Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sleep training by: Brooke Stone

After 4 books, 1 DVD, and countless sleepless nights I have the solution for Jake Bowman Stone.

I have learned quite a bit from all the books, DVDs, friends/family, and theories. However, what I came to realize is that all babies are different. We all know that our precious angels are different so why wouldn't that go for their sleeping patterns too? Why must we be sticklers for the cry it out method or the strict schedules we can barely maintain if we travel or live a life on the go (Baby Wise)? I have decided to take the bull by the horns and do things my way. Something within my comfort level. I LOVE order and organization. But, one that works for Grant and I.

I couldn't bare another cry it out session. I also think the every 5 minute check in is a little much. Again, this is for Jake. I'm not talking about all children. Just mine.

Yesterday I prayed. I prayed for strength. I prayed for God to lead me in a path which is good for Jake and myself. One that could give Jake sleep and myself a piece of mind. Who needs sleep anyway? I'd rather have peace of mind that my angel is asleep and NOT screaming. Anyhow, I wasn't sure if it was going to be "the night". I started Jake's routine. Fed, bathe, book, starry lights on the wall, and then noise maker on. Breast fed him and changed his diaper again and put him down. At first he was playing and whimpering. Then began the screaming and crying. I knew he was tired. His eyes were red and he was rubbing them. I left the room at 8:30pm. I turned the video monitor on and then Grant and I took turns checking on him. We went in ABOUT every 5 minutes and stayed in their until we felt comfortable and then left again. We rubbed his back, put his pacifier in, talked to him, etc. After 30 minutes of that I decided to pull back the time. I waited. 15 minutes later... my baby was dead asleep. Snoring. On his stomach, legs under him, and face down. I went in to reposition him. That was a challenge, because I didn't want to wake him. He was so tired he let me move him around. Passed out by 9:22pm.

He woke up at 1:16am for a feeding and then back into crib. Woke up again at 5:10am for a feeding and back down until 7:15am. I'm OK with the feedings for now. Let him get into his sleep routine a few more days and then I can start weaning the feedings.

I know that was only night 1, but I'm excited. We all slept great. I'm excited for Jake to get more rest in the night. He woke up this morning so very happy. He's a happy baby, but even happier. In fact, he is playing in his pack n' play right now. He never plays in that thing! He's been playing in there for 30 minutes already. He ate all of his breakfast and isn't fussy in the slightest. We are getting ready for a walk along the bay and then beach. Post pictures later.

Thank you Lord for the strength and courage to try new things. I'm so happy and looking forward to sleeping again.



  1. So happy he had a good nights sleep! It's funny, but that is EXACTLY how all 3 of my babies started sleeping through the night...way to go! It's hard to get through that first night, but I think you'll be surprised at how much easier it gets for them to get used to the routine. Love you cousin! Jake is such a sweetheart!

  2. Brooke....that's great!! We are working on Costner's sleeping at night too. Six hours last night....I could hardly believe it. It's tough process b/c some say to feed them on demand during the day but other methods talk about routines. I don't know....he seems to slowly figuring out his nighttime routine. Putting him in his crib has been so key to him sleeping better. And, I sing to him as I slowly back out of his room and down the hall. I have been having the hardest time with naps. Any advice?

  3. That's great! Addison loved to sleep on her stomach with her knees up and butt out. Of course I would always lay her on her back, but once I felt comfortable letting her stay that way (around 6 months), she slept so much better. Have you tried giving him baths in the morning instead? Baths ENERGIZE Addison so every time I would give her a bath at night, she would be like the Energizer bunny and be wide awake. It worked better for us since she needs baths every morning anyway with all the hair she has! Hope he sticks with his sleep schedule!

  4. I am so happy you found something that worked for your family. I had a friend who tried almost everything for sleeping, baby whisper, baby wise, etc... and she finally took a little pieces from each and found something that worked for her. Congrats again, always follow your heart. Take care amazing mamma. :)


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