Friday, October 25, 2013

Jake's 1st field trip. Pumpkin Patch.

Today I accompanied Jake's preschool class on their first field trip. There are 12 kids in Jake's class, and 10 parents came along. There was the teacher, and aide all there as well. Every student had an adult. It was very organized, and well put together. Even for that many 3 year old kiddos. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Jake's school? Before we left the entire class prayed for safe travels, and a great trip. ADORABLE. :)

Here are some pictures of the class and fun!

At school before we left...
Mrs. Conroy and Jake.
 Jake and his best friend Blake.
 At the pumpkin patch...
 Goofing around with the class.
 Special group of kids. :)
 J and B.
 Petting zoo.
Such a fun day with my son. I remember my field trips as a child, and my mom going on all of mine if they didn't conflict with my brothers (we were also 17 months apart). Such a special time spent today. Excited for more memories together.

Happy Weekend!

OKC Stones

Grant's brother, sister in law, and their 2 boys came into town for an extended weekend a few weeks ago. I have to say... I'm missing them all. My nephews are too darn cute! And watching our boys play makes me very happy.

We had a lot of fun. We went to the beach, Disneyland, a date night for the adults, and lots of playing at our house. 

Every time Jake prays he prays for his auntie, uncle, and his cousins. He prays for his cousin Madison, TJ, and Miller too. Grant and I make sure our kiddos know that our family is very important even if we all live far. Jake asks where Walker and Jackson are everyday. He knows we have to take the airplane to see them... but, he looks at it like a car ride. Come on mom.... why can't we go see them?!

Asher and Walker are 4 days apart. 
 Jackson and I.
 Asher and Walker at the beach.
 Beach baby.
 Stone brothers and their wives.
Lee and I. My wine sister.

 Brothers and their babies.
Asher and I goofing around while the big kids went on a ride.
Jake and Jackson waiting for Minnie Mouse to sing.
How cute is this little guy?
Peter Pan!
 Last few minutes at Disneyland. The boys (and adults) made it for the majority of the day.
 Looking forward to seeing them all again in the next few months!

Asher 18,19, and 20 months old!

The older my little men get, the busier we become! Before I turn this blog into a book, I wanted to update Asher. After all, it will be his baby book. Of course I am still expanding... but, at least this will be a book from pregnancy to 20 months old! It's kind of hard to believe how fast time is going by. I totally feel like it's going faster this time around. These little dudes keep this mommy on her toes! 

Here is Asher at his 18 month baby well. 
Weighing in at 32.5 pounds, and reaching 36 inches... we are almost going to be able to take him on Disneyland BIG boy rides?! 

He's a good eater, and loves his milk. He's chatting more and more and building his vocabulary. He likes puzzles, basketball, Jake and the Neverland Pirate, Peter Pan, Toy Story, cars, trains, Play Doh (even though he eats it some times), bubbles, and Superhero's. He loves everything Disney, just like his older brother.  He loves to color, paint, and play with chalk. 

Even though he's great with straws... he still LOVES his baba. Hmm. I guess I should take that away, huh? I will when he's 2! Jake went all the way to 2 with a bottle as well. :)

He's strong, loving, and not easily pushed around. He loves his brother so very much! Everything Jake does, so does he. Asher definitely is his own little man. I love seeing how independent he is becoming. When we drop Jake off at school he cries. He wants to play and be with the other kids. Grant and I have decided that he'll start school next fall when he's 2 1/2 like his brother. They will be one grade apart. :)

Waiting patiently for his shots. All three of us got shots that day. Jake and I got flu shots also!

This little guy is so curious about the toilet. He's curious because he brother goes in the potty. My goal this month is to spend a little time in there with him... perhaps he'll start going in the potty as well? Wouldn't that be cool? A potty trained BOY at 20 months?
 Munchkin and mama.
 He is so silly! He loves to dress up and have fun!
 Starting to cut his hair on the regular. I was worried it would take away his curls... nope!
 Too cute!!
Asher and Jake dress up everyday. It's so cute to see them run around and take on the character! Their imagination is so cute and clever.
The love between these 2 is so strong!
 Future heartbreaker.
 Sleepy baby.
Brother puzzle time.
 This little man has my heart as well. Surrounded by all these boys that love me. I guess you can say I feel pretty fortunate and blessed.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun fun!

Moving right along into fall. Although, the weather here has been quite warm. We have cooler days, and those make me oh so happy! Sweater weather usually isn't until November in So Cal. 

This past week, Grant and I had a date night at Disneyland. We have so much fun running around like kids! And we don't have anything one or thing with us... so we can do fast passes, and even drink a little wine! ;) I love California Adventure! It's my favorite Disneyland park for the kids, as well as for Grant and I!
Jake's buddy Blake turned 3 this weekend, so before the wedding we were attending, we went to a birthday party. The kids had a blast! It was nice hanging out with other mother's from Jake's preschool class. It was a superhero party! Spider-Man, and Batman where there. Too cool! 
Then we went to a wedding on Saturday evening. Grant actually was the officiant for the wedding. He did a great job! He was so handsome, and well spoken. I was a very proud wifey. Allison looked beautiful, and Wally looked so happy! :)
My love and I.
I started going to a bible study at our church every week, and the kids go to the Kid's club to play, do bible stories, and crafts. Jake calls it church school. It's super cute. The bible study group is called Mom's Together. So far, I love it. It goes all the way until mid December. This week my table is feeding 100 other mom's! I'm in charge of 2 casserole dishes. Looks like I'll be making them the night before seeing I can barely shower with 2 kids under 3 in the morning. Wish me luck! I look forward to this new spiritual journey! 

Lastly, before I start bathing the boys... Here is what my house looks like everyday. Boy in costumes. It's hilarious. They both love to wear something and run through the house! My cuties! 
Happy Tuesday!
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