Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SANTA!! I know him!

On Sunday, Grant and I took the kids to Old Ranch Country Club, for the Santa's brunch event. It was so much fun! We had brunch, and then headed over to make cookies, bounce in the bounce houses, and even see Santa. 

Jake has been asking about Santa quite a bit lately. He has been watching "The Elf on the Shelf" movie, and has been on his best behavior so that his elf "Harley" can tell Santa all about it. As I expected, Asher wasn't interested. 

Here are some pics below.
 Daddy had fun too!
 Finished cookies.
Jake of course told Santa he wanted everything Superman. ha! Too funny.
 Grand finale... Asher. He wanted NOTHING to do with him. I don't blame him really... I'm 33 and still frightened of him. But, we still tried. ;)
I am all done with Christmas shopping! Now time to relax! Next week this time... my family will be in town! I'm SO SO SO excited!!! Can you tell?

Have a great week all!

Friday, December 13, 2013

My boys.

These little dudes are best buds. They laugh, hug, kiss, talk, play sports, wrestle, yell, and do pretty much everything together. I know that they will grow to have their own friends, and lives, but I'm pretty sure these two are going to be tight. That makes me so happy... It literally brings tears of joy to my eyes.
They are so incredibly different and beautiful in their own way. I didn't realize how different two little brothers could be. I love seeing them grow and learn. Being a parent is such a blessing, and I'm so fortunate.
I'm so blessed that God gave me two, healthy little boys. 
And this man... I love him so! He works so hard for our family. I get to stay home and raise our boys, while he's out working. Thank you to this gorgeous man, and for our fabulous life. And thank you even more for our handsome boys. Smitten.
Happy weekend! 
Off to make crafts with the boys! I'll be posting pictures hopefully tomorrow of what we make.

Jake's first Christmas play.

ADORABLE. That's really all.

What else can I say about 2 and 4 year old children singing about Jesus? They spilt the school recitals by when the child attends so that they church wouldn't be too full. The children were adorable, sweet, funny, full of energy, and all followed direction perfectly.

I was a proud mommy. Like usual.

I didn't get good pictures. This is shocking. I know. But, I am buying the video of my little man singing and dancing.

Here is all I could get from our view.
 Back in the classroom waiting for the parents.
Today was pajama day at school also.
Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My favorite time of year!!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS. I think my favorite month is December in general. :) I really am in a good mood MOST the time. ;) There is something about Christmas that puts a smile of my face. It's been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. And it's gotten even better (hard to even imagine), since I had children. :)

The weather (just a little cooler in Orange County), lights, music, shopping, family gatherings, holiday crafts, decorations, and the celebration of Christ's birth. It's all so exciting. Oh man. Guess I should tone down my excitement a little. ha ha. ;)

This year we started The Elf on the Shelf. Jake named him "Harley". I don't let my little elf make a mess or get into things. I just place him somewhere different every morning. I don't want my kiddos to think it's OK, to make a mess with him. Jake wakes up so excited to see where Harley has went. At night he says good night to Harley, and tells him that he'll see him in the morning.

We took our annual photos in November. Even though 2 boys, 3 and under aren't quite into the arranged picture deal... it's totally worth it when we see the final result. Seeing how much we've changed/grown from year to year is truly amazing, and such a blessing. 
Jake, 3.
 Asher, 1 1/2.
 My presh family. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
Making a gingerbread house.
I'll be posting my Christmas decorations soon. Here is one of Jake, and I decorating the tree.
More to come!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jake's 1st trip to the dentist.

I wasn't sure what to expect. But, I do know that Jake is a pretty darn good kid. Being 3, it's time for my little man to now start seeing the dentist. So, Jake and I both went in for cleanings.

Jake wasn't scared at all! He sat in the chair, took X-rays, and got his little teeth cleaned. I was so incredibly proud of him. He is such a special little boy. UGH! I just love him.

Anyhow, not much to report. His teeth look good, and he LOVES to brush and floss his teeth. Here are some pics from our visit.
 Such a big boy.
 Perfect little teeth.
This is how my cleaning went. Jake laid on top of me. ;)

Everything is all good with me too... except I grew ONE wisdom tooth this fall. I'm 33 years old, and grew a wisdom tooth? So strange. I only have one. I never had any other teeth out, and never grew the others. Apparently, I always had one little bud up there, but it didn't grow until now. And that one little tooth needs to come out after the Holiday's now. Lucky me. ha ha.
 One of my buddies. I love these little turkeys of mine.

Friday, November 29, 2013

So much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving 2013.

This past month has come and gone, yet again. It seems like as I get older the time does indeed go by quicker. This makes me happy and sad at the same time. I looked back on the last few Thanksgiving blogs, and saw how much Grant and I have grown as a couple, and as a family. One thing that continues is that we are thankful for our health, faith, love, family, and our closest friends.

It's funny to think how much has changed over the last few years. God's plan is ever changing, just the way it should be. People come and go... and sometimes even family. My great aunt passed away yesterday, my grandma's youngest brother's wife. It's hard to see people go. But, I keep my faith and know one day we will see her again. I think back to the memories I share with them as a child and it makes me smile. Remembering spending the night at their house, and watching my parents play pinnacle with them all night. Good childhood memories. They won't be forgotten.

Grant's dad and step mom flew into town on Wednesday, and we have had so much fun. They have cooked, played, and loved on our boys. I'm thankful for them spending this time with us. 

I am thankful for the health of my family. I feel incredibly blessed to be a wife, and a mother to my growing family. I try and show my appreciation for what God has given me everyday. 

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and has a wonderful weekend as well! 

Here are some pictures from our week so far...
 My sillies.
 I can't handle how cute and loving they are.
 Generations of Stone men.
 Pop's and Jake.
 Father and son.
 Our little family. :)
 My love.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Harvest Party!

Jake's school had their Harvest Party today. When I went to pick him up I saw the entire school sitting out with their classrooms enjoying their lunches. So many adorable little people. 

It's so nice to see how many parents are involved with their children and their education there. Even as early as Preschool-Kindergarten. They posted a chart for parents to participate and bring items. By the time I got the list it was full! Asher and I came to support Jake during the lunch. 

Look at his happy face! :)
Some of the school out and about enjoying their lunch!
 My silly man.
 Jake and his teacher. She's so incredibly sweet!
Jake even got the "best cleaner" today. 
I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday! We sure are!

Date night... weekend in Ojai.

This past weekend, Grant and I went to a wedding in Ojai. Since Ojai is around 1 1/2-2 hours away we decided to stay at the resort. We made it an over night date night. SO FUN!

The resort was beautiful, and the wedding was super fun! With our schedule as hectic as it has been, it was so nice to have this quite time with my love. It's so important for us to have one on one time. Because lets be honest, during the week Grant works like crazy, and I'm busy with the munchkins.
 My feet were SO sore the next day. We literally danced the entire wedding. :)
The resort we stayed at was beautiful. I definitely want to go back another time. I didn't take my usual million photos. But, I did take a few. Sunday we went to Santa Barbara and had lunch. We also went to a fave winery of ours in the area (Cottonwood Canyon), and did a little tasting before we headed home to the boys. What a nice little break away. :)
Amelia usually watches the boys every Saturday night for our date night. But, this time she came a little earlier, and stayed the night. I don't worry as much when Amelia is there. She knows the routine, the boys, and everything with the house. She sent me lots of pictures. The boys were happy to have her. And so were Grant and I. :)

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