Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grant's 31st Birthday!

This has been such a wonderful weekend and it's not even over yet! Grant turned 31 on Friday so  I invited 20 of his closest friends to one of our favorite local restaurants. Grant and I go to Naples Rib Co about once a week since I've been pregnant. So, I figured it was a perfect place to celebrate. I got a cake from Creative Cakery! I'm still eating the cake.... 

Thank you to those that came out to celebrate with us! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jake Bowman

Dear Jake,

There is so much I want to tell and teach you. I know your still growing and not ready for this world yet, but I wanted to write a letter you can read later about this time in your parents life.

I had a dream about you last night. I saw you. You were perfect. You looked like your daddy. You had a strong chin with a dimple, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I was holding you in shock thinking that I was actually your mommy. I woke up and actually thought you were here. I couldn't be more ready for you.

Your daddy and I had a tough last week. Your cousin Isaiah passed away last Monday. It was heartbreaking. Isaiah had epilepsy. Your aunt and uncle tried everything in their power to try and help or heal Isaiah. The Lord was ready to take His son home. Jackson (Isaiah's older brother) asked to touch my stomach last week and it warmed my heart. He said he wants to meet you. This year you will meet him. He's getting so big! Your uncle Renzi, and aunt Lee Anne are very strong faithful people. They have been an inspiration for your daddy and I. They have been so strong through Isaiah's sickness and his passing. We are all Christians. We believe that God has a plan for all of us. A scripture that I read reminds me that we are all God's children. "I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD." Samuel 1:27-28. We will all see Isaiah again. He is waiting for all of us in Heaven. 

You are my gift from God. After your daddy and I got married I thought I would get pregnant right away. But, I didn't. It took 6 months. I found out I had poly cystic ovary syndrome, and hypothyroid. With taking proper medications for those syndromes I was able to get pregnant. I didn't know I was pregnant until I was about 7 weeks along. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't feeling great and had extremely bad heartburn (which I still have... wives tales say if you have heartburn while pregnant your baby will have a full head of should come out with a ponytail!). Dr. Lowe called to check on me and told me my symptoms sounded like I was pregnant. Your daddy ran (literally) down the street to the store and picked up a test. I took it.... walked away and figured it couldn't be the positive. I went back a few minutes to check it... and there it was! POSITIVE!! I ran into our bedroom and showed your daddy. We were so excited! I text our doctor with the picture of the test and asked if it was true! Dr. Woodson said it was! Your daddy and I then went to the movies and I made him buy me another test... just to be certain!

Your grandpa and grandma Spellman are SO very excited to meet you too. I can't wait for you to meet your grandparents. They raised me to be strong, loving, and loyal. I hope to teach you everything I learned from them. Family is everything. You are Greek, German, Irish, English, and Ukrainian. Mainly Greek and German from Mommies side. Your great grandparents are first generation to America. Your grandma will be here when your born. My parents live in Boise, Idaho. Your great grandma also lives there. She already loves you as well! Your great grandfather passed away in June of 2006. He was like another father in my life. He is in Heaven with Isaiah now. They will be your guardian angels. My brother Dylan is 7. He called me a few months ago and told me that he prayed for you to be a boy.... and that God answered his prayers. He will teach you many things and protect you as you grow. I also have another brother. His name is Marty. He is married to Ashley. They were there when we had the ultrasound to find out your gender. He was so excited. He will be a big part of your life. He lives just an hour away. My brother is one of my best friends. Uncle Marty, and aunt Ashley will be there when your born.

Aunt Ginny (your father's younger sister), and uncle Dave live in Washington DC. They will see you this holiday season. You will love them! Jackson calls your uncle Dave, uncle Diddy. Can't wait to see what you call your aunts and uncles. Your grandmother Stone is also excited to meet you. She will also be coming out after you are born to meet you! Your daddy looks just like his mommies side. I chose your first name, but your middle name is your fathers middle name. Bowman. Your middle name is your grandma's maiden name. Your father looks a lot like his grandmother Bowman. Your daddy is a lot like his father. Grandpa Stone and his wife Marcine will be coming out to see you this year as well. They are all strong, loving, and affectionate people. You will be loved by so many!

Your daddy is so strong. He is loving, compassionate, caring, loyal, and sensitive. He already loves you with all his heart. He will teach you to fish, hunt, play sports, and much more. He reminds me of my sweet grandfather. You are in good hands little man!

I love you so much honey, and I count down the days until I can meet my sweet little boy. I can't wait to see you grow and teach you everything there is to know about this life. God has truly blessed your father and I. We love you so much and pray for your health everyday!

Your Mommy

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The last day we were in Oklahoma, Grant and I decided to head to Tulsa to see some friends of his from High School. While we were there we went by Grant's childhood home, high school, and we ate at all of Grant's favorite local restaurants (including fast food).  This trip I decided to take some pictures so I can put them in Jake's baby book.
I'm 6 months pregnant now!
(24 weeks)
Here we are outside Cole's home. 
My baby bump is getting big! 
Grant and Cole.
Grant's childhood home (front):

Back of the house... under construction (basketball court where they played basketball, and pool):

As we were leaving Oklahoma City, Lee Anne gave me a few shirts and jackets that Renzi, Grant, Jackson, and Isaiah wore! Jake's aunt also gave him some cool shoes as well! Can't wait until the next time we see them! Jake is already spoiled! :) 

I also picked up this hilarious onesie at the airport. I laughed so hard! 

Thank you for all the continued prayers for our family. We appreciate it more than you know. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pictures from the Ellen Degeneres Show.

I had a friend send me the following pictures on Facebook from the show Kelley and I were on. Here are some pictures of us preggies dancing! 

I was in the ready to pop section because Kelley is 10 months pregnant. I sat 3 rows behind her though... Here are some pregnant women I sat with:

I'm behind the really pregnant woman in the white shirt! haha. 

I was #125


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just got home from The Ellen Degeneres Show!!! I had such a good time with Kelley today. We got there around 1pm and checked in... ate a quick sandwich and waited to be called back. I lucked out because I was able to go with Kelley in the "about to pop" section (since she is due on Tuesday, they actually had a section for women who were days from delivery). They had a paramedic and a nurse ready to go if need be. I sat in the 4th row, behind Ellen's mom! The guests were Michael Bolton and Dennis Quaid. Ellen is so funny! I laughed so hard the entire show! Not to mention all the dancing and screaming. I probably wont have a voice tomorrow! The bathroom was fully stocked with cookies, candies, fruit, veggies, and water! What a blast! I'm such a big fan of Ellen...always have been... and always will!

Since I keep getting texts, and facebooks asking what I got... I decided to write a few things down!

Puj Tub
Organic Baby Bjorn
Dr. Andrew Weil Baby Newborn starter set
Timi and Leslie (Marilyn) diaper bag
6 months worth of Huggies diapers (special addition denim)
MD Mom - clean and green baby supplies (special washes)
Safety 1st prism color video monitor
Aden + Anais swaddle set ( dribble, comfort security blankets, slumber sleeping bag, and swaddle blankets)
books, bottles, pacifiers, Ellen onesies)
POSH mommy necklace
Michael Bolton CD (he was there live - and he actually is VERY good)
Shrink x hips: Dennis Quaid's wife's business
Yo My Booties (Manolo Blahnicks for babies)
Age: HiLo chair -
Teutonia luxury stroller!!!!!!!

Find Out More About All of Ellen's Amazing Mother's Day Giveaways!

My house is full and I haven't even had my showers yet! I'm so thankful that I was able to attend this show. Ellen ROCKS!

Here is Ellen Degeneres Show link. Check back tomorrow for pictures or just watch the show! The show airs tomorrow (5/7/10) at 4pm.


22 weeks.

I'm 22 weeks today. Moving along just fine. Still doing everything I was doing before... however, I am wearing maternity jeans. They are comfortable so I'm not even wearing my other jeans... why, right? :) Here is the latest bump picture!

Today Kelley and I are going to The Ellen Degeneres Show... so excited! She always has the best giveaways and guests on her show! Wish me luck! Gotta go and get ready! Will blog about it all later! 

Have a happy Thursday! 


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jake's nursery...

I just bought Jake's bedding! 

Grant really wanted something sports related, so after browsing the internet and shopping in countless number of stores. I found what we liked the best! Here it is below! 

I bought the following from this pictures:
- quilt, sheet, dust ruffle, bumper, diaper stacker, window valance, lamp, rug, and mobile. 

I'm not into the wall paper, or the pictures. So, I will add my own touches to his room! 

Here is the crib, changing table, and dresser we chose:

Here is the chair that will go in the room as well:

Just a few things for the room... So excited! :)


Monday, May 3, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Show!

My friend Kelley called me a few weeks ago and invited me to go with her to the Ellen DeGeneres show for expecting mothers! Its there Mother's Day show! I am SO excited! Kelley is due on May 11, so we're hoping Stella doesn't make her appearance until after the show! haha. Thank you Kelley for thinking of me! Here's the bio on what the show will entail!

mother's day show
It's Ellen's annual Mother's Day show! The entire audience will be filled with expectant moms who have no idea what to expect from Ellen! She has all the best gifts and giveaways that will leave them breathless! If any of the fathers need some tips, DENNIS QUAID will have them. He helped his wife through her pregnancy with their twin babies, and now the adorable kids are two years old. He'll have the cutest stories about them that the moms will love! Then, the Grammy-winning MICHAEL BOLTON will have a special Mother's Day gift for us. He'll sing his new single from his upcoming CD, "One World One Love" -- a song he wrote with the incredibly popular Lady Gaga! And this week another contestant was voted off "American Idol" and will stop by to sing one last song. Ellen has paramedics standing by in case someone gives birth to the very first Ellen Show baby!
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