Friday, January 22, 2016

Scarlett Ann - TWO months

Scarlett is two months. She's actually 10 weeks today. :) 

Our little one had her two month baby well on Wednesday this week. She actually had gained an ounce since I created the picture below. She's eating every 2-3 hours during the day, and going 3-5 hours over the night. Although it's not consistent overnight, she at least isn't fussy. 
Here are a few of her favorite things:

The swing, her brothers, musical floor gym, an app called Music Box (if you have a newborn... download immediately), her family, and our smiles make her smile and coo.

Her dislikes:

Car seat, pacifier (even though we still give it to her), and clothing changes.

I even did a little comparison of the three little minions:

Jake: 12 lbs 11 oz - 23.5 inches 

Asher: 14 lbs 1 oz - 25 inches

Scarlett: 11 lbs 7 oz - 23 inches

I love that I have been able to keep my blog going since Grant and I got married (2009). One day when I decide to finish writing it... I will print out the final copy and pass it down to my kids. They will each have their own "baby book" from it also. How fun. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

So... now, back to Scarlett! ;)

Having a little girl is so much fun! They have cute clothes, and are so sweet. Well, of course my boys were sweet too... it's really so different. And this being our last baby makes the whole experience just a little sweeter. 
Sweet baby girl.
 Tummy time.
 Finally! One of my babies LOVES the swing! Now, I can shower with no tears! ;)
Well, off to start our rounds of pick ups! Enjoy your Friday friends!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pops and Ciney visit 2016

Another visit in the books for Scarlett and the boys! Grant's dad and step mom came into town for 4 days last week, and we surely enjoyed their visit!

The boys had a great time climbing all over pops (thanks for being a good sport with that!), and playing football in the backyard. We enjoyed the meals cooked, ALL the laundry Ciney did, and even a night out for dinner. :)

Pops and Ciney live in Maryland. They started their trip in Northern California, and made their way down to Southern California to see us! The boys couldn't wait until they arrived. They sat by the door when we knew they were close.

Thank you again for spending time with us, and loving on our babies. We miss you all already, and love you. Don't forget to FaceTime us often!
Breakfast and beach walk.
Newest grand baby! :)
Scarlett kept smiling at Ciney. She certainly loved her! 
Ciney brought a onesie that auntie Ginny bought for Scarlett. It's adorable! Thanks auntie Ginny!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas 2015 - part two

Grant's brother, and sister flew into town with their families the day after Christmas. I had my friend Katie Neesham take our pictures at the beach. She's so amazing to take our photos during the holidays, and with a newborn herself! Thanks again girl! 

As hard as it is getting the kids all to look, the tears (from parents and kids), and sweat (parents), it's pretty cool to see the end result. Renzi and his family live in Oklahoma City, and Ginny and her family live in Arlington. We are all over the place! Just wait until the kids go away to college, etc. I hope we can continue to get together and take these photos together. :)

There are so many little boys in the family. It's going to be awesome seeing them all grow up together. Now... we added Scarlett. The first and only girl (so far). She'll never be able to date, and no one will ever want to mess with her. 

I love each and every person in these pictures below. Thank you all for coming to visit us. We hope you had a great time. 
Nana with her grand kiddos.
The crew.
California Stones
Sweet moment.
In-laws and Out-laws. ;)
And then we finished up my brother and moms trip with another trip to the pier.
YA YA with the boys.
Ice cream!

Christmas 2015 - Part one

This has been a wonderful year for us. The kids are healthy, happy, doing well in school, and sports, Grant's business is going extremely well, I'm feeling great after having our baby, and Scarlett is healthy, and just darling. It was great ending this year with the majority of my family (missed my dad and brother), and Grant's family (Grant's dad and step mom coming this week). We certainly felt loved, and happy. Thank you for all making this time special for us. 

I wanted to start out this blog with what we did leading up to Christmas, Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning. My next blog will be after Christmas until New Years. Let's start with some pictures. :)

Scarlett's photographer did a small separate shoot with us and she got some incredible shots of Scarlett and Scarlett and I. I will treasure those pictures forever. Thank you Juls Megill! Here is one from the shoot. 
Asher's preschool had their annual Christmas play. Like usual it was adorable. Asher looked like he wanted to fall asleep at certain points though. Guess that's what happens when it starts at 7pm. They all looked adorable. Grant was traveling, so he wasn't able to watch the silly kids. My aunt and uncle came to support Asher. I left Scarlett home with Amelia. Too many people for a newborn to be around.
 Asher's teacher. Mrs. Muesse. We love her so!
 Walking out the door. Picture with Santa also. ;)
Asher's preschool had jammie day. If you know Asher, you know he LOVES his jammies. This is his favorite day of the fall/winter! It was also his teachers birthday. So, it was a double win day.
My aunt rented a suite for us at Disney on ICE again this year. This year the theme was Frozen! Super cool! My aunt and uncle are the best. I'm so lucky I have them in my life. My cousin Laurie and her adorable son Isaiah also go. It's so great seeing her and her growing family.
I was able to invite my neighbor and her daughter Emma. Apparently they're boyfriend and girlfriend.
The Peters family invited us to their family Holiday party. Jake and Asher got to meet "the big guy" and tell him all that they want for Christmas. Thank you for inviting us! The boys certainly had a great time. Such sweet friends we have. :)
The kiddos.
 Katy's annual Christmas party.
Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning!
Added a new stocking this year. :)
 Opening presents is so fun!
The big kids are happier to do it with Starbucks. 
Then we had our annual Christmas breakfast with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I look forward to this more than presents. I love getting our family together like this. Makes me so incredibly happy! My aunt and uncle come over with food, spirits, and lots of laughter. It's the best!

Our family of 5.
FOUR generations. 
Cousin photo with grandma Hodges.
Our family. 

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