Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road trip/Flight #4 (Part one)


Figured this blog should be in 2 parts. I've been here so long that I have a ton of pictures and stories!

Let's start with part one of our Boise trip!

Grant parked and walked us in to LAX. He made sure we were all check in before he left us at the security check point. I didn't find out until later that I could have gotten Grant a pass so that he could have taken us all the way to the gate. It didn't matter this trip, but if we had more children that would have been super helpful! The other pics are of Jake on the plane. He did great. We fed on the way up and down. We played in between. He didn't sleep much on the plane. He flirted with all the women that walked by. No lie. I'm in trouble with this little flirt!

My grandma picked us up at the airport. We went to lunch and then we went home to hang out and wait for the rest of the family to get off work. I was so happy to be home!
My little brother Dylan is getting so big! He's going to be 8 on 4/3. 
My parents couldn't wait to hold him!
Jake was in awe of Dylan. He just lights up when Dyl walks in the room.
Jake's first haircut. Sitting on Grandma Spellman's lap.

I learned how to crochet while I have been here. Yes, people... me! I'm making a blanket for my bedroom now. It's a work in progress. The picture below was at the knitting shop. Knit one/Quilt two! ;) Jake was playing peek a boo with his auntie Kim!

A week into our trip Jake started suffering from allergies. The allergies turned into a secondary infection. We were in urgent care 2 nights in a row. Finally with antibiotics he's doing great! We ended up extending our trip another week because Jake wasn't feeling well. I didn't want him to fly all stuffed up. I was worried that his ears wouldn't pop, and that he would feel more miserable. I ended up getting sick as well. Pretty much the same thing happened to me. Allergies on hiatus... then secondary infection. I'm feeling better after antibiotics as well. We'll be home next Wednesday. I will be sad to leave my family... but, I miss my husband terribly!

It was been such a fun trip. Jake and I have had a lot of firsts together! First plane ride, first sickness, new foods, first haircut (in a salon where I got my hair done), and new appreciation for California weather.

Part two coming soon...


  1. Look at that big boy! I love the picture of jake and Dylan, so sweet!

  2. I had the worst allergies too just recently. I started to wonder if I was getting sick. But it didn't feel like sick.

    Your son is so adorable. Glad you're enjoying a little trip away!


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