Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 MONTHS OLD... And Grandma Stone's visit!

Vicki came into town the day after my grandmother left. It's been nice having another grandma come and see their baby Jake. Jake has LOVED being held by his grandma... he falls asleep pretty quickly when she picks him up! Jake is now constantly smiling! It's so awesome!

Today Vicki and I took Jake to his 2 month baby well check up. Jake is 12 lbs, 11 oz, and 23 1/2 inches. He is above average in height and weight. He is a healthy and happy baby! The pediatrician said it's about that time he should be sleeping in his crib. I almost let out a NO... But, I kept my composure. It's true... It's time. His room is completely ready and I do own a video monitor. Looks like I'm going to try this weekend... wish me luck!
Loving my grandma:
 My little pumpkin!
 I love my cousin Amanda!
I LOVE bath time!

Will post more pictures later! Can't wait to get Jake in his Halloween costume!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 weeks old and Great Grandma's visit to CA

My grandma came to visit and help me with Jake for the last week. It was so nice seeing my grandma again (haven't seen her since my family baby shower in Boise in June), and for Jake to meet his GREAT grandma! Jake loves his grandma's. She slept in our room and helped when Jake would cry or just be fussy. She knew exactly what to do (not shocking since she's been around for all of us)! I was actually able to sleep after I fed Jake. She burped and rocked him until he fell asleep. 

We were able to go to lunch, dinner, and even did a little shopping while she was here. When my parents were here I was just home from the hospital healing so we didn't go anywhere other than the doctors! It was nice to get out and hang out with my grandma. Now I can't wait for my parents to come back so we can get out and do things!! :) 

When my grandma left yesterday... It made me so sad... Like usual I'm left thankful and feeling blessed to have them... but, then feeling lonely because they live out of state. I always imagined being able to go home when I have kids and have my parents be around for everything. My parents moved 6 years ago... I grew up 20 minutes from where we live now. I can still go home... but it's a 3 hour plane ride, and a 2 day drive.  It's so hard when my family leaves. I get so emotional. It doesn't seem to get easier... only harder. To all my friends that have parents locally ... thank them. Love them. Appreciate them. I wish my parents lived closer. I wish I could just go home for dinner. Take Jake home for my mom to babysit. I wish I can go to the home I grew up in... all the wonderful memories. I know Grant and I are making our own family, and will create our own memories for Jake to remember... I just wish I could share a little of where I grew up. I will teach him the things my parents instilled in me. I'm a lucky girl for those in my life that constantly love and support my family and I. 

Here are some pictures from the last week:
The moment she got a hold of him he would fall asleep!
Out cold on grandma
 Katy and Grandma
Jake's great grandmother
 Walking around the peninsula...
Love and cheers,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newborn Photo shoot

We were scheduled to do our photo shoot within the first 10 days of Jake's life... but, one thing lead to another and we ended up doing it when Jake was 4 weeks old. They do the newborn shoots within those first few days because they sleep the majority of the time and are easy to put into position. 

I now know why they do within those 10 days... Jake didn't do so well. At 3 weeks of age he started getting stomach/gas pains... so he was uneasy and cried quite a bit. The session wasn't as long as anticipated because we ended up leaving so I could take my little guy home. We did get some great shots though! I just got sent the proofs... so after I choose which ones we want I'll post them! 

Here is a sneak peek of the photos...
Isn't he the cutest?!

Love and cheers,

Dinner with friends, our babies... and...

Grant and I had dinner with The Waldrip's on Saturday night. They had us over and barbecued. It was fun to be out with another couple... and enjoying wine again! Their baby Owen is 2 months older than Jake. So, they are basically the same age. It's so nice to hang out with a couple that are going through the same thing as you! Sleepless nights, stuck in the house, gassy babies, limited wine ;)... and at the same time... first smiles, first laughs, first coos, first hugs... etc. Good with the bad right? 

Becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me. The love that I have for Jake is indescribable. Even when I've been up all night... I look at Jake just staring at me and think how lucky I am to be his mother. Watching him grow these last 5 weeks has been so amazing. I thank God for this blessing.

Here are some pictures of Jake and Owen:
Jen and I
Grant and Matt
It's funny with EVERYTHING... I mean EVERYTHING we have for Jake... The items he likes and doesn't like. We and our family have spent so much on wonderful items for Jake. He hasn't taken a liking to all. In fact, he HATES the swing we bought (the one I made Grant spend $200 on), he hates the slings I have bought... etc. Here are a few things of Owen's that I'm buying this week!!!
Jake LOVED Owens sling! 
Hope this helps other mommies! I'm sure you can find these items elsewhere and cheaper if need be... But, these are the sites I will be going buying them from... 

Love and cheers,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bath time part deux!

The quest for the perfect bathtub is over!!!

And the winner is this simple, inexpensive tub!

Puj tub - FAIL
Frog tub - FAIL
First years sure comfort deluxe newborn to toddler - SUCCESS! It's only $19.99
Buy it here: Babies r Us

Pictures from our bath today...
Here we go again! 
 Finally relaxed! I love the warm water and bubbles!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!
Love and cheers,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jake's 1st Halloween outfit

Jake already grew out of the first costume I bought him!

He was supposed to be a bear... But, now he'll be a spider!

This is so darn cute... and scary! ;) I can't wait to put this on him. The size is 0-6 months... So, we'll be ok in the size department!

Tonight Grant and I are going to have dinner with some friends. They have a baby only a month older than Jake. Can't wait to get out socialize, and have some fun with friends and our babies!

Have a great weekend!

Love and cheers,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swaddle or Not to swaddle...

That is the question!

Jake is NOT a swaddler. I've officially tried them all.

The 2 EVERYONE swears by are Swaddle Me (by Kiddopotamus), and The Miracle Blanket. I have several of both... He doesn't like to be confined.
(Swaddle Me - with the Velcro)

(Sleep Cozy)
I asked his pediatrician on Tuesday is this is a bad thing and said, "absolutely not." She went on to say that once they hit a certain stage in life you have to ween them off of swaddling, so if Jake can sleep without the swaddle method... even better. So, I am now going to try sleep sacks. Halo makes one I will get and had one on today called the Sleep Cozy by babylicious. This way he can still wear his pj's or when it's hot a onesies, and then I just put the sleep sack over... so he will be warm. A blanket with out worrying about him pulling it over his head. Simple, but wonderful idea.

I will let you know how it goes!!

Love and cheers,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First bath! 5 WEEKS

Well, I have been giving Jake sponge baths... but, not the real thing... I had to have his belly button cauterized because there was still a little piece of umbilical cord inside his belly button... anyhow, Jake had his first bath last night!

Everything he does is such a big deal to me... I know all mom's feel this way. How can you not?

He did OK. From the beginning he hasn't been a big fan of diaper changes, and getting wet. But, we have gotten past the drama of the diaper changes. When we first put him in the sink he was freaked out! And as we put more water on him he started to relax. I guess he just didn't know what his crazy mom and dad were doing!

I would like to complain about the Puj tub. I hate that thing! What cheap material and it breaks apart when Jake sits on it. Grant assembled it just as it stated. Anyhow, I will not be using that again. I have a bath tub as well for Jake.

Here are some PG pictures of our little man. I not big on posting pictures of my little guys private parts! What if he runs for office one day? Gotta keep that stuff private! ha

Oh! And lastly, at his doctors appointment Tuesday we weighed Jake and his weight is now 10 lbs and 7 oz. HE'S GETTING SO BIG!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Love and cheers,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First night out!

Last night Grant and I got a babysitter for Jake. It was our first night out! We had Brian and Natasha's wedding at the Greek Orthodox Church. Our baby sitter is Katy's (my best friend) cousin Michelle. She is a professional nanny. She is great! Not only does she know more about newborns then me, she is kind and trustworthy! I was actually comfortable with her baby sitting. Even though I worried about Jake I knew he was in good hands.

We planned on having Michelle here from 4:30pm - 8:30pm (I think this was a good start!). Before we left for the night things didn't go exactly as planned... I went shopping in the afternoon to pick up a few items and to look for a dress for the wedding (let's be honestly ladies... I'm not a size 2 right now... and it seems like I always wore VERY form fitting clothes). When I went to show Grant I looked at the size and noticed I grabbed the wrong size!!! I started freaking out! So... Grant quickly said, "Honey, were did you get it, what size, and I will take it back." This was all during the OU/Texas game as well (OU is one of Grant's favorite college teams). I went upstairs to take a shower, put the baby in the bassinet and jumped into the shower. This was the worst shower I have EVER taken in my whole life! As soon as I got in and got wet I heard the baby start to cry... Knowing he was just fed, and changed, I thought... he can cry a little... I'll be out soon. NOPE! His simple cry turned into screaming! So, I jumped out of the shower! I had wet hair and non shaven legs. Great, right? So, I picked up the baby, laid down with him and waited for Grant to get home. 4pm: I still had wet hair, needed to shave, and no make up on.... Did I mention we were leaving at 4:30pm? Yea, you can't make this up! So, finally the little guy fell asleep and I jumped back in the shower and hustled. 4:30pm: baby sitter arrived, and I was not ready... still hustling and trying to give the baby sitter that knows more than me directions on my precious baby! 4:50pm: I'm finally ready... Reception started at 4:30pm and we were on way! Baby was left in good hands, awesome hubby taking me out, and a momma in need of a glass of wine! 
(In the car on way to the wedding)
Grant and I had a great time hanging out with friends. Natasha looked beautiful! Brian looked so happy! I absolutely LOVE weddings! I had 2 glasses of wine (OK... really like a full glass), and even danced with Grant. Lots of Michael Buble. One of our favorite singers.
 (At the wedding)

My baby love.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Love and cheers,
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