Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road trip/Flight #5: Oklahoma City, OK.

Jake is quite the traveler, isn't he? This little guy has been quite a few places for only 7 months old. He is a good boy. A very good traveler. That doesn't mean that it is easy traveling with a baby. It's hard enough packing for myself. There is SO much to pack for a baby. Lot's of clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, bath stuff, etc. But, I managed to bring just about everything I needed besides buying food when I got to OKC.

Our first day of travel didn't go quite as planned though. I did not have a single thing packed the morning of our trip. Probably because I have been so busy with Jake that I figured it would only take a few minutes to pack for a 4 day weekend. Well, our morning started off with Jake's first tumble. First tumble right off the bed. Seriously. We weren't sleeping. We were just hanging out and playing. The thought crossed my mind that this kid is strong and crawling and the bed probably isn't the best place for him anymore. I have a California King... big enough? WRONG. My little man dove forward and I wasn't quick enough to grab him. Head first onto the floor.

I immediately called the doctors exchange. A doctor got on the phone and lectured me about the baby on the bed. I mean, really?! I know! agh. I just wanted to her to give me signs of concern. Finally she did. Jake passed with flying colors. In fact, he was laughing while I was crying talking to the doctor. I was hysterical. I mean, totally crying for almost an hour straight. If I reenact the event I get sick to my stomach still.

Well, I managed to pack once Grant got home, Jake was totally fine, and we were ready to head to OKC for Grant's moms birthday weekend.

Jake did great on the flight. I even sleep an hour. It's so nice traveling with Grant and the baby. I did fine by myself when Jake and I flew to Idaho, but it's really nice to fly with someone that can trade off holding the little man and also carry the bags. :)

Friday night we went to Vicki's house for dinner. Saturday night we went to a restaurant called Stella. It was really good. Vicki looked beautiful! Drank good wine and champagne. I swear by the statement, "Life is too short for anything cheap." I know that sounds awful, but I'm still breastfeeding so I can only have a few glasses here and there. I would rather drink an iced tea than a lame cocktail. Since we all went out Jake stayed with Jackson's babysitter. I have battled with the thought of formula, but this was Jake's first night of a full bottle. I started introducing a little formula mixed in his oatmeal for breakfast, and then in his rice cereal for dinner. He didn't have any reaction, so I was feeling a little confident about the brand. We travel quite a bit as a family and to bring the breast pump is just annoying. Jake isn't on formula for every feeding. I just didn't want to bring the pump, and I also think that the reason he wakes so frequently at night is because he so hungry. Even with solid foods 3 times a day, plus breast milk in between regular food. I will be giving him one formula bottle at night from now on hoping to fill him up at night! I will update my blog tomorrow on sleep training post trip and formula.

Then on Sunday we went to church with the family and then had a mellow dinner at Grant's brothers house. We got home on Monday late afternoon. Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Grant and I did what we did last year. We ordered food from one of our favorite restaurants and opened up an expensive bottle of wine. We opened up a bottle of 1994 Silver Oak Cab. Last year I was pregnant, so I just wanted to stay in and this year we have Jake. We are celebrating out on Friday night!

Here are some pictures of our trip and our family. We had such a good time with everyone. Jake just loves his aunties and uncles! I'm excited for all the cousins to grow and play together! Next cousin is due in August! Can't wait to meet baby Badanes!
Look at my shiner. :(
Uncle Renzi
Daddy and Jake on a walk.
The whole group going out for Vicki's birthday!
Aunt Ginny and Uncle Dave are EXPECTING THIS AUGUST! YAY!
After church.
Our little family.
Grandmother Stone
Jakey poo

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