Friday, January 31, 2014

My heart was stolen...

By these adorable boys...
Nothing makes me happier then their smiles and laughter. God has truly blessed me with my family. I simply love being a mother and and could NEVER imagine a life without them. Even with the craziness that comes along with 2 toddler boys, 17 months apart. I'm so very fortunate.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Family part 2 post

My grandma came back into town a little over a week ago for her sister in laws funeral. It was a sad occasion that she came back, but it was nice she could spend time with her brothers and family as well.  My uncle (my grandma's son), and his family came over a lot. We did lunches, and dinners! My boys LOVE their grandma's, uncle Phil, and cousins. 

Here are the boys and my grandma playing with chalk.
 We went to my uncles for dinner.
 After dinner my uncle bathed my boys. :)
Aunt Audrey gave the boys tooth brushes. Jake put his toothbrush in the holder, until next time. ;) Asher was having a blast also!
Then a few days later, Grant's uncle and aunt came to visit. Uncle Grainger and Aunt Sandy live in Pennsylvania. Grant and I made Mexican food, and we all hung out. Grants cousin Amanda, my uncle, aunt, and cousin came over as well. It was a super fun day!
 Mandy and I. I seriously LOVE her so much!
Grainger and Sandy brought lots of books for the boys. They wrote very sweet messages in the books that they gave to the boys as well. It was so nice of them, and much appreciated. Asher carried around the books that were given to him, and Jake wanted everyone to read to him... including Sandy. My boys LOVE books!
Such a fun weekend. 


It's been a few weeks since my parents went home, but I'm finally getting around to this blog. I'm getting really behind on what we've been up to over here. So... I better start catching up. 

My dad fixed so many things here at our house, my mom cooked amazing meals, and they both LOVED on my boys. They LOVE their grand babies. I felt so lucky. We had so much fun! 

Dinning out, making cookies, dinners at home, painting, coloring, wine nights, sitting by the fire, park fun, shopping, and so on. I wish we could do these things on a regular basis. Since we can't, I'm happy for the fun time spent together. :)

Here are some pics:
Out at breakfast. One of our fave breakie spots.
Took my dad to buy trees.
My grandma and mom painted with the boys...
We celebrated New Years... These two are super tight!
Silly boys. Dylan (10), and Jake (3).
Mommy, Jakey, and I.
Asher helping his pop pop. Asher followed my dad around trying to help him do things around the house.
My boys.
Mommy and I.
We went to appys and wine...
AND... We went to Home Goods to design a gallery wall.
Now it's time to put photos in all of the frames.
Boys saying goodbye.
We miss them so much. I can't wait until we see them in March!!! :)

Thank you mom and dad for all that you guys did for us. We love you so very much! That was my favorite Christmas by far! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

What another wonderful holiday spent with family. My parents, brother (Dylan), and grandma were in town from December 23 - January 5. Seems like such a long time... but, it seriously flew by. Just like it always does. The excitement to see them pull up... and the sadness when watching them drive off. But, I'm thankful for the days that were spent together.

It was nice having my family come in before Christmas this year. That way we were able to do a few of our family traditions.

A few traditions on Christmas Eve/Christmas are:
1. Christmas Eve breakfast, and cookie bake (Gotta bake Santa something special).
2. Christmas Eve PJ's, and Christmas Eve baskets (instead of the Christmas Eve gift that we've always done).
3. Evening church service (this year the boys where sick with fevers, so we didn't attend)
4. Christmas morning we immediately open presents... we don't do anything before. It takes everything in us to wait that long! ha. Then we get ready, start cooking, and wait for the rest of the family to head over. 

Here are the Christmas Eve baskets for the boys. PJ's, books, DVDs, iTunes gift cards, toys, coloring books with crayons, etc. 
 A few pics of the boys looking at the tree, and presents.
 My character. Seriously, this kid is hilarious.
 Uncle Dylan is the best!
On Christmas Day, my brother, uncle, aunt, and cousins came over. We had so much fun! Seriously, my favorite Christmas to date!
Here are the immediate cousins. Yep. I'm the only girl on my side of the family. 
Grant took the picture, so he wasn't in it. :( Next year we are buying a tripod. 
My parents and brothers.
 My brothers.
Perfect ending to the perfect day... 
Next blog...
A new year... and new goals to accomplish. I LOVE goal setting and completing!
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