Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asher - 4 months.

Today was Asher's 4 month baby well appointment. I swear I just had this boy! Every day, week, and month, seem to just go by faster and faster around here. I love seeing my boys grow. But, I also get sad to see how fast they are growing. I love the milestones, but I also want to freeze time. I want to freeze time when I'm holding them, rocking them to sleep, playing puzzles, and kissing their faces. Jeez! I just love being a mom.
Here is my little man at his doctors appointment:
He did great with the shots. He let out a cry with the shot, and then quickly got over it!
Asher continues to grow! He's 26 3/4 inches, and 18 lbs, 12 oz. So, he's in the 95% percentile for both. He's a big boy. He's still wearing 12 month size clothes, and in a size 3 diaper. He's loves to sit up in his bumbo, and his jumper, while watching all of us around him. He's laughing, talking, and grabbing on to everything. Even though he doesn't love tummy time... we still do it. The doctor said how strong he was and commented on his neck control.

Look at this little guy rocking tummy time! I could kiss him all day. Oh, wait! I do! hehe.
I have been blogging through my phone, so if there are spelling errors, etc... please forgive me. I need to take the time to jump on our big computer so I can do a better job with that. Unfortunately, I'm just too busy to make that a habit! ;)

All in all, everything is going great at the Stone house. We are just plugging along. It's almost July, and we are getting ready for our first vacation as a family of 4! I can't wait to see my family! Boise is a great town. I'm sure the boys will enjoy going to visit as they get older. Playing golf, basketball, baseball, swimming, hunting, fishing, and many more outdoor sports! We will be getting Asher dedicated on one of the services as well. So, that will be very special for us.

Asher's schedule is pretty straight forward during the day. Even though we aren't sleep training yet, and aren't following any book for that matter... he generally eats, plays, and naps... until we bathe, and put down in his bassinet for the night. He's waking up more often in the middle of the night again.... And the doctor thinks he might be going through a growth spurt. hmm. I know it will get better again... I just have to be patient. We wont sleep train until he's 5/6 months old. The doctor agreed with this age. He is a much better sleeper than Jake though. I don't think we will have such a hard time with him going down. It'll just be an adjustment from the bassinet to the crib. I make it sound so easy, don't I?

Here are some pictures of his 4 month "picky stickies". When he hits 6 months I'll post one from each month to compare. If I have a moment to go back and check out Jake's, maybe I'll compare the 2! So cute! Love my boys!
Look at these lips! Precious.
Over the weekend, we decided to go down to the beach to check out the waves. We went to one of the same beaches that my mom used to take Marty and I to. I love Seal Beach! We went after Jake's swim lesson, and lunch. After we checked out the waves we got Jake his first ice cream cone. He's had yogurt, etc... but, never ice cream. He loved it!

Look at Jake! He's almost 22 months old! He's such a big boy!
My world. I'm holding Asher in the baby Ergo below! We just went down to check out the waves... not to hang out all day. We will be doing a beach day soon... might even do that this weekend!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy Stones

I've been so busy, and my blog has suffered a little. But, on the other hand my boys have been thrilled with all the summer activities so far!

We've had birthday parties, traveled to visit friends, had pool time, watched baseball games, and have had countless play dates! It's been hard to keep updated, because I rarely have a moment to sit and blog about it all. When I have a free moment, I go and get my nails done, or get grocery shopping done. Recently, I have gotten back into cycling. What an amazing feeling that is! It makes me so happy, and it's a great way for me to start the day.

Since I'm blogging from my phone recently, I'll just jump right to the pictures. I'll add captions to update you all on what we've been up to lately. I'm so into Instagram! If you follow me on that, I'm constantly taking pictures! That's probably the most updated thing I currently have. It's so fun to make the collages!

Grant and I have been on a few fun date nights. I love going to charity events and bidding on items! I love what the ones that we have attended recently. I love anything that has to do with children. My obvious passion! ;) The picture below is from the Blue Martini Ball. Grant is one of the Founding members and it's a wonderful charity. The foundation raises money to feed the children (In the Long Beach community). There are so many children that only eat while they're in school. This charity delivers food to the homes of qualifying children. I can't imagine what it's like to go home from school on a Friday and not know when my next meal will be. I'm so happy to be a part of something like this. Knowing that children will be fed warms my heart. I hope to help with the charity more next year! I will make sure to blog more about this event when I have time as well.
In a few blogs back I spoke about Jake, and how much he HATED swimming lessons. Well, it wasn't that he hated swimming... he hated being taking into the pool with a stranger! ha ha. The first time I took him, I didn't think there would be an issue. He loves the water. And he's always like to swim with us... but, he cried. He cried for several lessons. I believe on the 3rd lesson, I almost gave up. I almost took him home, and never returned. But, I'm glad I stuck it out... because now he enjoys going. He loves the water, the lessons, and learning new things.

The classes that I have him in right now are the beginner level. They teach the little ones survival. If Jake falls in the water, gets pushed in, etc, it will teach him to immediately flip to his back and wait for help. Now, he's learning to go into the water on his own and flip. Also, he can float on his back for a short period also! Every lesson is better! Phew!

On Father's Day we went to the Gleeson's house and swam. Jodie bought Jake floaties... He loved them on. In fact, he was pushing Grant away from him. He wanted to be alone in the water. He loved floating, and even was trying to swim. My little independent man! Oh and yes... Grant and Jake look like twins in the picture below. ;)
Grant and I went to an Angel game with the Krusics. We were right above third base. Great seats, good friends, and good times! We even met up with my best friend Katy, and her sister, Kristyn. After the game, there was a small concert by Chris Cagle. What a fun night!

My little munchkin is almost 4 months old! He's precious! He's grabbing on to everything, talking up a storm, and he likes to sit up! He doesn't like to lay down. The child wants to be where the action is! He's wearing size 3 diapers, and 12 month clothes! Really?! How is it possible he is bigger than Jake? I can't wait until these kids out grow me. My handsome boys. Love it. Below Asher is playing with Miss. Sophie. She's a hit with my kids. Hope I can keep on to this one. She's become the most expensive toy my kids have. ha!

Grant got a hat at the Angel game over the weekend, and Jake wont put it down. He's obsessed with Grant's hats. He loves to wear them. If I give him a hat in his size, he's not as interested. Why would he be? It's not his dads! He loves his dad! He already wants to be just like him. Awe!

This morning, while I was making breakfast, I looked up, and saw...

Seriously?! How did I get so lucky? They are buddies already. I'm so happy. I love them so much! Life is good.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

My Dad.

With Father's Day quickly approaching I found this picture and wanted to share it. I love my Dad. We are very close. I'm very fortunate that I have him, and love him dearly. I'm so glad I have him as a role model. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grant's 33rd Birthday - Red Solo Cup theme.

I forgot to post about Grant's birthday party last weekend. I threw Grant a party with his closest friends, over the holiday weekend. There was about 30 people and 15 toddlers and infants! It was a busy backyard/house. It was so neat seeing all of the growing families. It made me smile throughout the day. It was a fun day, and weekend in general.

I had Super Mex cater the party, and I made a dessert table. The dessert table backfired with Jake only eating cookies, and licorice the entire day. ;) But, he wasn't the only kiddo. Swing set, and candy was the biggest hit for them!

It was so fun, and Grant had a blast (more importantly)! Grant took advantage of his birthday being a holiday weekend. We celebrated all weekend long. I can't complain though... I had fun also. We even managed a little Disneyland trip as well!

The theme of Grant's birthday was "red solo cup". I like to give all my parties themes... and I thought this theme would be fun for my husbands birthday as well as for Memorial Day weekend. It was an easy going party with easy going people. I made banners, and print out for Grant's theme.

Here are some pictures from my phone (until I can get to my home computer).

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A week in photos. Jake (21 months) - Asher (14 weeks - 3 months)

This week, Jake turned 21 months, and Asher is 14 weeks (3 months). These boys keep me on my toes, and extremely busy! Being a stay at home mom of 2 boys, under 2, and 17 months apart is not for the weary. But, it really makes my heart full of happiness and joy. Seeing them do funny things and learning all day is the best!

Jake continues to amaze me with his strength, and problem solving. It's scary how smart he is. He is a master at puzzles, and loves to color. He loves playing soccer, and basketball outside as well. He's still not a fan of his private swimming lessons. The instructor said its because we aren't with him. The kid generally loves water and the pool....apparently not with strangers! Ha! Anyhow, we continue the lessons every Saturday anyhow! He does a great job with the floating on his back. And every lesson gets better. :)

Asher is the coolest little monkey ever! He's so chill and happy! He always wants to sit up! He doesn't like to lay down. Especially with all the action in our home with Jake! He hates tummy time, but rocks it anyhow. He would just prefer being a big kid. I have a feeling that he will be walking on the quicker side so that he can up to his older brother.

I think being a mom the second time around is much easier. I know Ash is easy going, but I know what to do in just about every circumstance. I know what will happen next, etc. Looking back, and the thoughts I had about how tough it was with 1... makes me chuckle! hahahaha! Yes, that many laughs. It was SO easy with just 1. However, adding another in the mix isn't as bad as everyone said it would be. I'm organized, and so ready for the challenge. I love my life. I love  my boys. It's a blast! Even my tough days end well. When Jake is climbing on everything, and Asher is fussy... Jake will sit in my lap and hug and kiss me. Asher will shoot me a smile that melts me. Or Grant will walk in the door, right at the perfect time and swoop one of the boys in his arms. :)

We have a few of our vacations planned for the summer. Should be interesting traveling with the 2 under 2. I thought I did great with just Jake... But, I'm not gonna lie... With Jake as active and another in the mix... I'm a little scared. I'll get through it though. The things ya do for family, right? ;) Asher will be dedicated by Pastor Tom in Boise this July! Jake was dedicated by him last July! I'm so excited for that!

Well, it's time for swimming... Here's some pics from my cell:

My little coffee buddy in the morning:
He loves to sit up and is totally alert!
Jake and Elijah and Auntie Lizzie's house.
My boys lounging together:
The moments that I treasure. I have these pictures when Jake was really little also. He will never be this young again. I could hold and snuggle all day. I absolutely adore my boys! :)
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