Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year we celebrated Christmas as a family of 4. This was Asher's 1st Christmas. My parents, brothers (Marty and his family, and Dylan), grandma, and uncle/aunt with there boys all came for a Christmas celebration here at our house. We had a busy house... but, a fun house! It's been awhile since we've all been together at the same time! Jake has been loving all the attention! I felt so blessed to have most my family all together!

We've made so many wonderful memories, and this will be a Christmas to remember. We usually spend Christmas in Boise, so who knows who will celebrate with us next year! I wanted to post a few pictures so that I don't get too far behind. Here are just a few of the memories that we have made.
My brother Martin, and his beautiful little girl, Madison. 
Growing cousin family! 
The guys goofing off!
YA YA and Jake at the park. 
Hope everyone has had a blessed holiday season! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Asher is 10 months!

Asher is 10 months. He turned 10 months on Christmas Eve. We've had family in town, so I haven't had much time to update my blog. I wanted to post a few pictures I took of Asher.

Since I posted his 9 month update recently, a lot is still the same. He now has 4 teeth though. He has his front 2 teeth coming in, and he has 2 bottom teeth. Too cute! I love seeing those smiley faces with teeth to match! :)

He is so curious. He is already a handful. He's walking, so I'm constantly running after him, or watching to see what he's gotten into. Jake and Asher are total buds. It's so cute to watch Jake play with him. Every once in awhile Jake will be playing with something quietly, and Asher will come over and try and take it from him. Asher is so strong. It's hard to pry things out of his hands! And when his mind is made up... nothing can stop this kiddo! :)

Here are some 10 month pics:
Asher LOVES basketball! He picks up the ball and takes off! Too cute!
Typical boys... wresting. My little brother Dylan is so good with my boys! He lets them crawl all over him, and is very patient. Today we went to the park, and he followed Jake around. He came up to me and said, "you notice that Jake didn't get hurt today" I said, "yes", and he said... "that's because I'm taking care of him, and I love him." My boys adore him... and I do too! 

I have lots of pictures from the holidays... I'll try and post a few tomorrow!

AND... PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SIS IN LAW, LEE ANNE! I love you sister! Hope you had a great evening with your boys! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Asher: 9 months old... a little late!

Asher was 9 months old on November 24th. Needless to say... we've been a little busy! I think we all get busy around the holidays, right? Well, I also wanted to wait on this post until he had his 9 month baby well check up as well. He had his appointment last week.

Asher is doing great! He's happy, in to everything, curious, serious, fast, loving, and assertive. Asher is officially walking now. Yes, I said it! He's walking! He takes his steps, stumbles, and then gets right back up and keeps going! I will take a video of how ridiculously cute it is! It's so hard to believe... he's so little. ;)

That brings me to the baby well check up! My little guy is 26 lbs and 1 oz. He's 3 pounds bigger than Jake at this age. He's also 31 1/2 inches long. A half an inch taller than Jake as well. Asher is in the 100th percentile for both. He's been in the 100th percentile since his first baby well appointments.

Here is Jake at his 9 month appointment. 

He's wearing 2T clothes, and still in size 4 diapers. Although he wears size 5 diapers to sleep in. He's been sleeping through the night for a few months now. He goes down around 6:30/7pm, and he's out all the way until 6:30am. He's a great sleeper!

He's saying, mama, and dada... and now he's shaking his head no to things. hmm. He hears "no" a lot from Jake I suppose. Or me telling Jake no. ha ha!

He has 2 of his bottom teeth! His first tooth popped out at 8 1/2 months, and his second is almost all the way out now.

He drinks about 24-32 oz of milk, and eats table food. He eats a lot of what Jake and we eat. He is still eating some squeeze tubes (of veggies and fruit), but prefers to eat the real deal like us!

He loves all things Jake. Yep. Anything Jake has, he wants. He doesn't like baby toys. He likes books, cars, trucks, and anything that Jake has in his hand. He's so strong! I mean... STRONG! The strength matched with size... and then my size... must be hilarious to watch. People think that Jake is 4, and that Asher is a year old. They have NO idea! My boys are so smart! I'm so proud to be there mommy! Asher is already trying to figure out Jake's puzzles. A little too young to do the shape sorters, but we're working on it! Jake tries to show him how... it's hilarious watching them interact. My favorite thing to watch them do together is play chase! Jake goes running and Asher chases him. They both hysterically laugh the entire time.

Having the same sex this close in age is a lot more easy then I thought it was going to be... NOW, that doesn't mean it's easy. I have a great system. I'm very organized... and I'm home with them all day. So, Asher takes 2 naps a day, and Jake with one long one. Jake's nap, and Asher's second nap are at the same time. With Asher's first nap, I play with only Jake... it's our time together. And when Asher wakes up from his second nap, and Jake is still asleep, it's our alone and special time. I don't feel like any baby gets shorted. I also have my alone dates with them too. This past Saturday Grant had daddy/Asher time, while I took Jake to his buddy Henry's 2nd birthday party. It all works perfectly!  The toughest time is when Grant travels, or works late. But, we get through it. We only have each other... so, we work it out! ;)

My family is flying into town this Thursday! I CAN'T WAIT! My brother Dylan and my grandma arrive first, and then my parents on Christmas morning! woo hoo! I'm so so so excited.

Here are some pics of Asher at 9 months. I'm surprised I got him to sit still enough for these!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas at the Stone house.

This year feels different. This year feels better than all the others. This year we will celebrate Christmas as a family of four. This will be the first year in a long time that we celebrate here in California. Here at our home. My grandma and brother fly into town on December 20th, and then my parents fly into town on Christmas afternoon. SO EXCITED! For again so many reasons. Family in town, our growing family, and NOT TRAVELING. Although, I have to admit... I was looking forward to the snow. However, after our last few trips... I need some time off. It's hard traveling with 2 babies, 2 and under. But, we will do it shortly, I'm sure. It's not easy to stay put when you have family all of the United States!

Anyhow, I wanted to post some pictures from around our house! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate... I mean... I LOVE TO DECORATE! Whether, it's for parties or holidays... I don't care!

This is Asher's first Christmas! Very excited for him to open presents and play with the things that we give him. I know that no matter what we get him, he'll want what Jake has. Maybe I should just buy double? ;)

I love watching these brother's play. Best friends. :)

Here are the pictures.

Asher's 9 month photos and update will be posted on Wednesday... after his baby well appointment. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things we learn as we go...

We grow as parents, right? There are things we learn we can and cannot do as parents. We learn the limits of our children. Or perhaps we learn our limits as parents.

With this being said... Our family pictures. 

I shall list what I learned this year...

1. Don't take pictures close to nap times... duh, I know...
2. Don't take pictures in the dead heat of the CA year. September. UGH.
3. Taking pictures with a barely 2 year old, and a 6 month old will be challenging.
4. Taking pictures with 2 boys in general.
5. Don't make the children pose for the camera, unless it's when we are doing the family shot, and Grant and I both are holding one.
6. Don't wear fancy high heels in a park with gravel. 

So, with the list above... Next year, I will change things up. I will take pictures after a snack, and before dinner. It will be the last week of October or the first week of November (let's be honest... it's for Christmas cards anyhow). I wont make my babies pose. I will have the photographer take pics as they seem natural. There will be "some" family shots and the brotherly shots. It will get easier because next year I'll have a 3 year old, and a 1 year old. ha ha. We'll see. :)

The pictures turned out great! I loved them... Grant and I ended up laughing the entire way home, while the kids slept... probably because we wore them out chasing them, wiping tears, and screaming funny things at them... in hopes of both looking and both smiling! ha ha.

With out further adieu... Here are a few...
Jake had just turned 2! 
Asher had just turned 6 months old... funny how different Asher pants looks compared to now. :)
How lucky am I that all these adorable, and handsome men love me? Ugh. I die.
And lastly, this summed up the end of the shoot. But, it's still a favorite shot, that one day we can all laugh about... me as their crazy momma and all the pictures I make them take. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Larry and Marcine flew into town to be with us this Thanksgiving. They made breakfast and dinner on Thanksgiving, and come to think of it... Larry and Marcine made us breakfast everyday they were here. I rarely eat everything on my plate... and I manage to not only eat all my breakfast, but I went looking for more after! It was so nice having them in town. The kids really enjoyed snuggling, and hanging out with their grandparents. 

It was so nice having them in town to be with us, and spend time as a family. I already miss them very much! I hope they come back soon! ;)

This pretty much sums up their visit. A kiddo in each hand! :)
Grant's cousin Amanda came on Thanksgiving as well! I seriously love her to pieces! I'm so lucky to have developed a friendship with her. She is not only beautiful on the outside, she's even more beautiful on the inside!
The kids played outside on their swing set. The weather was so beautiful! 
And then the next day we all went to Disneyland! We went from 8-2pm. The kids did great! We had so much fun! Glad we got to go as an entire family. 
The last day of Larry and Marcine's trip we went to breakfast in Seal Beach. Then we walked around. Grant was wearing the Ergo with Asher, and stopped to talk with his dad. I snapped this pic. What a great moment. Father, son, and grandson. :)
Thank you so much Larry and Marcine for spending Thanksgiving in California. Thank you for the yummy food, and great company! I hope Grant and I showed you a good time, and you both come back very soon! The kids already miss Ciney and Pops! 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Tomorrow I'll post Asher's 9 month pics! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

My life with 2 boys... 2 and under...

I wouldn't have this life any other way. As crazy as it can be at times... having these little monkeys this close in age is a blessing. Asher wants to do everything Jake is doing. He wants everything he has, drinks from his cup, wants his snack, and so on... Jake is patient. With an occasional... No! Or a bump to move him over. Which I'm constantly on the look out for. Jake likes to play with him, until Asher takes his stuff out of his hands. It takes everything in me NOT to laugh. They love each other already. Different in personalities. I love them both more than life. UGH! I'm lucky enough to squeeze them all day! :)

Here are some cell pictures over the last 2 weeks. 
In our backyard... Asher and Jake love swinging side by side! 
 They just laugh the entire time.
Disneyland with Jake's main lady... Not Minnie... but, Victoria. His best friend since they were 3 months old!
 At the Wilderness Park at CA Adventure.
 Jake taking Victoria's hand through the line...
 And then taking her hand back to the car...
 My Tahoe is officially full of boys!
 Handsome men dinning with me.
 BABY FEET! Cutest shoes ever!
 Jake playing at the park!
Grant's twin...
But, my baby!
Asher pushing Jake over to see what he has!
Silly boy!
 Jake with Homecoming Court Nominee, Amelia. Also, his babysitter. He adores her! Could you blame him? She is also beautiful Tri Delta as well! I love my DDD girls!
Jake LOVES to wear his shades. I'm going to be in trouble...
The entire family at a CSULB basketball game! I tired to get us all in the pic... close enough! ;)
Can't forget a girls night dinner! Love these girls. Missing a few besties... friends for 14 years!
Taking time to relax and read a good book!
Reading to his little brother. Not 100% sure all that he was saying... but, Asher sure enjoyed it!
This little guy will be walking soon!
My boys have been sick the last few days... Snotty noses, fevers, coughs, and both teething (Jake - 2 year old molars, and Asher - his bottom teeth)... But, they still enjoy playing with each other. Jake had Asher's pacifier (and BTW Asher hasn't used a pacifier for at least 2 months now), and Jake giving Asher something to chew on. Adorable, right? UGH. I can't take it.
Another picture from the week (which I adore), is this picture of my 3 boys... It was 6am, everyone was up... I snapped the picture of Grant kissing Asher in his arms, and all sitting there in peace and quite. I was making coffee, and turned around to see this.
I love my iPhone. I love the fact, that I don't miss the precious moments. Here are just a few over the last 2 weeks. I hope everyone has a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

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