Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family pictures 2014

My favorite thing to do each year is our family photos. Even though each of my boys feels differently, I love documenting where we are as a family each year. The pictures are pretty darn amazing. I can't believe these boys below are mine.

As a mom of boys, I hope to raise strong men that love and respect others. Men that have a deep relationship with Christ, and have compassion for all. Men that are passionate about everything they do. Men that love their families and work hard and honest for everything they have. And of course much more. These boys make my heart skip a beat when they when they walk into the room. They have my heart for my whole life. I'm completely blessed because of them.

My oldest baby, Jake (4).
My caring/intuitive boy. 
 My youngest baby, Asher (2.5)
My silly/wild man!

Our family.
I heart this man. <3 p="">

Happiest of holidays to all my family and friends! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas programs!


OK... I just wanted to start out the blog with that... I will continue on... ;)

Grant and I want the boys to know that Christmas isn't just about Santa and presents... It's about a birthday. It's about the most important birthday's ever! JESUS! I love that the boys know who Jesus and God are and how important they are in our lives. Jake and Asher both know that God created us, His son for us, and that needs to be celebrated. DAILY. I wanted to do something to really celebrate, and for a little tradition to be started in His honor. Other than going to church, plays, and talking about the reasons we celebrate Christmas. This year we will start the tradition of making a dessert, and then sing happy birthday to Jesus! They are already excited to make something, and to sing to Jesus. Love it.

Last week the boys both had their Christmas programs. However, they weren't in the same program. Asher's program was at 5pm, and Jake's was at 7pm. It was a little hectic, but it was awesome. The school has grown so much that they had to separate the performances.

Both boys where SO excited to wear their blazers, and come to school to sing and see their friends. It's such a special school, with so many special teachers. I am thrilled that we found a school as amazing as this!

Here are some pictures from the night:

Before Asher's program pic.
Warming up... 
 Asher's up!
 Jake and Miss. Abraham.
Jake's turn! It was hard to take a picture from where I was sitting. So... we bought the DVD, to show my parents at Christmas.
 Stone and Schweer brothers.
 Heart explosion. Brotherly love.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We have spent the majority of our Thanksgiving's with Grant's dad, and his wife Marcine. It's been great! I guess you can say it's become a tradition. It's so nice knowing we see Larry and Marcine every year this time. During our favorite time of year! The boys had been looking forward to seeing them for a few months now! They spent the last week with us, and it was so nice. 

The boys love their pops and Ciney! I'm so thankful for the time spent together. We were able to spend lots of time at our home, took them to one of our favorite restaurants, did a little shopping at Crystal Court, and even went to the Honda Center where we saw Long Beach State beat Xavier, in the John Wooden legacy tournament. 

They made us a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, breakfasts, soups (Ciney's famous Turkey soup, and Pop's famous gumbo), and much more! 

Thank you pops and Ciney for such a great week! We miss you already and can't wait until we see you again! 

Here are a few pictures we took on Thanksgiving. (photo cred: auntie Katy) ;) 

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