Friday, July 21, 2017

Scarlett Ann - 18, 19, and 20 months!

I'm a little behind on my blogging. I make sure to keep other things updated, but find it extremely hard to get on the computer. Having three kids under 6 sure is busy. They are all so busy and going in different directions. I do want to make sure I keep this updated though. So, most likely there will be LOTS of posts this weekend catching up with us. 

Scarlett is a very busy little girl. She is so smart, and she knows her role in the family already. She's the boss. ;) Everyone is so loving to her. She is so loved. We are so grateful for Miss Sassy. Here are her monthly pics. I will update our blog with other things including what we've been doing and the boys also. 

So, here is 18, 19, and 20 months with our sweet girl.
Scarlett's 18 month appointment went great! She's a growing, healthy little girl! The doctor commented on how smart she is. She is such a mommy's girl!

Her stats are:
24 lbs (70%)
34.5 inches (100%)
19 months:
20 months:
Oh my heavens... this girl! She's incredible. She is a total water baby. In fact, we (and by we... I mean... me!) have already jumped into a pool fully clothed. Yep. We were at the neighbors house and the kids decided on a last minute swim. I didn't come with Scarlett's life jacket, so Traci went to get their extra one. When I was laying out a towel (Scarlett right next to me), she decided to jump in. Yep. So, there I went... jumping in to get her. She was so mad I pulled her out. She wasn't scared at all. I call Scarlett Moana. ;) Anyhow, swimming lessons are starting next week! ha! 
 She loves her little pink blanket and paci. She doesn't leave home without both items.
We are so lucky to have this sassy little girl. She has completed our family, and we feel so blessed the Lord granted us her. Happy Friday... on to more posts about what we've been up to!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Scarlett Ann - 16 and 17 months

Scarlett is growing so fast. Right before our eyes, she's becoming a little girl. It's tough. I want her to stay little the longest because she's our last baby... but, seeing her grow with her brothers brings us all so much joy. It'll be nice when she can cruise through the house and not be tempted to put Lego's in her mouth... however, I will miss her being the sweetest little infant on the planet. 

Having a girl is fabulous. She's sweet, and sassy. She is already particular. She makes us laugh, and loves on us all. We absolutely love her so. I can't imagine life without her. I am so thankful for the children God has blessed us with. 

Here is Scarlett at 16 months.
She loves her brothers so much. When they walk in the room she chases after them. When the sit on the couch, she jumps on them. She loves dancing to the Trolls soundtrack, and going through my makeup. 
17 months.
Scarlett just started swim lessons. She loves to be in the water. Total water baby. She loves dancing and humming to songs. She's so girly. But, watch out! When she picks up a ball... she can toss it straight across the room. My tough little cookie.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Scarlett Ann - 15 months

Scarlett is 15 months. 

She has 8 teeth, is a chatterbox, loving, adventurous, sweet, loves Frozen, makeup, fancy shoes, and forever has stolen our hearts. Her favorite thing to do is running wild and free in the sunshine! We adore this little girl! 

Her favorite way to get around.
Scarlett's 15 month appt went great. She's 22 lbs (65%), and 33 inches (99%).
She has 8 teeth. 2 of those are her upper molars!
Poor baby got 2 shots, but did great!
 She loves her snuggle time in the morning. :)
 She loves to bring things into her new house. She also hides her snacks.... ha!
 At her brothers practice.
 Park time with Asher and baby sis! Asher loves to push his sister through the park.


My little love bugs on our favorite love day! This day is so fun to celebrate with children. They love coming home with their valentine cards and sort candy, and the little gifts they get at school.  I love to spoil them on this day also. Show them how much mommy loves them. Fun treats, cards, little gifts, and a special dinner and movie night. :)

My mom always made the holidays special for us, so I love to follow some of those traditions with my children. 

Scarlett Ann - 14 months

Scarlett is 14 months! Sassy and busy as ever. We adore her! She's a baba lover, bow enthusiast, makeup thief, heart slayer, little diva, and a tough cookie.
Jake had a few days off of school, so we were able to have a few quality days together just enjoying the sunshine!
She loves yogurt and tortilla soup!
Silly girl!
Mommy's bestie.
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