Monday, April 22, 2013

Lucky is the lady...

Lucky is the lady with a house full of men.

OR Queen of my castle is what I like to say. :)

Grant was out of town over the weekend, and I got to play and spoil my little guys at the park, lunches, movies, and popcorn! Oh wait... all the stuff we do everyday! ha!

Here are some pictures from our weekend!
I can't handle how cute they are! Look at Asher's hair!
He insisted on wearing those yellow shoes. I have no idea where they came from and they are too big. They kept falling off. I threw them away at the park. 
Happy boys!
Another day at the park! Basketball and soccer! 
Playing in the backyard!
Made a fort for the boys to play under.
So many cars... so little time. 
Best buds.
When you can't get enough on the spoon... use your hands!
They clearly keep me busy and on my toes. I love them so much! :)
Enjoy your week!

Being prepared is key part deux...

Yep. It happened again. Only this time... on a much worse of a scale.

This morning at 6:45am I packed up the boys, gave them milk, a little snack, and we headed out the door to pick up Grant from LAX. Grant has been out of town for his mom's birthday celebration in Oklahoma City.

At about 7am, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in the carpool lane on the 405, Asher started to cry. I looked back and to my surprise (and possibly his) he started to throw up. I mean... BIG TIME. It was everywhere. So, what to do when your not even moving in L.A. traffic? I pulled into the shoulder of the carpool lane. Thankfully, there was an area to pull over in. I looked back and it was everywhere. Jake shouting, "OH NO, GO GO!!"

I had my diaper bag in the front seat, so I unlocked my seat belt, and began to clean off Asher. Throwing everything on the floor. His clothes, wipes, sweatshirts, diapers, books, toys, and pretty much everything that was in Asher's puke path. I managed to crawl in the backseat and take off his clothes, and grab my spare bag in the back for extra blankets. THANK GOD I'M ONLY 5'4, AND I DRIVE A BIG SUV. I was able to get him cleaned up, back in the seat, and all the nasty puke in a pile on the floor. I wrapped Asher in a clean blanket, and made my way back onto the carpool lane. And if your a Californian, you know how generous, and polite people are around these neck of the woods. So, with a little aggressive driving, I was able to get back into the lane and continue onto the 105, and then to LAX.

Asher was crying the entire way to the airport, sitting in traffic, puke all over the car. Have I ever mentioned I'm a neat freak too? I was kinda freaking out. But, I didn't want to upset the boys. I finally made it into the structure and parked. I was able to throw all the puke items away, and I took off my shirt (I was wearing a tank underneath my shirt), and put it on Asher. I brought him into the front seat with me, and played Toy Story on the iPad for the boys.

Grant finally got to the car, and we put Asher back into his seat. I sat between the boys (yes... most likely in puke), and rubbed Asher until we got home. I think poor little Asher got car sick. :/

I lived an entire day by 7:30am. I smell, I'm tired, I don't feel well, and I need a nap. However, a 2 1/2 year old, and a 1 year old don't understand that... so, I will continue on with my day until they nap, and go from there. At this current moment, both boys are bathed, fed, happy, and are down for naps too. Time for a little mama time! Think I'll go take another shower for the day!

Just gotta laugh, right?

Happy Monday! :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 4th Anniversary, Grant!

Today is Grant's and my 4th Anniversary! In the last 4 years we've grown so much as individuals, and as a couple. I am truly a better person since Grant has come into my life. Growth of our faith, our love, and our children have put my whole life into perspective. I'm thankful. I'm blessed. God is great ALL the time.

A favorite quote that couldn't say it any better, "Dance with God, and he'll let the perfect man cut in."
Here are a few pictures since I said, I do! Look at how much our family has grown. ;)
Feeling so thankful for all of God's continued blessings. We don't know what the future holds, but we do know that we are doing it together. 

Happy Anniversary to my love!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My littles

My babies are growing so fast. I swear every time I blink they grow another inch! This week has yet again flown by. We spent most of our time outside in our backyard, or at the park. Jake seems to wake up with SO much energy. So, right after Asher's morning nap, we are out and moving. If we stay in the kiddos get crazy. So, it's out we go! 

Lately, Asher has become quite the climber. I can't turn my head away for a second. He has so much upper body strength! He can pull up on anything. ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR. 

Here is an example of my climber in action.
"push mama... push!" Apparently, it's never high enough!
Daddy playing Toy Story/Jake and The Neverland Pirates with Jake.
My stylish 1 year old.
Again... No fear, climbing up onto things! He's so proud of himself... 
Today I took Jake to Hope's 1st birthday party. My friend Andrea threw an amazing birthday party! I was too busy running around with Jake to take pictures. But, here is a few pictures from the party. When Mickey arrived Jake ran up to the front of the line... he was ready to say hi to Mickey! He went straight up to him, and gave him "bumps" aka knuckles. 
Then we had to let other kids meet and take pictures with Mickey. We walked outside, and Jake got back into line again. It was hilarious. 
We ended the party out on the bouncer. Jake had a blast today. Asher stayed home because he had a runny nose. I didn't want him to come in case it's more than allergies. He was certainly missed. More parties coming up though!
Since I'm home on a Saturday night, I'm going to take advantage of this time and get some rest! Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends! xo

Monday, April 8, 2013


That pretty much sums up my last week. March was a busy month, but April has been even busier. Week by week it is slowing down... until May when it will speed back up again!

Grant traveled last Monday through Thursday for work. It was yet again, just the boys and I. My best little buddies. They are the best little boys. I'm so lucky. We played, ran errands, danced, sang, ran around, did puzzles, blocks, Lego's, and played outside some more. We had movie nights, and snuggled. But, we still missed daddy. When he walked through the door its sheer excitement! The boys woke up and daddy was home. They went running for him. They were so happy. I was too. :)

Friday we had an evening wedding, and then early Saturday morning, I went to Palm Springs for one of my best friends bachelorette parties. 
1st wedding of the season!
THE FIRST NIGHT AWAY FROM MY BOYS SINCE JAKE WAS 12 MONTHS OLD (For Grant's best friend Kevin's wedding in San Diego). I was a little anxious. I like my gym time, spa time, and my date nights, but I like to be home with my little men. I agree with getting some alone time, but it's still hard to leave with them being so young for overnight trips. Grant is an amazing father. He loves to be with the boys, and wanted me to leave so I could enjoy some girl time. The boys are and were in great hands. Grant sent me lots of pictures and kept me updated with what they were doing. They clearly had a blast. They went to the park, Grant's best friends house for a play date, and they even went to Church on Sunday. 

I got to Palm Springs around 10 am, and we went straight to the pool. The rest of the girls got there on Friday evening. So, I was the last to arrive. The pool reminded me of old Vegas days. It was packed, and much like a day club. It was fun, we got our spots, and spent most of the time in the pool. Kristy and I left to go to the spa around 1:30pm. We were there for a few hours and then had a little lunch. The rest of the girls stayed at the pool and went back to the rooms for a nap.
At the pool with Kristy.
Sorority sisters.
I got home on Sunday afternoon and felt so blessed to have an amazing husband, great kids, and awesome friends. It was a fun day/night and I'm so glad I got to spend that time with one of my best friends. I'm so very happy for her and her fiancé. They are a great couple! I can't wait to celebrate their wedding this coming June in Wine Country. :)

On to another busy week, with many more exciting things to come! Have a great week all!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Busy weekend, and even busier week.

It doesn't slow down for us. It seems to only speed up. But, that's ok. That's life, right? Well, Grant has been traveling a lot lately. It's been me and the kiddos. I remember thinking how will I do it with 2 when he's gone... Well, it's actually just the same. You just get through it. The boys (and I) miss Grant so much when he's gone. Last week, when Grant got home from Chicago, the kids and I were on a walk. We weren't able to greet daddy when he walked in the door. As we were approaching our house, Jake spotted Grant! He went running towards him, screaming DADA! SO SWEET! Grant is a very involved, and attentive father. We love him so much! And really... missing him is the hardest part of his travel. :)
This week is going to be nuts, between travel, a wedding on Friday, and then my friend Kristy's bachelorette party this weekend in Palm Springs. This will be the first night away for me since I had Asher. Hmm. I'm very nervous. Thank goodness Grant will be here with the boys. So, they can have their boy bonding time. :)

Here are some pictures from the last week...
On our walks...
My happy curious boys...
At the park with their buddy Henry.
Good buddies.
Brotherly quite time.
Easter morning. Fun toys, and "healthier" sweet options. ps. The magnum wine bottle with a candle cork is a decoration. I did not give Grant an open bottle of wine. ha!
New Lightning McQueen bubble gun fun before we headed to church. The played with that all day and right before bath time. That was a hit. I should probably buy another as a back up. The seem to break easily.
Hope you all had a great weekend! Bring it Monday!

Date night with Jake!

Grant and I have had Disneyland passes for 2 years now. Last year we went, but not nearly as much as this year. I was pregnant last year with a year old. As much fun as I had (and I did...), it got hard towards the end to get around. And then once Asher was born, I didn't want to take him to such a HUGE public place. Asher has been to Disneyland a dozen times though. Pretty lucky boys, right? 

Anyhow, 2 weeks ago Grant and I decided to take our weekly date night and take Jake to Disneyland. Just him. Amelia came over around 5 to be with Asher, and the 3 of us left. Asher goes to bed at 7, so we decided to let him relax and get some rest. Grant had been traveling, and we thought that Jake would love to have a big boy night out. It was the latest he's ever been up (got home at 10pm)! I made Asher dinner, and laid out his clothes for bed. I was sad to leave him, but we wanted to see how Jake would do being out so late. Trying the one kid out late at a time. ;) 

On the way to Disneyland, Jake was talking up a storm, and screaming Disneyland (Think it was more like... DEEE OOOO)! He was so excited. 
After we got off the tram, he grabbed Grants hand and started running! 
JAKE SAW WOODY! He was so excited! Nothing better than seeing pure happiness on your babies face! 
Ever had a corn dog at Disneyland? This little stand has the best corn dogs! We ate dinner and ran around with Jakey.
We got fast passes and stayed to watch World of Color! AMAZING! We got popcorn, and grabbed a good spot and watched. Jake loved it! Especially when he saw the Toy Story portion of the show! He screamed, "BUH (for Buzz) and Woody!" ADORABLE.
And... umm... CA Adventure sells beer and wine... And you can carry it around with you. So, I enjoyed a glass of chardonnay as I watched Grant and Jake play the games on the Boardwalk. I used to call wine tasting adult Disneyland, and I always will... but, now that you can enjoy a little beverage at actual Disneyland... technically it became (legit) adult Disneyland. ;)
After World of Color we started heading towards the car. We watched the fireworks and made our way back. Jake had a blast. A smile on his face the entire time. Watching Jake and his amazement made us have a smile on our faces the entire time too. Grant and I had so much fun! I think Asher is old enough to enjoy a little later of a Disneyland night too... Maybe not until 10, but we may actually try a night with Asher soon! 

Until our next trip! 
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