Monday, August 31, 2015

Keeping up with the Stones

And just like that... It's the beginning of fall. We had a busy summer. Beach, bay, stay-cation to Disney's Grand California, swim lessons, play dates, bbq's, lunches, dinners, circus, carnivals, OC fair, Disney day and nights, on and on. We certainly had a great summer. 

I'm never sad to see summer go. Probably because I like to take the kids places when it isn't crowded and another huge reason is that I can't wait until Christmas. This year... it's I can't wait until our baby girl is due!

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to. There are a lot. And this is just a few! WOWSA!

Laguna Beach. One of our fave spots.
These boys. Lounging in the sun. 
 Story time on Wednesday afternoons.
 Bay days...
 Fourth of July BBQ at our house.
 Just a few men and their babies. 3 more babies to add to this picture soon.
 Sunday Church.
 Stay-cation at Disney's Grand California Hotel.
 Awesome parade and firework show.
 Circus with auntie, uncle, and cousins!
 Suite life. The best when you have kids. Thanks to my aunt Audrey! So much fun!
 Japanese Carnival. The boys ate udon and rice. We also won 3 goldfish... which are still alive and extremely lively and large.
 Birthday parties for best buds.
 2 different VBS's! One at our church we attend, and another at the boys preschool. 
 Bouncing fun!
 Orange County Fair!
Grant ocean swam 2.2 miles. Dwight Crum pier to pier challenge.
 Sharing a room. They don't like to sleep in separate rooms. Very sweet.
 Swim lessons, and swim parties.
 Jake had his tonsils and adenoids removed the second week of August. He's totally feeling better now! So glad that's over!
 Back to silly.
 Soccer in the park with daddy.
 Lunching some more...
 Summer nights playing football with cousins.
 Asher played soccer at his school this summer.
 He loved it!
What a fun few months. I hope to continue this blog so that my kiddos can see all the fun things we did, and what was going on in our lives. This blog started right after Grant and I got married in 2009. Seems like so long ago. :)

27 weeks // Baby girl!

27 weeks. Wow! My little men have had me so busy this summer, I haven't had much time to blog. I have a pregnancy journal that I'm keeping, and also I have been taking pictures. I just haven't had much time to sit and blog. I plan on blogging more though... I just need to set the time aside.

Next week I'll be 8 months pregnant with our third baby. Our baby girl! The boys are even more excited to have a sister. I thought for sure they would have wanted a brother. But, from the start they wanted a sister. When I asked them both what their thoughts were they said they already had a brother, and that it was time for a sister. AWE. Heart burst, right?

She is so loved already. The boys are constantly talking about her to others, they want me to buy her things all the time when we are out shopping, and they even bring gifts home for her when there out and about. They even helped me pick out a few things for her room. It's so adorable. Such good big brothers.

I have been hit with the heartburn streak, just like I had with the boys. I get heartburn every night. It doesn't matter what I eat. I always want something sweet. ALWAYS. A few of my favorite things to eat are: cinnamon bagels with extra cream cheese, cinnamon anything really, egg sandwiches, chicken dishes or chicken sandwiches, pasta, grilled cheese, juice, LOTS of water, chips, and CANDY. OH THE CANDY. I just don't buy it. If I buy it... I'll eat it all! SERIOUSLY. ALL. ha ha. In regards to drinks, I've really enjoyed a brand of flavored water called La Croix. DELISH!

All my pregnancies seem about the same. Pretty easy. However, this one is a little different. I don't know if it's because I'm literally running around all day with the boys (and plus it's summer so no school), if It's my third pregnancy, age, or what... But, I have developed "irritable uterus". My whole stomach region gets tight, and its super uncomfortable. I have to drink lots of water and try and lay down from time to time. Thankfully, Grant bathes the boys nearly every night, or I'll have Amelia help. But, during the day... It's only mommy.

I go to my OB tomorrow for my routine check up tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing our little girl. Tomorrow is Jake's 5th birthday, and we have lots planned... and one of those things is the kids coming with me! Good luck OB room. he he.

I'll update after the appointment. Until then, here are some pictures of the baby girl bump!

18.5 weeks on the fourth of July. Alexis is also 18.5 weeks, and Liz was 10.5 weeks. So fun being pregnant with friends. We will have a total of 8 kids between us.
 19.5 weeks at our stay-cation. I wore a bikini!
 23 weeks.
 25 weeks with Jake.
 26 weeks.
27 weeks with Asher.
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