Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sleep training part 1,678,768

HA! Sorry for the exaggeration... but, I swear this process as taken forever. It's still a work in progress. But, I do however have some good news on the sleep front (thank you for the people that text and email me asking how it's going).

I start Jake's bedtime routine at 6:30pm. Feed (food that I make), bathe, formula bottle with rice cereal, and then passed out bedtime around 7:30/8pm. Yes, formula bottle. As I stated a few blogs ago with travel and Jake's lack of sleep I was going to introduce 1 formula bottle to him, after I try it out. I started mixing a little in with his rice cereal for breakfast (with fruit), and again with oatmeal for dinner (with a veggie and fruit). He didn't have any reaction, so when we were in Oklahoma I decided to give him a bottle one of the nights we went out for Vicki's birthday. I blogged about it before, but I wanted to update the status of formula and sleeping. So, let me jump to where we are now.

6:30 - Veggie and fruit
6:45ish - Bath time with daddy. This is their time. I don't even mess with it. Grant has a whole system. It's daddy and baby bonding time.
7:10ish - Daddy gives Jake a bottle of formula with rice cereal. They watch a mellow movie with soft music, noise maker in the background (set to rain), and daddy also reads to him.
7:30ish - Daddy comes downstairs and has a glass of wine with mommy.

Jake is currently waking up a few times. Around 11:30pm, and 2:30am. Both of those times we left him cry it out and it usually takes about 10 minutes.  Then he wakes up around 4am. I go in at 4am feed him, and lay him back down until 6:30/7am. If he's really going crazy at 2:30am I go in and feed him then.

So, I know this still isn't great... but, it's great to us! It's only going to get better, right?

It was a hard decision to start the formula, but it is keeping him fuller longer. I'm still breastfeeding all through out the day, but this last feeding Grant is in charge of. It also is giving me a little freedom. Since I'm a stay at home mom I'm with my little man all the time... seriously, we are inseparable. This gives me time to workout, go to dinner with friends, and even gives Grant daddy time (without me telling him how to do things). It is working great for my family. I'm glad I did it. I don't have any plans on more bottles. But for now... this works for us.

Well, I must go... my pinot is in hand and my husband just walked in from his basketball game!

Enjoy your night!

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  1. Following you from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop! Your blog is amazing and Jake is so adorable (I have a Jake, too - great name).

    Good luck with the sleep training. Despite having 6 kids, I don't think I ever quite got it right lol.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Spilled Milkshake


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