Saturday, November 19, 2016

Halloween 2016

I'm the happiest around holidays. I love everything around fall also. I start gearing up for all the fun that's to come. I've always loved the holidays, but since having kids I love it even more. How is that even possible? Well, it is. Seeing their little eyes in amazement over everything makes my heart so happy! 

So, let's start the holidays by going to Disneyland. One of our favorite spots. We've had passes since Jake was one. However, it's a little challenging now with the three solo. I used to take the boys weekly... If not several times in a week. Now that Scarlett is getting a little older, I'm getting ready to make my return. WITH ALL THREE? HE HE. SOLO? I can do this! 

I'll keep ya posted with how it goes. The biggest challenge is that Scarlett wants to walk everywhere. She isn't interested in the stroller or carrier. Just her legs. And that's super fun when its really crowded. ha ha. But, I know I'll figure it out. I always do! It'll be the kids and my new adventure. Adventure in Disneyland! For reals.
Halloween carnival at Jake's elementary school. So fun! 
OC Great Park - Spooktacular Party!
Jake and his teacher. The elementary school has a Halloween parade. 

 Scarlett's First Halloween!
 Halloween party at a friends house. :)

Scarlett's WILD ONE Birthday Party!

Our littlest love turned one! This was time for a celebration! I had big parties for the boys, and wanted Scarlett to also have one.

I decided on a boho chic theme for the party (WILD ONE). I had a few decorations from an event at church I helped with (that was also a boho chic theme), so that worked out great!

My mom, little brother, my sis in law, and 2 nephews all flew into town for the occasion! Surrounded by our closest friends and family! What a special day.

The only bummer is that I was getting sick, and it was 90 degrees out! Southern California fall weather is brutal here. ha! I originally had everything outside, and then when the bounce house arrived it took the outdoor location. Kinda irritating, but moving everything inside wasn't so bad considering how hot it was outside. No one would have wanted melted dessert, right?

Here are some decorations my mom and I made. I also made most of the desserts. This was so much fun! Even though I have less time with 3 kids, 6 and under... I still made it work! And I think everyone had fun! I know my little family did!

Thank you for all that are in our lives. We love and appreciate you all!
Months 1-11 posted (will post 12 months this week also)
Main table. Head bands courtesy of Amazon for the little girls. 
 My mom made these! How adorable!
Orignial spot for dessert table... until the bounce house and heat took over! 
 Hung photos over the last year on 2 pallets my mom and I stained.
New location. Dessert table.
 These were so easy to make!
Cake topper - check! Flowers bought for cake and decor - check! I love simple! I love to spruce it up my way! I think it turned out great. Too bad she didn't want anything to do with it! ha!
 Birthday girl!
 Cake smash?
Until the next party! :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Scarlett.

Darling Scarlett,

The last year has been a blur. It's so hard to believe that you have just turned ONE! It seems as if we were just bringing you home from the hospital. Our little girl. Your father and I have been to the moon and back with emotions over having you. I still stare at you and think... wow! She's really here! I'm wondering if there will ever be a point I don't look at you in awe. Probably not. I'm blown away by you every day.

You are silly. We laugh at you and your funny ways. You are sassy! Your initials are actually SAS! You like things your way. ALREADY?! You're smart. Such a clever little girl. And you are SO very loving. I love when I'm carrying you and you put your head down into my chest for extra love. You melt my heart.

There is so much I hope to teach you in your life. To love God, your family, your one day family, and your closest of friends. Be kind always. Even when others aren't. Stay true to who you are. Be strong and brave. YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH AND DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. If you want to work and have a career, DO IT! If you want to raise a family and stay home, DO IT! Or if you want to do both! GO FOR IT! Make sure you are in a loving relationship, and that he loves the Lord also. Educate yourself. Go to school, travel, never stop reading and learning. Play sports. Whatever sport you fancy. Never quit. And know... your father, and I will be here for you no matter what is thrown your way. I will always support and love you. And for heavens sake... look after your brothers. As much as they are going to protect you... protect them as well. Stick together. You are siblings. Nothing in this world can change that. I hope you all grow close, and love each other more each year. Be tolerant of others. I have no idea what is in store for us in this world. Be the change. Take charge.

YOU ARE LOVED. You are loved by everyone that meets you. You smile, and we all smile back. You cry, and break our hearts. We are going from a boy house, to a mixed house. I'm not outnumbered, and I'm excited to have a little girl do things with me. Right now I'm your mother, but hopefully, when your an adult, we can be friends. I'm so beyond thankful for you and your brothers. I can't wait to see you grow and become who God intended you to be.

I love you with all my heart, sweet girl!

Happy 1st birthday!

Forever and always,


Friday, November 4, 2016

Scarlett Ann - TEN and ELEVEN months

In ONE week our littlest love will be ONE! ONE!!!!!!

Obviously time flies. But, I will say with the third baby, time just escaped us. We blinked and she is turning one. She is such an incredible little girl. She is so smart, and sassy. She keeps us on our toes. All of us. Even her brothers. She loves to chase them around and play with their toys (minus the tiny Lego pieces). She thinks they're pretty great. And they also think the same of her!

She's been taking steps since she was 9.5 months old. Eating solids, breast milk throughout the day, one formula bottle at night (started at 9 months), saying momma, dada, bra-dy, yay (and clapping), and saying h-i! She's sleeping through the night. Goes down at 6:30/7pm and up around 6am. Two naps a day still (9:30am and 2:30pm). She LOVES running around outside, playing with my makeup and bath time.

Scarlett has had 8 ear infections. Along with the ear infections, she was diagnosed with mild childhood asthma. The asthma has been a little more stressful. She's going to get tubes next week in hopes that clears up the constant fluid in her ears. The doctor said it will help her tremendously. And with the asthma, most children can grow out of it. However, while she's this little and in the winter months I have to give her an inhaler 2x a day- Qvar (and then Albuterol along with it when she gets wheezy), and keep her away from kiddos with colds. Super easy with two older brothers in school. When she gets a cold it tends to go into her lungs. So, we are trying to prevent that from happening. Anyhow, we are hopeful for the tubes. And happy the inhaler has been working. We go back to her pulmonary doctor in January to decide if we'll stop the Qvar or continue it. The doctor thinks this is temporary... and that being proactive is the best at this point. I agree. We know that she's a healthy, happy, thriving little lady... We're hoping with these little colds, when she gets to preschool she never gets sick. ha ha.

So, here are a few of her pictures from the last few months. I'll post Halloween pictures, and more fun things soon.

Month 10
 Family time.

Month 11
Love her so!
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