Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleep training by Brooke Stone part VI

Where do I begin? Rough weekend over here at The Stone house. I decided NOT to blog over the weekend about it to stay positive. We need to keep Jake on schedule and in his crib. But, he is failing to get with OUR program. I can honestly say this child is the most strong willed of any baby I've seen. He is so stubborn and strong in general. This is amazing, however, it also means that when he doesn't want to do something he stays strong willed and stubborn as well. ha! 

So, let's just talk about last night. Grant and I decided perhaps 7pm is too early. So, we are extending to 7:30-8pm. We started the routine and by 7:50pm he was asleep in Grant's arms. Grant went to put him down and BAM he's awake screaming. The song and dance continued for a few hours. No lie. A few hours. About 9:30pm he was asleep. Only to wake an hour later. Song and dance started again. Problem with the song and dance is that he's now expecting it. So, we resorted to the "cry it out". 

We noticed that it got very quite at times in his room. We'd look through the video monitor and we would see the following: 

(Warning: the pictures are taken from my blackberry of the video monitor. They aren't very clear.)
This picture is from Saturday night.
This picture is from Sunday night.
Poor little guy sleeps sitting up. He refuses to lay down. At one point around 10ish I went in fed him and he fell asleep. I put him down and he slept until 11:00pm. Finally we did the "Cry it out" till he fell asleep at midnight. Grant said I passed out around 11:30pm saying I didn't know what to do anymore. I was clearly so tired I was talking nonsense. So, he stayed up until Jake fell asleep. He finally laid down on his belly, butt up. 

He was asleep until 5:30am! YAY! So, that was a long stretch. He never changed position because he was clearly worn out! At that point I brought him in our room and fed him. I slept until 8am with him next to me. 

It's heartbreaking. I hate it. I just want him to sleep good, and for us to sleep good. Is this too much to ask? ha ha. 

Blog more later.


  1. Oh man! That's seriously the cutest thing ever! Have you tired to lay down in the same room while he's in his crib? I did that with Aiden and worked. Double edge sword though, because it built another habit, yet at the same time it broke the rocking to sleep habit. He would scream and cry, of course, but I feel like it gave him a sense of security with me being in the room, he wouldn't cry as long. It did mean for a lot of early nights for me though, since more than half of the time I would fall asleep with him (probably before him some nights! HA). Eventually I built it up to only stay in there for a short period of time, then leave. Then obviously I didn't have to do it anymore.

    Liam wasn't feeling well one night last week, (teething I think), and did the same thing to me, waking up as soon as I put lay him down. I laied on the ground next to his crib, and he laid down 5 minutes later.

    Good for you for staying strong, I know it's hard!! :(

  2. My son didn't sleep through the night until he was one year old. My daughter slept through the night when she was 6 weeks old. If my son had been first, don't think we would have had another one so soon. They are all different.
    Hang in there, this will be a distant memory all too soon.

  3. I would let him sleep with his butt up in the air if that's what makes him comfortable. As long as he is strong enough to push himself up on his hands, it is safe for him to sleep his 'stomach'. I totally know how you feel about a strong-willed child. Addison has been holding her head up since Day 1, and we have always said how strong she was as far as health, pain tolerance, will, etc. Well, it's not so great when it's time to potty train! Ugh!

  4. Hi there - found you on FLOB. We have a 19 week old and right now, he is in our room in a bassinet. The only "sleeping through the night" he does is by me rolling over every 2 hours to give him a pacifier and he goes back to sleep. I no longer feed him in the middle of the night. He eats 4-5 times a day and the last bottle is at 10 and that's it. Every baby is different, for SURE. We tried him in his room and it went ok for a few nights and then he got an ear infection and we were exhausted from getting up and down all night long... we also kind of like him in the room. All cozy. Keep up the hard work!


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