Thursday, January 31, 2013

2 of my Valentines.

It's been so beautiful here in California. The weather is perfect. My boys are able to play outside and be in a sunshine. Today I decided to take a few pictures of them with their Valentines shirts on. Asher is wearing Jake's from last year (when Jake was about 16 months old), and I had a new one ordered for Jake this year. 

They are so darn handsome! I can't take it! They make my whole world complete! I'm so happy they are so close in age, and that God gave me two beautiful, healthy boys to play and grow up with each other. 
Apparently Jake has found a love for the camera. He's clearly gets that from Grant... not me! ;)
Asher had just woken up from his nap... he's my serious child. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! AMAZING.
At play. :)
Oh! And clearly Jake isn't phased at all by his experience in the Urgent Care. His chin is healing great, and he gets a check up tomorrow to make sure all is good. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Urgent care party of 3.

Never a dull moment around the Stone house lately. And I have a feeling... it's not going to slow down with a house full of men. So with that said... let me take you through my morning/afternoon.

The day started out quite nice... Kids aren't sick anymore... everyone is in good spirits... it's time for our morning walk... I got Asher packed up, bottle in hand... Jake was set with Buzz and Woody in hand...

Usually Jake walks out the door first and waits for me at the bottom of our stairs... I come out of the house with my double stroller, Asher all tucked in. Not this morning. Jake tripped or slipped and fell down the stair(s) (I'm not sure if he fell off of the first step or the second. There are 2 total). I looked back and I heard a scream, and a very worried look on his face. I locked the stroller and grabbed Jake. Blood on his Jacket. I was trying to figure out where it came from... HIS CHIN! So, I brought Jake in the house, and then brought the stroller back in. Asher had his bottle and the TV was randomly left on. So, he was set. I grabbed Jake and laid him down. Blood all over. I grabbed a clean towel and applied pressure. I knew this would stop the bleeding. And it did. When I pulled the towel off, there was a good size gash.

I told Jake to hold the towel under his chin and just lay down and wait for me. He did. No tears. Just a tough kid. I went to the car to take the single stroller out and to put the double in. I put Asher in the car, and then went back for Jake.

In the meantime... I was in the middle of syncing my iPhone. So, I grabbed it off the dock and realized that nothing had downloaded... I finally got my phone turned on to see some of my contacts! Of course Grant is working, we have no family around... so, there we went. To Urgent Care with the boys.

Walking in there were LOTS of people with masks on... coughs, sneezes, you name it... But, I had no other option. Our pediatrician doesn't do stitches. You can't make this up! The guy said it was only a 30 minute wait. So, I filled out the paper work, and begun to wait. I had some snacks, and only one iPad. This was going to have to do. That 30 minutes turned into 2 hours. Finally, I heard a man walk in... "Excuse me Mrs. Stone, Mr. Stone is here... would you like him to come back?" I SCREAMED... "YES!!" So, Grant walked in... THANK YOU GOD!

After 2 hours of waiting in the stroller, no more snacks, no more water, these kids were OVER it! Grant grabbed Asher and left. So, then it was just us two... Jake and mommy. Finally the doctor came in... another 30 minutes later. She decided that it wasn't all the way to the bone, and she thought it would be best for them to glue the wound shut. There is going to be a scar either way... and with a 2 year old they would rather skip the stitches if possible. So, decision made. 1 nurse, 1 mommy, and a doctor later... we got it cleaned up... and glued shut. The only time he cried was when we had to hold him down... mainly because he was scared.

Grant met me outside, Asher had falling asleep in the car seat, so we put Jake in his car seat, and I drove the kids to McDonald's since they hadn't eaten, and Grant went into his office.

We got home, Jake sat down on the couch... and said, "wow, momma... ouchy!" And then he continued eating his lunch and relaxing. He's finally down for a nap. What an amazing little boy. He's so patient. He's so careful and cautious, so the fall and smack to his chin shocked him. He is such a good little boy. And watching him grow into this strong little man is awesome. I'm so proud of him. Even at 2, getting upset doesn't solve anything. Thanks for the lesson son.

I'm thankful for my loving and caring husband rushing there to help me. In times like these when I can only rely on Grant it shows me how strong we are. And most importantly how strong we are as a couple. Every year that passes we gain more strength. We have to rely on each other for everything. We don't have family driving distance to just hold or watch one baby while we take the other somewhere... even in an emergency situations.

I love my little family of 4 so much! I'm truly blessed and thankful for all that we have, and what we've created. What a day... and it's only 2:30pm!

His chin before:
His chin after:

And here are the boys waiting... Umm... yea... still in PJ's! I don't change them until after breakfast and our walk. Yikes. Guess, I'm going to switch that up for now on. People looked at me funny because they were wearing Christmas PJ's... not because I was getting angry with the clerk saying, "2 HOURS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!" And then storming back to my chair. haha!
My kiddo when we got home. Look at how long those legs are! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday morning walk...

Everyday I take the boys for a walk. I usually walk anywhere between 2-3 miles. Jake will walk the first and last half, and Asher cruises in the double BOB stroller. I love it. Jake loves picking up sticks, flowers, leaves, and anything he deems a good find. I keep it all on the top of the stroller, and then I either toss it before we get home... or I've made crafts out of it as well. A little something to remember these times by. Jake will get inside the stroller and have a snack while I manage to get a pretty good workout in. :)

Yesterday, Grant joined us. He clearly can't go during the day... but, how nice to be able to continue our routine with dada! Jake loved having his dad there. He loved showing him all of his finds. :)

The boys have been sick with colds for over a week... and this weekend I finally noticed a change! Jake is totally feeling better. Thank goodness! And we started Asher on antibiotics (his first time on something) Saturday. Yesterday, Asher looked better! WOO HOO! I hate when they are sick. And they both demand so much attention when they are sick. I think all kiddos do. It's just hard when they're both snotty holding on to me. Lots of nose and tear wiping. The good news is that they are building immunities... so, hopefully when they start school they don't get every illness!? Here's to hoping! ;)

Here are some pics from our walk. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Looking forward to a healthier new week!
Walking Brady.
This stick was huge!
Strong boy! Our little Thor. :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Asher John is 11 months old!

Turns out others are right. Time goes by pretty fast with one... but, add another to the mix. BAM! The first year is flying by. Next month... Asher's first birthday!

Asher is so funny! He is SO different from Jake! I love their strong personalities.

The haps with Asher aka Hercules.

1. Yes, we call him Hercules. And we call Jake, Thor. Now we have a new super hero in the family. My boys are so strong. Yes, this has to do with Grant's ridiculous strength. But, I think with my crazy will power it makes for an even stronger combo! Asher or Hercules is so strong! I know I'm his mother so I think my kids are the greatest, but seriously... this kid is strong! The doctor always comments that he is the strongest boy (other than Jake) that he has seen. Asher pulled up, sat, stood, and walked very early. When he grabs onto something I literally have to pry it out of his hands. Changing diapers is challenging, and don't even get me started on shot day! The nurse, doc, and I have to assist. Yes, we are taking about an infant. And when he takes something from Jake... Jake isn't getting it back! :)

2. Asher is almost running... he's fast!

3. Wearing 2T/3T clothes.

4. Size 5 diapers.

5. Says, "mama, dada, no, baba (for Brady). I'll have to revise this list as he says more.

6. He loves to clap! 

7. When I say, "did it" he raises his arms in the air and smiles! Accomplishments are huge in this house! Jake did the same thing.

8. He's a dancer. He sways back and forth, bounces, and follows Jake's sweet moves.

9. He loves food. Loves Ham, bananas, Chicken, rice, pasta, cheese, bread, ground turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc etc.

10. Loves all things Jake.

11. Loves all things sports.

12. Loves being outside playing with Jake. 

13. He is stubborn. If he wants something... he will get it.

14. He is LOUD. This little guy wants you to know whats going on. If he's walking through the hallway... he's calling for us. If we walk away for a brief second... he comes looking for us... calling us the whole way. 

15. He has 6 teeth. 4 on the top, and 2 on the bottom.

16. He doesn't like to sit in the car seat for longer than he has to... not a fan of the road trip... perhaps once we turn his seat around... that seemed to change things for Jake also.

17. Has about 28 oz of milk. Changing to Vitamin D next month.

Here are some 11 month old sticker pictures:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching up...

Since I've had Asher I blog less. Clearly I have less time. I don't want to get too far behind in pictures and postings though. I need to make sure his baby blog book is just as cool as Jake's is! So, I will have to make sure I'm at least blogging every few days. Especially with him turning 11 months next week! One more month and my little munchkin will be a year old! I'll have a 1 year old and a 2 1/2 year old running wild! 

These last 2 weeks have been fun! Grant and I packed up the kids very early last Saturday morning and headed to Disneyland. If your a pass holder you can get early entrance right now. So, we want to take advantage of that! That way we can get on all the rides right away, and leave before the kids get too tired. We got there around 7:30am, went on the rides we've been wanting to get on, and we even ate breakfast at Storytellers Cafe! It was such a fun day! We went with our friends Josh, Alexis, and their beautiful daughter Eloise. She's such a doll! 

Here are the kids all packed up and ready to roll! It was 32 degrees outside! That's so super cold for us Californians!
Jake was so thrilled! He was running through the park like a mad man! 
Grant and I bought Jake a Buzz Light Year toy... He carried the box until we opened it at breakfast!
Then at breakfast, we were able to eat good food, and hang out with some of the characters! Jake and Asher loved it! 

The next day we went to church... and somehow with all the singing and music... this little guy can still nap! Precious, right?
This week the boys have had a little cold. Most likely has to do with the weather out here. It went from 30 at night, to 50 during the day, to 40 at night, and then 80 during the day!

So, we stayed in and built Lego master pieces. Jake is my master builder... and I have to admit... I LOVE LEGO'S! We could build for hours! SO FUN! 
They started feeling better and it's been so beautiful out... we decided to take it outside! Jake loves playing with his cars, motorcycles, and his trike! He also loves playing soccer and basketball!
Asher pants loves to get in the cars as well. He mainly loves to just walk around play with the balls and explore. Love seeing the world through his eyes! 
My best friend Katy turned 32! We've been friends for 13 1/2 years. We met in Tri Delt, and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. She's amazing. She's the best friend any girl could ask for. No matter what's gone on in our lives... we've always been there for each other. She's not only a friend... I consider her a sister. :) 

Katy, Kristyn (Katy's sister), and I went to dinner to celebrate! What a fun dinner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BESTIE!
Grant and I went on a date night Saturday evening after the kids went down. We went to a mellow dinner and talked about the crazy week we had. It's nice to catch up over dinner and a glass of wine. No interruptions. :) Sunday morning we also had work out date. The babysitter came over early and we headed to the gym, breakfast, and even did a little shopping. Back home to play with our little munchkins!

What a fun few weeks! I will try and blog every few days so that I don't get that behind again! Happy Monday all!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reflecting on time spent.

What a wonderful holiday season. I hate that it comes and goes so quickly. With not having family locally it's even more special when family travels in to spend that time with us. On December 20th, my grandma and little Brother Dylan flew into town. My parents were both working, so they came out on Christmas day. Then we were all together until everyone left on January 5th. 17 days with some... and 12 with the others. Just about a half of a month. :) Jake just loved all the attention. He went on walks with pop pop every day, played basketball with Dylan, got spoiled by his grandma's... it was hard to see everyone go. 

When my parents left in 2004, I was only 23. I was sad. I remember walking through the home I grew up in... and laying on the floor in my empty room for the last time. Tears running down my face as I left the house. I thought over the years it would get easier. I know I seem to blog about this every time they leave or I leave Boise. I guess blogging about it is my therapy (thanks for reading friends)! Anyhow, it's only gotten harder. Because I have children things have changed. I can't just drive home for dinner, or have my family over. I see my family only a few times a year. We all make the travel... but, it's hard with little ones to follow. Kids get used to traveling, but at 2, and 10 months, we aren't completely there yet. My kids are pretty good too. But, they get bored. Can you blame them? 

I only see my parents a few times a year. WOW. Growing up, my parents were like the Walsh's (To my 1990's friends... the original Beverly Hills 90210 parents). My brother and I always had friends over (we were like twins only being 17 months apart). My parents cooked, talked, played, and did everything with us. I never in a million years thought we'd all be this far from each other. 

This year, Jake questioned things a little. Where's Dylan? Where's pop pop? Where's ya ya? How do you explain to a 2 year old that they live in another state? Or that we wont see them for a few months? UGH. Well, like any 2 year old... he's moved on... but, every once in awhile he'll ask where Dylan is or run over to the door waiting for someone to enter. 

My grandparents were over every weekend... and sometimes during the week. My grandparents were very involved in Marty's and my life. I know my parents will always be involved, but they will miss games, parties, school events, and some holidays. I know this is normal for some people... it's hard for me to grasp. Grant has done an amazing job of making sure we are all close. We both make sure that not too much time passes until we all see each other again. I guess he sees all the happiness I get. :)

Dylan is such an amazing boy. He is so good with my boys. Even though he'd probably rather watch sports center with Grant, he choose to play with Jake. ;) Walks, basketball, dancing, running around, etc. These 2 really are developing a bond. Much like brothers. They are closer in age than Dylan and I are! We are 23 years apart! Jake and Dylan are only 7 years apart. 
My dad was working... and all of a sudden, Jake grabbed his computer, paper, and crayons, and set up shop next to pop pop. 
New Years Even with the ladies in my life. Grandma, and my mommy.
Just out for a walk... no big deal.
Cool older brother. He LOVES his shades.
This year I hope to see my family even more. I hope for more of their visits, and our trips back to visit them! I'm so thankful for our time spent. This was such a wonderful holiday for me personally. I just feel so blessed and fortunate to have wonderful family and friends in my life. I'm looking forward to weddings, babies, new jobs, and many more accomplishments from our family and friends. Isn't that what life's all about? 

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