Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ever heard of whooping cough? 

Guess what folks... it's on the rise again! It's all over the news in California as a pandemic!

The CDC describes the following:

Whooping cough — known medically as pertussis — is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection. Although it initially resembles an ordinary cold, whooping cough may eventually turn more serious, particularly in infants. Whooping cough is most contagious before the coughing starts. The best way to prevent it is through vaccinations. The childhood vaccine is called DTaP. The whooping cough booster vaccine for adolescents and adults is called Tdap. Both protect against whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria.

CDC on Pertussis (click for more information)

Choc Hospital (click to see the latest report of the disease on the rise locally in Orange County).

My doctor called me personally and said that I will get this shot postpartum and that it's a must for anyone staying with us or visiting the baby to get this shot as well! Grant will be getting this shot in the next few weeks from our primary care provider! I'm asking that anyone staying with us or visiting with our newborn baby get this vaccine as well. I need to protect our baby, and my doctor has suggested this for all visitors.

Call me paranoid, but being a first time mom I'm not taking any chances... and why not get vaccinated to protect yourself anyhow? The CDC says even if you were vaccinated as a child you should get re vaccinated. The news has been covering this topic lately and it's all over California. I just called my mom and grandma and told them they have to get the shot so they can protect themselves as well as Jake. And my beautiful best friends have already said they're getting the shot as well! :)

You can get this shot at your doctor or call ahead to find out where to get the vaccine.

Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis Vaccines (DTP)

The paranoid mommy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mommies... I need your advice!

I have been getting emails and phone calls from friends asking if Grant and I are ready for our baby to arrive. My answer is NO. I just assume that at 40 weeks he will come. But, that is not the case. God is going to send this little guy to us when he is ready... and guess what... No one knows when this will be. At my last doctor appointment my doctor said that at 34 weeks he could come and would have a 99% survival rate with a few days/weeks in NICU. This lead me to think... What the heck do I have to do still? After talking with a friend that had her baby at 33 weeks, and hearing a few other stories of women having their babies a month or 5 weeks early I started to panic a little.

This morning I woke up, made muffins, coffee, and waited for Grant to come downstairs. We sat down, ate, and talked... This time he brought it up. He said, "babe, what would I need to get if the baby came now?". I just stared at him. My response, "Umm... not sure! Some sort of bag with clothes and snacks (vaguely remember this from our horrible lamaze class), and a car seat."  To which he replied... "why do we have all this furniture and no car seat?" Again, I had no answer. My vision has mainly been operation Jake's baby room... The funny thing is that I sit and type this blog on the rocking chair/ottoman I had to have... you know... the one that doesn't even fit up the stairs! haha. Needless to say I would love if my ladies would comment or send me an email in regards to what you thought was a great item to have at the hospital. And must have items waiting while you got home. I feel like I have a good idea... but, it would be great to hear what you thought was helpful! Also, with the possible thought that Jake stays breech... are there must haves for moms that have c sections? 

I still have another baby shower next Saturday, and I don't expect my little man to come yet... But, it would be great if I put a bag together and perhaps made a list of "needs" if Jake comes early! 

Thank you all for your help! 

Love and Cheers,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

7 weeks left!

I'm 33 weeks today! Each week is super exciting for me!

What's new with The Stones this week...

First and Foremost...

JAKE IS STILL BREECH!! He's not just any breech... He's Frank Breech. Here is what that looks like:

What is the definition of Breech birth: Wikipedia (click on link for more information)

I swear he is taking after Grant. haha. I think he's already being stubborn (ok can't lie... I'm stubborn too)... and will come on his own time... when he's good and ready! Bet he'll be late too! Grant was 10 days late! If he was taking after me... he would already be in the go position, getting ready for an early arrival. I'm early to everything... even my entry into this world was a week early. Ready or not... Here I came! :) God has a plan for this little guy... Only he knows when he is going to enter this world and if he's going to turn!

Good news: He still has 7 weeks to turn. I'm praying he does too. I'm fearful of a c section. But, I don't want to jeopardize Jake's safety. My doctor said at 36 weeks we will start to talk about my options. I still remain true to having a normal vaginal delivery. I want to go into labor on Jake's terms. At that point if he hasn't turned I will do a c section. But, I'm not going to schedule one. I have talked to several people and their babies turned just days before there arrival. So, pray he turns on his own! :)

My Mom and Dylan have their flights booked. They are coming in on September 7th and staying until September 18th! I couldn't be more excited to have my mom there!! Vicki is planning on coming for a week in October, so it will be nice to have my mother in law in town as well! Can't wait for the baby to meet his Grandma's! Also, my grandma plans on coming as well!! We are still trying to figure out the best time for her to come... perhaps in between my mom and Grant's mom. Jake will have a great grandma to love him too! :)

We got our chair home... and guess what? IT DOESN'T FIT UP THE STAIRS! So... now the chair is in the living room. I'm pretty sad that I don't have a chair for the babies room though. I'm going to start looking for inexpensive chairs for the room now (any ideas... please comment or email me), and keep this chair downstairs, where I do plan on spending lots of time with Jake.

The crib and changing table/dresser came in, so we will be picking those up this weekend! I'm really hoping everything makes it up the stairs, or Jake's room will be in the living room... ;) Here is the furniture we ended up buying (in dark cherry wood, and minus the girly colors/bedding):
Last night the girls and I went to stroll and savor... It was so fun. It was weird strolling without a tasty cab in hand though. ;) Tonight is concert in the park! I usually go to Trader Joe's to pick up wine, sparkling water and tasting treats! Then we head down to the concert where at least 20 of us hang out and catch up!

This weekend we will be getting the baby room in order! I also have Kerilyn's bridal shower (my college roommate)! I'm so excited for their wedding this August! I'll be 37 1/2 weeks by then!

Love and cheers,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lamaze or not to Lamaze?

Only... there is NO question!

Grant and I skipped out on our last Lamaze class. We feel like they were not beneficial and that they were actually doing more harm than good. Harm might be harsh! They were just a waste of time. The videos were disturbing and didn't teach us anything. The teacher was REALLY strange and would mainly talk about her own experience in child birth. We learned a little about breathing but in the end no video is going to prepare us for what is about to happen. How did the women do it years ago? Did they take a class? Did they sit on a bouncy ball in a shower naked? Did they lay in the hallway screaming at their husbands? I think NOT! So... Grant and I decided to go on a date. We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Seal Beach instead.

On Sunday we are buying the crib and changing table for Jake. I'm so excited! Our chair came in and we have to pick that up as well. Just seems like things are coming along just perfectly. Jake is getting big. I have 8 weeks left to my pregnancy! He is about 4lbs now! He is really active at night... And I can see his feet push out of my skin! I went in for another 4D ultrasound and they told me that he was yet again breech, and that his arms were covering his face. When he did uncover his face the umbilical cord was in the way. So, 4D part 2 didn't quite work out. I go to the doctors next Tuesday for my 32/33 week check up. From what I understand Jake still has some time to turn around... I have been researching exercises that may help in this process. I'll keep you all updated!

In other good news Grant got a text from his friend AJ. He and his beautiful wife Allison had their baby at 1am this morning! Bowman was 10 lbs and 5 oz! We are so happy for them and will keep praying for health and happiness!

Hope all of you enjoy your weekend! Will blog more later!

Love and Cheers,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Babymoon vacation

Grant and I just got back from our "babymoon" to Pismo Beach, CA. I left Long Beach around 11 am on Friday and drove to Beverly Hills to pick up Grant from a case. Then around 12 pm we headed up to the central coast. We had lunch in the valley and before we knew it we arrived to The Cliff's Resort. When we arrived we received our package of "goodies" for our baby makes three package.

The weather was a little chilly which is weird for CA in July... but, it was so nice. We had a great room over looking the ocean. The first night we dined at the hotel's restaurant and came back to the room to watch a movie. We made it about 20 minutes into the movie before falling dead asleep! Saturday we woke up, had breakfast at our hotel's restaurant, went to our couples massage (which by the way I had my first massage pregnant - AWESOME), and headed up the coast to Morro Bay. We spent the morning/afternoon in Morro Bay. We shopped, We ate at a really good restaurant on the bay, and even went to an aquarium where Grant fed the seals (I made Grant fed them because I didn't want to touch the fish).  When we got back to Pismo we headed down to the pool for a few drinks. I really enjoy the virgin Pina Coladas! That night we went to an amazing Italian dinner in Pismo, and after went back to the hotel to watch a movie again... This time we finished it! We ordered ice cream to the room and relaxed. Sunday we woke up, checked out, and headed to Starbucks! We got on the road and made our first stop in Solvang. I used to go to Solvang as a child with my grandparents and get danish bakery items... ie. COOKIES! :) And as an adult we would stop there for breakfast before we would go wine tasting in Los Olivos and Santa Maria. After we left Solvang we headed back down the coast to Camarillo so we could shop at the outlets! We got some good stuff too! :) And then we ended our trip at a Greek Cafe in Camarillo. They had the best taziki I have ever had.... bold statement... I know. They gave me the recipe, so I might try making it!

Overall we had such a wonderful trip. It was nice to spend this time together and relax. We were able to reflect on our relationship, and plan on the future for our baby boy. Grant even got a card for Jake's baby book and wrote a note for Jake to read when he's older. Growing up my mom would write me notes all the time. She would leave them in my lunch box as a kid, on my bed as a teenager, and now through the mail as an adult! I think they're so important because you can write down your feelings and share them later. I thought they were very special as a child and I want to do the same for our children.

Here are some pictures from our trip:
Morro Bay outing:
A VERY hungry seal at the Aquarium! Grant enjoying feeding the performers!
Back in Pismo: A few pictures before we left the resort, and right after our dinner! 

Solvang: At my FAVORITE bakery... Olsen's.

Love and Cheers,

Friday, July 9, 2010

9 weeks to go!

9 weeks left as of yesterday!

I decided to wait until after I had our 2nd Lamaze class to blog. Can I just vent on how lame the class is? First, the audio visual didn't work so the teacher talked through the entire video... I still have NO idea what was going on. Second, the people in the videos... are straight out of the 80s, and severely overweight (I don't mean that to sound rude...but, I'm worried the whole time because the woman is screaming and crying. And my doctor has said over and over to stay in good shape for a easier delivery and a fast recovery),  and third, the breathing... I'm totally lost in the class... The breathing and the counting... who will have time for that will labor begins? Am I really going to count out my breathing and start a pattern? From what I understand I'll be lucky I stay married through this process. I heard during the "transition" period I may start cussing and screaming at him?!

My only example of child birth was my mother when she had Dylan in 2003. She didn't make any noises but breathing, and was in labor for 5 hours. I know my mother is extremely strong, but wont things be worse if your screaming and shouting? The people in these ridiculous videos are in and out of the shower, in baths, up and down the aisle ways, laying in the hallway...etc. Can't I just walk around and then lay in bed and concentrate without all the drama?

Anyhow, I didn't learn anything... The only thing I learned is that my husband actually pays more attention than I do, and he will rub me the entire time if I want him to. I feel lucky I have him to be there through this experience of bringing our son into the world.

In other news... I started in on Jake's room. Mainly unpacked boxes and put things up and away. I decided to build the lamp for Jake's room and unpack every box that was in his room. Now his room is completely empty but a dresser, a rug, and a lamp. His closet is completely full of items I got on The Ellen show and from my first shower. I have his clothes hanging and a laundry basket full of clothes to wash next month. I decided my wash day will be August 9th. Exactly one month from his due date. Until then... Grant and I just picked out the crib and changing table and will buy that next week. (the one we originally wanted is on back order until September). We just ordered our chair and ottoman, and should be getting that in about a week or two.

Here is a picture of what I accomplished yesterday. I should have had a before picture... so, just imagine lots of boxes on the floor! In making a varsity/sports themed room, I thought it would be perfect to hang Grant's basketball jersey up. Grant originally had it in our office/man room, but I thought it would be cute to hang it in his sons room. I also, put a few things on one of his dressers. I wont keep it that way... but, you can see the other varsity lamp we bought for his room.
Well, that's all for now. Grant and I are leaving for our "babymoon" this afternoon! I hope to relax and spend more quality time with him before the baby comes and things get even busier. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Love and Cheers,

Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm 30 weeks (as of July 1st). So, the countdown has begun! I will now start my posts with the week that is left.


My doctor said I'm measuring a little ahead. I'm not sure if that means I'm carrying a potentially large child or if that means my due date is actually before 9-9?  I'm pretty sure I've asked why that is... but, I can't remember the answer. In fact, Grant has been to all but 1 appointment, and he doesn't remember either. Are we in denial of a huge baby or that it may come earlier than expected? ha ha. I will be sure to ask next Tuesday when I see my doctor! I'm thinking it has to do with the due date! Thoughts?

I've already scheduled my next 2 appointments. I start going every 2 weeks until I am 36 weeks and then it's a weekly appointment. I had to reschedule my 4D ultrasound because Jake had his arm covering his face the entire time. So, my 4D is on July 14th.

Pregnancy has been pretty good. I haven't had many problems. However, more recently I get woken up in the middle of the night/early morning not just for heartburn and pee breaks but for very aggressive movements by my son. I think he's training to be an ultimate fighter. I get woken up by a knee or arm pressing so hard it extends out of my body! It's so funny. The other night I woke Grant up just so he can feel what I was talking about. So crazy! But, at the same time... every movement that is made warms my heart. I'm just so happy he's moving and growing in there. I look forward to every doctor appointment for my ultrasounds to that I can see my little guy.

Grant and I have another very busy month. I think the reason why pregnancy has flown by is because we've been so busy. Jake has already traveled to the following places:  Boise, Idaho (3 times), Destin, Florida, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This month we started Lamaze classes! Our first class was very interesting. I thought the breathing and rubbing techniques were quite relaxing... but, the videos... Really? Where do they find the people in the videos? It was disturbing. Here's my birth plan... HAVE THE BABY IN THE HOSPITAL. Why must it be so dramatic? When you go into labor, you go the hospital where doctors for years have been delivering babies, and have your baby. I DON'T want a cesarean. This I do know for sure. I don't care about the pain or about how long I'm laboring. But, if the baby is in distress I will... obviously! I'll have the epidural ready, if I decide to use it. I'm not getting into water, I'm not going to start labor at home with a deula, etc. I don't judge others and their decisions... but,  I don't want that. I want to keep it simple as possible. I know it's going to be VERY painful, and lots will be going on. I would like to stay focused, be with my husband and breath through the pain until our son is born. I'll make sure I tell you all how that goes. ;)

I have very exciting news... Grant surprised me with a BABYMOON! We are going to The Cliff's resort in Pismo Beach, CA. It's about 4 hours up the coast from home... but, it's our last vacation as 2. We are getting the "and the baby makes three" package. So excited! We are going next weekend! Here is the link: Cliff's resort. Thank you honey for such a thoughtful gift! I love you so much!

Well that's all I have for now. Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

Love and Cheers,

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