Thursday, July 17, 2014

Road Trip 2014

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Blessings to all!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Update on the littles.

Everyone is on the mend! WOO HOO!

I took Jake and Asher in for follow up appointments today, and everyone looks good. Asher is getting through his cold, and it looks as if Jake's getting over his virus as well. Jake's lungs looked good, and everyone is running like crazy through the house yet again. Oh wait. They never stopped. ;)
All the worry we go through as parents.

Good night to all!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Asher's 2 year appointment part 1, and sick babies.

For the last few days the boys have had runny noses and a cough. Jake's cough worse than Asher's. Low grade fevers as well. Yesterday, Jake threw up in the afternoon... but, no flu like symptoms. I think he was running hard, and then he started coughing and threw up. I kept the kids separate just in case (seeing that I had a 24 hr bug on Saturday).

Then this morning around 1:45am, Jake came in with a raspy cough, and a fever of 102. I gave him something for his fever, and let him sleep with us so I could watch him closer.

This morning I was scheduled for Asher's 2 year old baby well appointment. I decided to bring both boys in... just in case. Asher had a temperature of 100 at the appointment so they didn't give shots today. So, I'll have to bring him back when he's better for that.
Jake on the other had sounded wheezy. The doctor was concerned that if he didn't have a breathing treatment, some sent home for me to give him, and back tomorrow for another breathing treatment and check up... he could potentially get pneumonia. She said he had a spot that she didn't like and wanted to be a little more aggressive to prevent anything. SCARY!

He's acting pretty normal, but I just didn't like the fever last night. SO glad I brought him in.

Asher's ears had a good amount of wax, so the doctor attempted taking it out. Asher, wasn't having it. Took 2 of us to hold him down. She finally said, there isn't an infection at this point, and to watch the fever. If it continues she'll try to look in his ears again. Hopefully, it just passes (the cold), and I can bring him in next week for shots.

Jake has never had a breathing treatment. It scared him at first. But, he sat next to me, and I held it for him... he did fine. The picture below breaks my heart. Poor baby.
I was sweating the entire time. Holding kids down, wiping tears, and trying to console them was quite the challenge today. I always love how non-moms comment on moms that wear yoga pants throughout the day. When my kids are sick I wear workout clothes. Trust me... it's a workout... and you get dirty. Not going to wear my skinny jeans, and Louboutins. Sorry. ;)

Tomorrow we go back to check on Jake. I'm confident he'll feel better after I do 2 more treatments today. Praying for a healthier household!

AND NOW... The moment we've all been waiting for... The current stats of the Stone boys!

Asher's stats:
35 lbs, and 38 1/2 inches

Jake's stats at 2:
34 lbs, and 36 3/4 inches

Grant's stats at 2:
35 pounds, and 35 inches

My mom always says she can't believe how much my kids eat. They eat all day long. Growing boys. I love them so much! I just love seeing these little men grow!

OH! And Jake is currently (3 1/2):
40 lbs, and 42 1/2 inches. 

This by summer the boys can go on every ride at Disneyland with Grant and I? haha.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art party - Asher's 2nd Birthday Party

With Asher turning 2, Jake 3 1/2, and their buddies that are around the same age, I wanted to throw a party that was age appropriate. I was hesitant of putting "games" together. I think it would have been harder for the kiddos that were 2 to follow directions. So, I came up with a party idea that kids could be creative at all ages. Just letting parents know ahead of time what kind of party it was going to be. I said, "dress for creativity." I LOVE my kids to do art projects at home, and love their masterpieces. So, then I thought, it would be super fun to host an art party for Asher's closest friends.

I know I tend to go over board on parties... but, I can't help it. Once I get planning, I go crazy. I LOVE decorating, and partying with family and friends. he he. Nothing me makes me happier than my kiddos having fun. So, there I went. 

I made all the candy, dipped pretzels, and dipped paint brush rice crispy treats. I was going to make all the cupcakes, but my local market had such an amazing deal, I couldn't pass it up. It was cheaper for me to buy them, than make them. I like the homemade approach to the party. I actually enjoy putting everything together. 

What can be challenging is doing everything with two toddlers. ;) But, I always manage! And to my surprise, all the kids (possibly parents also) had a blast!
Here is the set up... click on the picture for closer details.
I made rice crispy treats, put sprinkles on them, added craft sticks, and then dipped them in candy melts. 
When all the kids walked in, the first thing they saw was this table. All kids got to wear an art apron. 
Then the kids came around the corner and where instructed to take an art basket.
I made art baskets for each of the children. Each bucket included the following:
- 8X10 Flat canvas
- plastic paint pallet
- canvas bag to take the painting home
- clear mug for the kids to decorate
- play doh
- bubbles
More party details. 
Then moving right along to the backyard. 
I had a children's table set up for all the crafting! Brushes, paints (washable), more bubbles, and chalk all on the table as well.
Jake, my handsome boy (3 1/2). 
Asher, my beautiful 2 year old.
We had a total of 12 kiddos. Of course with 2 and 3 year old kids... no one looked at the same time. 
Asher had such a fun day!
Until the next party!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Asher John!

Dear Asher,

Today is your second birthday. We celebrated with our closest friends yesterday. You had such a blast. And tonight for your actual day, we're going out for ice cream!

I want to see you happy... ALWAYS. I know this is impossible, but I will do my best to create a happy home. And I will be here for you with whatever life may throw at you. You can count on that. 

You are so similar and very different from your brother in many ways (funny, right?). I love all the differences you both have. It makes you both so very special to me. 

You are adventurous. Not sure you have much fear. You go for it.. full force! No one can tell you differently. Kick butt, and take names kinda kid. I love it. I don't worry about you with bullies. I think you'll put them in their place, and you'll protect others. 

You adore your brother. Where ever he goes... you want to go. In fact, when we drop your brother off at school you cry... every time. You hate seeing him go. When we go and pick him up, you run right into his classroom looking for him. He also adores you. If you aren't around, he's definitely asking where you are. :)

Everyone watches you. You're adorable. Seriously... you are beautiful! You are funny... SO VERY SILLY! You have amazing curly hair. I could go on and on. You are so very loved!

Asher means happy/blessing, and this is so true. We couldn't have picked a better name for you. You are happy. God has blessed you, and us with you. I hope to teach you more and more about our Lord. You love going to church and playing with the other kids. In September, we are starting you in the same Christian preschool as your brother. 

I hope you know how happy you make your father and I. You create even more joy in our home. I love having two beautiful, happy, and loving little boys. I'm proud of the little boy you are becoming, and can't wait for all the good that is in store for you. 

Happiest of Birthday's little man!

You are my sunshine, always and forever,

Your mommy.

The first moment I held you. Pure heaven. Perfect little baby boy. What a joyous day!
 1st birthday photo:
2nd birthday photo:
Let's enjoy another year! Kisses from your mommy!
 Next up... blog about your birthday celebration!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kids are funny.

Yesterday, I picked Jake up from school, and he handed me a cereal box. I asked Jake what it was... Puzzled, I told Jake to put it back where he got it from, and that it wasn't ours.

The teacher came up to me and said, "Isn't that Jake's box?", still puzzled, I said, "no." She began to tell me that the children shared their favorite cereal box. And that when that box was pulled out, Jake claimed it was his. No one said anything else, and Jake walked around the classroom telling his classmates that was his favorite cereal.

I started hysterically laughing. Jake didn't want to take a box of cereal for show and tell yesterday... He brought Buzz Lightyear. The teacher, other moms, and I couldn't stop laughing. By the way... his buddy, Blake, brought in a blue truck for show and tell. Jake usually brings in what he's supposed to... but, today he was dead set on Lightyear. The teacher doesn't mind, and long as the children get up and share what they brought. ;)

Jake is too much. He claimed it, and said how much he liked it... Never actually trying it. So, we took the box with us (since no other child said it was theirs), and went home. When we got out of the car, Jake was still holding it. He demanded that I go to Target (I know... we go there a lot!), to get him a box.

KIDS?! RIGHT?! Too funny.
 Silly boy.
Happy weekend!


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