Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall fun!

Things have been pretty busy over here at the Stone house. As the kids get older I seem to be on the move a lot more. We have school, sports, social occasions (even my 2 year old has a social life), and lots of traveling to see family. It's hard for me to keep up with blogging because I don't get much time to sit in front of my laptop. I need a better app for my iPad. Any suggestions other than blogger? That doesn't seem to work on my iPhone or iPad.

Jake stopped napping around the time he turned 3. He will lay down after a busy day, but he won't actually go lay down in his room and nap. And now Asher is hitting the "no nap zone". The things I once could do when they were napping is no more. But, we have adjusted and I have figured out activities they can do to stay quite and rest. Asher will nap from time to time... just not every day. Bedtimes are usually around 7/730pm. So, I at least I know they get a full night of rest. And it's still early enough for Grant and I to enjoy a little alone time too.

The boys started sharing a room after lots of conversations about it. We have a 4 bedroom house, but they want to be in the same room. Jake has his full size bed, and Asher has his toddler bed. Although they fall asleep next to each other in Jake's bed. We move Asher to his own bed, after he is fast asleep. I figure this would be the time before they want their space from each other. They are very close. They go to the same school (one grade apart), they play the same sports (as of now), like the same cartoons and toys (which of course means buying 2 of the same thing), and even have the same friends (they do have their own little buddies in their classrooms though). I try not to lump them together, this is all their doing. When they aren't together they're asking for each other.
We just got back from 2 weeks in Boise. I love going to Boise for so many reasons. I absolutely love it there. But, now... I love it even more. Seeing how much my boys love it. This was a special trip. The older my boys get, the more we enjoy traveling, and seeing things through their eyes. It's truly amazing. 

We celebrated Halloween together, and took in real fall weather. Living in Southern California the weather rarely gets all that cold. It was a nice change. 

Here are my little Ninja Turtles.
 Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Jake from State Farm.
 Silly boys!

 Trick or treating in Boise is pretty cool. The neighbors actually dressed up!
 Football with uncle D! These boys have a special relationship. Jake and Dylan are super close. They're 7 years apart. Dylan is one of the most amazing little boys I have ever met. He's so loving, patient, and caring for my little stinkers. He's a good student, and an amazing golfer. I know that this relationship between these boys will be special... forever.
 For birthday's that weren't celebrated together this fall, my mom made sure it was still celebrated. Jake (9.1), me (9.13), and my dad (10.12).
 My grandma has had 2 back surgeries in 1 month. The boys went and saw her daily. The boys are total care givers. Here's Asher pushing her through the halls.
Another day of visiting and pushing GG around.
 Great grandma love.
 OBSESSION. Dutch Bros. Enough said.
 Grant only came for a few days. I was there for 2 weeks with the littles. I try and see my family as often as I can. We missed Grant at this dinner.
I flew both ways with the boys. They did great. Leaving is always the hardest part. Lots of tears from all. Even though I want to ball when heading out and saying our last goodbyes, I have to keep a stiff upper lip for Jake. He kept saying the whole way home (and everyday for that matter), that he misses his uncle D. Last night he even got teary eyed telling me he missed him. UGH. Good news is we'll be seeing them in a few weeks! WE ALL CANT' WAIT!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Asher is 2 1/2!

My little baby is 2 1/2!

Asher started preschool this year. He goes 3 days a week, and for 3 hours. He loves it! He's learning so much, and having a blast being at school with his big brother. They will only be 1 grade apart, so they will be together a lot!

Asher plays with Jake, and Jake's friends Blake, and Aiden at break, but he also has his own friend. His buddy's name is Karsen. It's the cutest little thing. These little mini's have best friends.

Asher loves the alphabet. Probably one of his favorite things to sing is the alphabet. Oh! And Taylor Swifts, "Shake it off!" ;) He's knows his alphabet, can count to 10 (unassisted), spell his name, and do about any puzzle you put in front of him. He loves to play soccer, baseball, and football. He learned how to swim this summer also! He's currently wearing a 5t, and is bigger than all the kids in his class. Actually, he's the size of Jake's friends. Jake is the size of the TK class. haha. He's a healthy, happy little boy.

He LOVES all things Ninja Turtles! That's all he wants to play and watch. He dresses up at a TMNT throughout the day. Seriously... he really does! And he usually has to be wearing a shirt that has a ninja turtle on it. His favorite turtle is "party guy" Mikey!

 Brothers at soccer.
 Brother's sharing a room. Asher always climbs into Jake's bed.
 My little man getting leader of the day, and a full sticker card!
 "I'm mommy!"
Happy Friday friends!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed birthday party!

Jake turned 4 in September, and he wanted a TMNT party. Even though this was a few months ago, I still wanted to post the pictures of his birthday and update what he's been up to.

We had a bounce house, piƱata, lots of food, goodies... and I even made masks and had extra ninja turtle weapons.
Walking in, the kids were able to grab a mask of their favorite turtle, whatever weapon that turtle had, and their gift from Jake for coming.
I made these masks myself. So easy. I used felt, and green ribbon. The kids liked these more than the store bought masks we had here. Go figure! 
 Small turtle table. "Sewer themed."
My aunt made this really cool jello/worm dish! This may have been one of the first things gone!
 Happy Boy!
Craft time for the kids! What else will they do? MAKE NINJA TURTLES!
I cut everything out of foam style paper, and had funny eyes that I bought at Michael's, and little mouth pieces that I cut out of craft paper. 
 The kids had a blast, and ran like crazy! I would say it was the most successful party to date!
 Then my uncle and aunt had a dinner party for Jake as well. PS. DO NOT GET BLUE FROSTING CUPCAKES. IT WAS EVERYWHERE... AND STAINED EVERYTHING. I should have remembered Jake's 1st birthday party and the red "smash cake". My uncle, aunt, and cousins are so incredibly good to my boys and family. I love them dearly, and am so thankful for my family.
 Jake then had a party at school to celebrate his birthday. Birthday week is a real thing here people. He had the best time. I know that I will try to make every birthday special. Whether we do a small dinner as a family of 4, a huge birthday, etc. I love these little boys to pieces!
Facts about Jake:
1. Favorite color is blue. 
2. Wearing size 5/6 (small) in little boys. 
3. Favorite shows are: TMNT, Paw Patrol, Wally Kazam, and Peppa Pig. Favorite movies are: Fox and The Hound, Monsters U, Planes, and Frozen.
4. Jake loves all sports. His favorites are baseball, and football. And even golf! Thanks to his uncle D!
5. He can swim.
6. He loves art and crafts. 
7. He can spell his name, his brothers, and even mine! 
8. He loves school, and would like to go everyday. But, he won't be full time until next year when he goes to TK at his elementary school. 
9. He loves popcorn, peanut butter, pretzels, and goldfish. In that order. I just asked him. haha ;)
10. He's the sweetest little boy you've ever met. 
11. He likes to show his brother the ropes. 

There's so much more! Thought this would be cute to look back on one day and smile. On to more blogs to post! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doctor visits in the comfort of your own home!

First off... I want to thank all of you that read my last blog and messaged me! WOW! I'm so overwhelmed by the friends and family that I have! My blogs are journals of our lives. It was very therapeutic to be able to type all that out. It was a VERY traumatic day for me, and it's been hard to get the thoughts that I was having out of my head. To be with your kids ALL THE TIME, and to be watching and playing with them, and tragedy could still strike... is shocking. I'm thankful and blessed.  :)
On to other things now... 

Have you ever had a house call from a doctor? 

Last night after dinner I noticed that Jake was laying on the couch and kinda listless. I went over to him and felt him. He felt very warm. I looked over at Asher and he seemed fine. I grabbed the thermometer and check Jake's temperature. It was 102.2. I thought it was strange. He was fine all day. Did great at the park, and at swimming lessons. I asked Jake if he had a sore throat, head, or ears. He said his one ear was really hurting bad. 

Jake rarely complains. He even got tears in his eyes, and kept saying how much pain he was in. I knew at that point he had to be seen. I checked Asher and he was fine. He continued eating his dinner... and Jake's. ;)

The thought of taking 2 toddlers to urgent care at 6:30pm made me almost cry! ha ha. Then I realized about this service my friend told me about. Medicast. She had liked it so much (she was actually on the news talking about it), and I had a free trial of it. So, I decided to use the app I downloaded and call a doctor to my home. It's an urgent care at home doctor call. My friend had used it and referred me. I decided to use it. 

The doctor showed up around 8pm. Grant was working late so it was nice to not have to take both kids into the urgent care that late at night. The doctor showed up, examined Jake, and prescribed medication. He even had the ear drops on him. It was awesome. Grant picked up the prescription on his way home, and I never even left the house. 

I hope all my friends with kiddos checks it out. Medicast. They even have their own app! Jake is doing great! No fever, and his ear pain is gone. I'm so thankful to have been able to try this and will be totally using this service again. 

Now... off to party plan for Jake's 4th birthday! NINJA TURTLE PARTY! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Unbelievable day.

I can honestly say that today God was watching over my family more than usual. I have been crying off and on all day. I have thought about posting this and thought about NOT posting this. But, my blog is my journal of our lives. And this was a huge event that I'll never forget. So... here I go...

Today started out like any other Sunday. Got up, dressed, fed, and out the door for Sunday service. All was normal. After our amazing service today, I went to get the kids. Grant stayed at the auditorium to buy a book from the speaker we had today (a former Navel Seal). I got Jake, and then we went to pick up Asher. We went to get Grant, and met up with some friends. I told Grant to stay and shake hands with the speaker while I played with the boys outside. 

As I was walking out the boys where walking in front of me. I noticed they started to pick up the pace so I did too. Pretty soon they were running... I wasn't running... but, my pace was close to. I had my VERY high wedges on and was keeping up... until... they started running really fast. 

I first yelled out, "STOP!!! ASHER, JAKE... STOP!!!" Jake stopped in his tracks, but Asher didn't. He looked back and thought we were now playing a game of chase. All would be fine if we were playing at the park... but, not at church. Not at church next to a busy street. 

I began to run. I noticed that Asher turned left and started heading toward the street. I threw my purse, diaper bag, and everything I had on the ground and full on sprinted. Asher put his feet unto the street, and there were cars that started to honk at the oncoming traffic to alert them (thank you to the angel in the black SUV), I leaped onto the street... even though I saw the red extended cab truck headed towards me! Arms out, and I swooped up Asher. I ran back to the sidewalk. I hit the ground. Shaking. Asher in my arms. 

I can't even type this without sobbing. Not just crying. Sobbing. To think I was walking behind the boys... to think I'm always watching... to think I could lost my child's life (and I guess mine too)... I know I didn't. I know God gave me a gift today. God gave us another day. This may sound dramatic. But, it was. When I walked back up to the church courtyard, there was close to a hundred people staring. I couldn't stop shaking. An elderly lady that was close by commented about how fast I was running, and how close I was following. And then one of the pastors walked up and I gave him the biggest hug.

I know I always say that life is a gift... and that we should be thankful for everyday... and I am... But, next time I'll say it... I'll mean it even more. I have been non stop hugging my boys all day. I already bug them as it is. BUT I CAN'T STOP. 

Parenting is the toughest thing I have ever done. I've never loved so deep, and worried so much. When they say, "I'd jump in front of a car for you... or I'd take a bullet for you..." It's all true. 

When we finally got to the car I started balling. I almost threw up. I was shaking and crying. I told Grant I've never been so scared in my life. I've never been so thankful as well. 

After we got home I finally calmed down a little. We had lunch, played, and all the normal Sunday actives. Then I got a call from my mom. My grandma has been having complications from her surgery. She isn't feeling well, and is in lots of pain. She had back surgery (that took 6 hours last Thursday), and hasn't had any relief. I called her immediately and talked to her for over an hour. It seemed to make us both feel better. She's hoping for more answers as to why all the pain when she sees her doctor tomorrow. 

I pray for her health. She is so very important to me. It's so hard seeing our parents/grandparents get old. We have always been super close. I wish I could do something to help. I hate living so far from the people that matter so much to me. 

What a day. As I go to bed tonight... I pray. Tonight, I'll pray longer and harder than usual. I'll start out by being grateful. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Asher's 1st day of Preschool.

Asher started preschool in August, and is loving it! He is so happy to finally be at school, with his brother. I tried holding off Asher as long as I could, but he would kick and scream leaving the school after we would drop off Jake. Asher is doing great and working really hard. He is the youngest in his class right now. He's in class with 2 1/2 - 3 year old kiddos. He runs into class with a huge smile and puts his back pack in his cubby. He's so proud and happy. Then he gives Jake and I a hug, and starts to play.

I get to the school for pick up a little early because that's prayer time. I love to watch the little children learn about Jesus. They fold their little hands and start to pray.  They give thanks for their day and families. It's truly amazing. I hear all the little toddlers scream, "AMEN!" It made me teary eyed when I saw Jake do it for the first time, and same went with Asher's class.

I usually go and get Jake first, so that we can pick up Asher together (classrooms are right next to each other). We walk in to get him and he screams, "MOM!" Then he runs to his cubby, collects all of his things and hands it all to me, with a huge smile. He's so proud of all of his work. He gives Jake and I big hugs and we leave.
First day of school for Asher. Such a happy day for this little guy.
Asher LOVES his puzzles, just like his big brother does. He also LOVES the alphabet. He can recognize any letter in front of him. He's even learning to sing it. It's adorable. Such a little smarty.
 Stone boys.
Asher is in swim lessons now. Jake and Asher go Monday - Thursday 1:15pm - 2pm for the next 8 weeks. They have a 15 minute private lesson, and then 30 minutes of play time with a floaty on. They are doing so well.
Things have been busy, but great. We are finishing up such a fun summer. Lots of travel, fun in the sun, family time, and lots of growing. I am beyond proud of my little men, and continue to give thanks for every blessing in our lives. I hope everyone has had a great summer as well!

Thanks for stopping by and catching up with us.
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