Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

One of my favorite days of the year is Christmas! I love celebrating Jesus birthday, and I love that my whole family is together. Watching the kids run down the stairs in excitement is also so fun! I love seeing their faces light up when they look downstairs.

Once we open presents, we get ready for the day, and my uncle and his family come over for brunch. Brunch is SO much fun! We've been doing it for a few years now, and it's something we all look forward to. Getting together, eating, laughing, and catching up!

We always try and take fun family pictures too. It'll be fun to see how these grow over the years. My cousins are in college now, and still playing hockey... one day they'll get married and have families of their own to bring... hopefully!

Here are pictures from Christmas morning.
My awesome family together for our annual Christmas brunch!

We aren't fun at all! 
 Scarlett followed her pop pop everywhere. She was brushing his hair, wanted to have her bottle with him, and wanted to play with him. It was so sweet. Love my daddy!
Until next year... I should start a count down! :)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve is a special time for our family.  We love to go to church in the afternoon to worship the Lord, and then come home to make dinner and wrap presents. Our church has an amazing service.  I'm always so impressed! It brought me to tears. Very moving.

My grandma was in town... so, we got to spend a lot of time together. I'm glad she was able to attend this service with us. Since my family lives in Boise, the time we are together is so cherished. And then to spend this time during Christmas, makes my heart so full! 
Our neighbors at church with us.
 G and I.
My beautiful 80 year old grandma!
 My boys.
Right before bed.... Santa was a busy guy!

Friday, December 23, 2016

My favorite Christmas pictures

Every Christmas I like to take pictures of the kids by the tree. I love listening to them talk about what Christmas is about. They love Jesus. They're interested in the Bible, and all of the stories. Every night Grant reads them Bible stories before bed. They were also very curious as to what presents that Santa was bringing them. They think it's super cool that they get presents on Jesus birthday. Scarlett just played with the lights and ornaments. :)

Christmas is such a magical time of year. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Disneyland with friends!

My friend Candice and her family were in town visiting family, and we met them at Disneyland one of the days. Candice has two boys, and one girl also... and in that order. They live in Texas now. I was friends with her husband in college, and now her and I talk daily! She's the best. We were so excited to hang out during their trip. Just wished they lived closer so we could hang out more often.

Here are a few pics from the trip!
 Lights, camera, GO GO!
 Mickey's house.
A little mommy time.
 Scarlett... doing Scarlett. Running wild.
 Scarlett and her bestie Cate.
 Tea Cups.

 Our Disney family. :)
The guys.
 Strike a pose. Oh... hey Red!
 Until next time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Scarlett Ann - Twelve and Thirteen Months

This post comes a little late in posting... But, I don't want to leave anything out on blogging about Miss. Sassy.

12 months brought 5 teeth, 19.11 lbs (50%), and 31 inches (100%). She can say mama, dada, hi, waves, give kisses, clap, sass, and much more. She's adorable in every way.

We celebrated her all month long! I will have separate blogs for all that we did for the holidays! But, until then... here are a few photos from her at 12 months, and 13 months.

Our sweet girl.
At her doctor's appointment for her first year baby well.
13 months moved right along. We went from her first birthday, to Thanksgiving, and then right into Christmas! It was a busy season for us. But, it was incredible!

Little mama got all the Frozen stuff a baby could ask for. :)
 She loves to cuddle with mommy!
My babies.
At 13 months our girl LOVES FROZEN!

I mean... LOVES Frozen. Even if she's in mid cry... I can turn on the movie and she starts to dance. It's adorable. 

She doesn't like to be confined. This girl is a mover and a shaker. She likes to walk around, talk, and get into things. She doesn't like the car seat or stroller. Anything that can hold her back makes her cranky. It makes driving and shopping super fun! HA HA. She's a busy, smart, and sassy girl. And I love everything about her.

Everything is moving much quicker with her. We are always busy now. I miss the days were I could leisurely take walks with the boys and not have anywhere to go. I make sure Scarlett and I are having our special time when the boys are at school, and all together.

Sweet babies of mine. :)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Asher's Christmas play

My kiddos are constantly making us proud. In all different kinds of ways. It's incredible to see my babies grow into little boys. As much as I miss my 3 and 2 year old running through the house... and our biggest outings being the park, and Disneyland... I love seeing them grow. Elementary school, sports, birthday parties, etc. The conversations are more meaningful as they start to ask more in-depth questions as well. I feel so incredibly thankful for them. Think I may just go kiss one now! ha ha. I can just hear them... "mom, your so silly!"

Back to the blog about the Christmas play! HA! Asher was asked to be Angel Gabriel in the school's Christmas program. He brought home his lines and told me he already had it memorized and that he works on it at school. I'd try and get him to say his lines daily... and he would... quickly, and move on. No big deal kind of attitude. 

The day of the play, I made his costume, he had his run-through, and he was ready to go! 

So ready... that when the director of the school got up to pray and introduce everyone, he marched right up to her and asked for the microphone. Everyone started laughing... It was hilarious and so darn cute! He was excited to get the show started. 
Asher did a great job. I had tears of joy watching him. I'm such a sap since having kids! We are so proud of our kids. I hope they continue to participate and have fun in school events! 
Here are some of the pictures we took. We also have a video we bought from the school! I can't wait to see it this week sometime! 
 Asher and his teacher. She's amazing! We love all of the teachers we've had at this school. Very blessed to have had all but one teacher in this school. All fabulous. They love the Lord, our children, and education! The children have fun learning and playing! What more can a mom ask for?
 My supportive family! So lucky to have my uncle and aunt. We love them so very much!
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