Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015 - Boise, Idaho.

The last two weeks have been awesome. I flew out with the boys a week before Grant (Grant had a business trip, and had to work in general), and then Grant flew out the follow week for a few days, and then we all flew home together.

We went to the aquarium, zoo, baseball games, shopping, dining out, amazing home cooked meals by my mom, hung out around the house, golf, and much more.

One of my favorite parts of arrival is all the people waiting for us once we hit the glass doors. We barely get off the plane and see all these happy faces! The boys exit the plane and know the drill. Run as fast as they can until they see family! AWESOME!
 First things first... Dutch Bros. My absolute fave. Seriously. My. Fave. I literally had Dutch Brothers ever morning. They knew I was the California girl that was obsessed with their coffee. ;)
 We went to the Boise Aquarium.
 Painting outside.
 Taking it all in. Relaxing.
 At one of uncle D's games. This game was so windy and cold!
Coloring with great grandma.
 Fun lunches!
 Easter Egg dying with ya ya.
 Final product.
 Boise Zoo.
 Easter Baskets! Spoiled boys by ya ya and pop pop!
Fun day at my parents church in Boise. My mom stayed back because she got sick! She had no voice, and an earache. :(
My mom's best friend Kim. She's the Sunday school teacher. The boys love Auntie Kim!
 Easter dinner ready...
 Easter egg hunt. We made Dylan participate too!
 The boys got lots of Disney dollars!
 Saying goodbye to the Easter bunny's friend. Floppy.
 Goodbyes to the family... These boys are tight. Best buds.
It's always hard leaving. So, we make sure we have another plan in place. That way we can start the count down. I think we are road tripping our next trip! Just like last summer!

Until summer Boise!

Disneyland trips.

Having an annual pass is great. If we are bored or have few hours to play... we just head to Disneyland. It also doesn't hurt that our closest friends with kids also have passes. So, we can either head down solo, or meet up with friends.

We averaged once a week last month. I know. That's crazy. However, it's so fun! The kids even pass out on the way home. We have been heading down late afternoon, eating lunch or dinner down there, cleaning up and putting PJ's on for the ride home, and then we put the boys right into bed. Easy. Done. Everyone is happy!

Or we go when Disneyland opens... and then we head out when it starts getting crowded. We then still have the day to do what ever we want! 

The boys run, play, imagine, laugh, bounce, and see their favorite Disney characters. They have so much fun. Seeing how much fun they have, makes me so happy! Grant and I actually have a great time too. In fact, Grant and I have even done some date nights there. Super fun! 

Here are some of our recent trips. 

This is how we roll. 

Amelia came with us on a random Wednesday evening one day! Amelia has a pass and likes to go when we go as well. The boys obviously love her so it works our perfectly! She's the best!
 The Levenshi met us on Valentines Day. Eloise is a doll! We love her!
 One day after school!
 On raining day with daddy and mommy!
Grant set up a trip a quick trip to see his family in Oklahoma. This time he only took Jake. It was a Jake and daddy trip. I took Asher to Disneyland, to keep him busy while his best friend was in another state. Jake had such a blast! I was so happy at every picture I was sent by Grant, and my sister in law, Lee Anne.

My boys on the plane. 
Jake with his Nana.
Aren't these some cute cousins? 
Jake went to an OU game with his aunt, uncle, and cousins. What a sweet picture, right? :)
Asher, mommy, and Amelia went to Disneyland. You could say that Asher loved all the attention. he he. He still missed his brother though. :) 
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