, we went outside and played with Jake. Jake loves to play on the slide. I unfortunately can't pick him up high enough to put on the slide anymore. It was so fun to goof around and play outside with the music on.

I just wanted to share a little video from today. Jake went down the slide and landed on his feet! It was really cool... if I do say so myself! My big boy! I can't wait until our next little man joins us with our family fun!

Tonight Grant and I are going on a date. Much needed dinner and alone time. I'm excited. :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nesting Phase?

It's hard to tell if I'm nesting or if it's just the neat freak in me moving things around? Anyhoo, I decided to make a list of things I want to get done before the baby is born.

1. Finally turn my blog into Jake's baby book (from pregnancy to his 12 month birthday). I will make the decision tonight on which website to guide me. Any suggestions on finished products, leave a comment.
2. I want to learn how to sew. I mean seriously, how hard can it be? I want to make my own burp clothes, blankets, etc. Guess I need to start with a sewing machine. Might have to turn to my friend Terra to make baby #2 his things until I can figure this one out. ;)
3. Finish making Baby #2's nursery mobile. I decided to make it out of tissue poms and paper lanterns.
4. Wash all of baby #2's things. Probably start this when I'm 36 weeks. (in 3 weeks).
5. Pack my bag like I'm having a c section... just in case. Probably at 36 weeks.
6. Have big brother/little brother shirts made.
7. Fully put together Baby #2's room. Currently waiting on his bedding and mattress.
8. Finalize my mother's flight. Going to book her like I'm having a c section for March 18th... see what happens, I can always change it.
9. Start baby #2's baby book. Just like I did with Jake. Then all I had to do is place articles and pictures on it.
10. Get a new bassinet. I love the one from Pottery Barn.

Well, that's all I can think of as of now. Since these boys will be close in age, I'm able to utilize some of the same things... this makes life so much easier! A great thing having kids close in age. ;)

I'll be updating this list.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

17 months old.

Jake's almost a year and a half! He's my big boy now. I miss those babies stages. Actually, every stage has truly been great. I love seeing this little guy grow, and I do have a hard time seeing him grow up. He's so amazing to me. I have been lucky enough to be home with him everyday and see him grow from a baby to a toddler. And soon I'll get to see Jake be the best big brother to his little brother.
He's so funny. He's a little character. A few things this little guy is up is:
1. If I say, "no, no, no", Jake will respond with a big smile (and pointing his finger like me), "nah, nah, nah".
2. He LOVES his puzzles. He figures them out so quickly. Then depending what kind of puzzle it is he'll point to things and say there names. For example, he has a car/truck puzzle, so he's constantly pointing and saying car!
3. He has 10 teeth that I can see. He hasn't cried much or complained about teething. I haven't given him any kind of medicine for teething either.
4. We are moving away from the bottle. In the morning he likes his "baba", so we are working on just sippy cups. 
5. He loves "wa wa (water)! He likes juice too, but I rarely give it to him (probably a few times a week). I mainly give him water, and milk.
6. He's still in size 5 diapers. 
7. He wears 3T clothing.
8. His shoe size is a 7.
9. He's napping mainly once a day. Around 11am until about 12:30/1pm. He's not much of a napper. He does sleep from 7pm until 6:30/7am.
10. He loves to run outside, play with the dog, play basketball, and he even likes to color. 
11. His favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese, potato pie (or Shepard's pie),  any kind of rice, peas, chicken, turkey meatloaf, etc. He's a pretty good eater.
12. He drinks water, milk, apple juice, orange juice, and a little cranberry.
13. One of my favorite things he does (and he has for awhile now), is if he does something good he'll say, "DID IT" super loud! And he'll either clap for himself or put his arms in the air! 

Those are just a few things. Thought I should maintain my blogging for reference with baby #2. Hope you all have a good day!

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