Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scarlett Ann - THREE months

Little mama is three months old.

She's been growing leaps and bounds, and just all around a happy go lucky baby! However, she was hit with a cold. Asher and Jake had runny noses that went away within a week, but Scarlett got it and it started going into her chest. No matter how clean I keep my house (and I'm a neat freak), and no matter how separate I tried to keep them, it still happened. 

Within 2 weeks, Scarlett has been to the doctor 4 times! The beginning stages of RSV (although she wasn't tested for RSV), and the start of an ear infection. She got antibiotics on Monday, and our girl is coming back into good health. 

The doctor said this is one of the longest/scariest cold seasons to date. And she said it's been particularly worse for the babies born with winter season with older siblings.

UMMM. YEP! When I had Jake he wasn't exposed to anyone other than us. And Asher was born when Jake was 17 months old and he wasn't in preschool yet. So, both boys didn't get their first illnesses until they were closer to a year. But, I do remember Jake always got sick after or during our traveling. But, it wasn't from siblings.

Anyhow, we are well into her three months of life, and loving every second with her!

Here are her sticker pictures for three months. 
Here are some pictures from over the month. 
Waiting in the car for her brother to get out of school.
Bumbo sitter.
My pretty girl.
7 boy cousins... and then Scarlett. :)
Doctor appointments that broke my heart. Still such a strong, and happy baby.
She is no longer taking breathing treatments... Thank goodness!
Cheers to a healthier week for all! 

Happy 4th birthday, Asher!

From the moment I laid eyes on Asher I knew he was special. Passionate from the start. Easy baby, but when upset... upset. When happy... happy. He's my child that give the best hugs, kisses, and an arm on my back when I need it the most. He also doesn't take no for an answer. It's a debate. When he plays a sport, he's playing to win. Seriously, losing isn't an option. He can write all of our names, spell multiple words, and can write to 20. Because he can also do what his big brother does. Turning 4 to Asher means he's that much closer to Elementary school with his big brother. His best friend in the whole wide world. He adores his baby sister, and is usually caught touching and kissing her (even if he has a cold. hmm). Baby Scar-LETT! Cheese is his jam. All cheese! He's my twin (well, other than being 3x the size I was at his age). My spirit animal. My love bug. He keeps me on my toes. He's absolutely beautiful with his big blue eyes, blonde curly hair, and happy contagious smile. But, don't cross the kid. And do not touch his family. Loyal son. He'll let you know to back off. He's truly special. 4 years ago... The Lord blessed us with this incredible boy. Happy Birthday, Asher Stone! You are my sunshine always and forever! 
Woke up to many surprises! 
Class party. Here is Asher and his teacher. Scarlett photo bombing in her car seat.
Pre-K celebration! 
His best buddy Luke at soccer!
My silly 4 year old!
Asher was so lucky on his birthday... He got a balloon surprise when he got home from school from his uncle Ren, and aunt Lee (what a great surprise!)! All his neighborhood buddies came over with handmade cards to wish Asher a happy birthday (he was totally beaming)! He got gifts delivered by Aunt Lizzie, phone calls, cards, and even before bed a surprise from his uncle Phil, and auntie Audrey (with the biggest Lego minion play set - which uncle Phil will have to help me assemble. ha! ). Auntie Audrey even read books and put them to bed.

What an incredible day for this little munchkin. Next up... dinner party Friday night with family. Thank you all for your messages, calls, and texts. Asher was so happy ... ALL DAY!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New lens

Just a few pictures of my babies. I got a new lens, now I'm figuring out how to use it. I'm also looking to purchase a photoshop program. Nothing too crazy though... But, something better than my MAC book pro has to offer.

My babies: 5, 3.5, 2.5 months.
Biggest bro and littlest sister.
Jake, Ash, and Scarlett.
Our littlest Valentine.
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