Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleep training by Brooke Stone part II - Jake 31 weeks

Let's talk a little about last night. Every night is going to be different at first. I have myself mentally ready for that. So, with that in mind... let's discuss last night, shall we?

So, I started the routine at 6pm. 7pm he was NOT sleepy so we played longer. He started getting sleepy and fussy around 7:30pm. 8pm I breastfed him and then rocked him to sleep. Asleep at 8:15pm. I went to bed and then I heard him around 11pm. I got up fed him and up him back in his crib.

Then things get a little fuzzy. I didn't have a drop of alcohol last night. NOT EVEN A SIP OF WINE... I KNOW, SHOCKING. he he. Anyhow, I honestly DO NOT remember getting up and feeding Jake, but I woke up in his room around 3:30am. He was asleep on me. We were asleep on the futon in his room. I put him back in his crib. Confused I headed back to bed. Not long after he started crying. I went back in his room, fed him, and passed out again on the futon. I woke up at 5:30am. Jake sleeping on my chest! I put him back in his crib and he woke up. Screaming. At 5am I decided I was too tired for this. I went to my room... Jake in his crib screaming. I woke up Grant. I said, "tag, your it", he went in. My hubby that had to be up in an hour. But, he went in to help. Jake would not go back to sleep. At this point, why try the sleep it out? We brought him into bed with us.

My question is how did I get into his room around 3am? Am I that sleep deprived? Yikes. Anyhow, it started out well. I've had 3 cups of coffee... and even saw the Easter bunny today. I'm not really big on the whole Santa/Easter bunny thing, but at South Coast Plaza they have a puppet Easter bunny. It's smaller and cute. Anyhow, I took Jake today. He was hilarious. He pulled at the ears, etc. The girls just loved him. He's a flirt. Flirting with all the girls, everywhere we go.

So, tonight I will continue my quest for sleep. It will only get easier with time. I will report back tomorrow. :)

Hoppy Wednesday!


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  1. It takes a while but I followed a book call the No Cry Sleep Solution. Riley has only had one or two hiccups since and otherwise will go to sleep no problem. She was awful prior to that. Crying it out didn't work with her anyways. I tried it one night and felt awful and she cried for like an hour and then work up all night long pissed. Like it made it worse.


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