Sunday, November 12, 2017


Scarlett is such an incredible little girl. We are so busy as a family of five, that I don't have as much time to sit down and blog about what we have going on. In the next few months I will turn this blog into a book. Just like I did with the boys. The book starts from when I announced my pregnancy with Scarlett, up until she's about two and a half. She will have this as her baby book. I will post more blogs in the next few days to catch up on the boys and what we've been up to in 2017. Tomorrow is our baby girls birthday! I can't believe our baby is turning two! Here are a few pictures from 21, 22, and 23 months. Be on the look our for my blogs this week! 

 They adore her. And she adores them.
Boise zoo with family... blog coming from our trip over the summer. Yes. Summer. I need to get on it! ;)
 Her happy place. In water. Any kind of water!
 Her daddy. :)
 The day she got her first princess dress. One that she really wanted! Her favorite character Belle, from Beauty and The Beast.
 Life of a little sister of two older brothers.
 First time shopping at the mall with mommy, Brooklyn, and Erin.
 At her favorite place! Disneyland.

Monday, August 28, 2017


We just got home last week after spending almost two weeks in Boise with my family. The kids had a great time, going to the parks, golfing, zoo, endless snow cones, our usual Dutch Bros morning runs, playing with their uncle D, and running around the city as a family.

Boise is one of our favorite cities, and it's near and dear to our heart. It's where we got married, dedicated our children, and my family lives there. Our second home.

Here is a little of what we did!

While waiting for our flight I noticed something... 
 And we were off!
 Landed in Boise! All in one piece.
 Four generations.
Four generations when I was a baby. 
Her first Dutch Bros!
 Cousin Mitch and a run in the park!
My parents live on a golf course... so, we are able to jump on the course and play. So fun! G and Dylan would take the boys every night on the course.
One of my favorite things to do while in Boise is go to the Capital, and walk around the city.
Here is where Grant and I got married. Back in 2009.
 Here are a few fun before and after pics.
APRIL 18, 2009 / AUGUST 2017
 We even got a date night at Fork.
 We went to the zoo.
 My babies.
 Uncle D and the boys.
We had a fun time. It's hard having family so far away, but it makes our time that much nicer when were able to travel to one of our favorite cities. Time to plan our next trip!
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