Thursday, July 26, 2012

Asher - 5 months old

What a week! This has seriously been a tough one over here at the Stone house. Let's start with since we got back from Boise. SICKNESS HAS HIT US HARD. Every time we travel on a plane! This week I had Jake sick with croup, double ear infection, cold, and even teething. Yep. All at once. Poor little 22 month old! Then... it went to Asher. Just the cold thank goodness! I did everything I could to keep things sanitized, etc. Then me. COLD. UGH! Anyhow, we are all on the mend. When you have a cold, a sick toddler, and a sick infant, it gets crazy. And this week, Grant worked quite a few early mornings, and nights.
Even sick... my little guys are adorable. Makes it all doable. :)
Asher's sleep schedule is a little messed up right now. He sleeps from 8pm until about 12am. Then he eats... back down until 4am... and then up for the day at 6:30am. Hmm... The doctor not only thinks he's growing, but he also might be teething. So, sick kids... sick momma... no sleep... crazy week, right?

Well, Grant has been a huge help. He always is... but, this week even more help! He has been so busy with work, and he still comes home and helps me. The last couple of nights he sleeps with the bassinet in the den. He brings Asher to me to eat, and then rocks him back to sleep. At least giving me a good stretch in between. Our goal with this is to wean one of the night time feedings. I would really like to have him fed before I go to bed, and then in the morning when we wake up.... but, baby steps! The joys of breastfeeding is that it processes quicker... causing them to eat more! AND MY BIG BOYS EAT!!! HA! When Ash hits 6 months we will work on the sleep training. I think we will try the setting him into the crib rather than the bassinet trick. Jake NEVER liked the bassinet... so, we are better shape there!
It has been a tough week. But, we survived, and are looking forward to enjoying our summer again!
Asher turned 5 months old! What a cutie pie. Even when he wakes up to eat in the middle of the night, I enjoy holding him. I enjoy the time we spend together. It goes so quickly. I noticing it more with my second child.
Asher John, 1-5 months:

Happy ALMOST Friday!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Asher 21 weeks - rice cereal.

Last night my little man had rice cereal for the first time.

It's funny the things you learn or are told... and what you take away from it. A really nice thing about having kids close in age, is that your memory is fresh. Fresh with children things... let's get that straight. I can't even remember what I had for dinner. But, I can tell you just about anything in regards to my kids. Life of a mother I guess. 

Anyhow, with Jake I started rice cereal in a bottle of breast milk at 3 1/2 months. I didn't see much of a difference in his sleep pattern, so I backed off. I started back up with feeding it to him with a spoon when he was 4 1/2 months. And then at 5 months I started veggies. One veggie a week, until I moved on to fruit. Then I did rice cereal/oatmeal, veggies, and fruits in a day. Phew. Glad I blogged all about it. I made all of Jake's food, unless we were traveling. It was so fun to go to the Farmer's Market, and then come home to make creations. So healthy too! Yes, it is time consuming... but, I know what he's eating, and know what's added, and it's even taster. I know... I tried it all. I can plan it out and keep it in the freezer or refrigerator. 

What the doctors told me to do with Jake and Asher...

Nothing but breast milk until he's 6 months old. Then start rice cereal, veggies, fruit, and then combo.

I already said what I did with Jake, and this is what I'm going to do with Asher... 

I'm taking what I want and doing what works for us. The doctor told me with both kids that I'm technically supposed to wait until they are 6 months, but 5 months would be OK. With rice cereal it's more to give babies or infants extra calories, and then to also teach them how to eat the food, and swallow. 

I've decided that Asher is ready. He's fully playing in both of his bouncers, rolling, and sitting up assisted. He's hungry. He's ready. So there. Done.

He did great last night. At first he wasn't sure about it... then he quickly realized it was food. He ate it! He thought it was OK. I can't wait to start him on something new next week! He's going to love veggies! I know Jake did. Who knows... maybe Jake will want some! I can't soften some for him... and puree for Ash. Done. he he. If only! ;)

Here's how it went down. I think it was pretty successful! I didn't see a huge change in his sleeping pattern. But, he is however sleeping in his crib for all of his naps during the day... without a fight or cry it out session. Phew!
 Thinking about it...
 Not bad! Let's have some more!
Have a great weekend friends! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Who gets sick in the summer?

The Stones do!

HA! Just kidding. I've been pretty lucky so far with illnesses in this house. Jake hasn't really been all that sick. He's had fevers here and there... but, nothing serious. He mainly worries me with his adventurous behavior. ha!

But, now... my poor little Jakey is sick. It all start last weekend, when he was running a fever. I had it controlled with Acetaminophen and Motrin when necessary. I thought it was because he has 4 more teeth coming in. 2 nights ago he wouldn't go down to bed and just cried and cried, until I went in and got him. He slept in our bed on Wednesday evening. The next day he was perfect. Again, chalking it up to teething. Until today at around 3am... Both kiddos were fast asleep... Then I heard crying, coughing, and a little wheezing coming from the monitor.

It continued long enough that I wasn't going to leave him in there getting hysterical. I went in with the humidifier and picked him up. Changed his diaper, and held him. He was having trouble breathing. All that noise worried me. I called for Grant. He came and brought my cell phone. He didnt like what he saw or heard either. I called our doctor.

The doctor wanted me to take him into the ER if I couldn't get him comfortable. We were instructed to take him outside, so that he could breath in the cold air, and then take him back in to a steamed bathroom. So, there we went. By this time it was 4am. Do I take him to the ER, where he could possibly get sicker or wait hours until we are seen? Grant and I made the decision for me to lay back down and be next to Asher, and that he would stay with Jake to watch him. Grant said that if he looked like he was getting worse or didn't fall back asleep with him, we would go.

I tossed and turned out of worry... but, Jake was sound asleep on his daddy's chest. Finally it became 7am. I had our babysitter at our house, Grant left to a meeting, and I was on the phone with the doctors office. WE MADE IT! Oh... and Jake was his wild self! Running around, skipping, and dancing. Hmm....

He was still sick, and I wasn't going to skip the doctor. I took him in and they said he has croup. He also has an ear infection in his left ear. Oh and to make matters worse... he does have more teeth coming in! Poor kid!

Good news... he has Amoxicillin going, and no fever. I hope we can make it through the night with no tears. Just good rest. I'm trying my best to keep the boys separate... but, it's so hard when they are already playing together. I keep washing everything, and making sure that they are playing in opposite sides of the room.

Asher has been a little fussy when it comes to nap time...

Here are some pics from Wednesday night...
Here's a picture from today. I had to run an errand with my little man. He was a trooper. He put his glasses on and we marched into Target. I made sure I had the protective fabric over the cart, and I wiped it down afterword so no one gets sick. 

Praying for my little guy and a quick recovery! He looks stylish even when sick, right?

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Rolling Stones

We are just cruising through summer over here! It's already mid July, and we will soon be celebrating Jake's 2nd birthday! It's crazy to think that's just around the corner! We have been so busy either traveling, working, playing with the kids, etc, I have had much time to blog.

I have some pictures from the past few weeks of the kids... Jake is currently 22 months, and Asher is 4 months old. Next week Asher turns 5 months old! WOWSERS!

We've had lots of beach/bay days...

Grant's brother came into town for a meeting and stayed with us. He was able to hang with the boys, and meet Asher. :)
 Asher is not only rolling all over, but he's loving his bouncers! He is so active. He just wants to be in the middle of all the action! Ash is so strong! Tonight I'm starting him on rice cereal... hope that he likes it! Next week we will start baby food! This weekend we'll go to the Farmer's Market and I will buy the freshest veggies for his food! I can't wait!
 He is really the cutest thing I've ever seen... other than Jakey of course! I LOVE MY BOYS!

Alexis' baby shower!

My good friend Alexis is due with her first baby in August. When I found out she was pregnant I wanted to throw her baby shower. She's been such a great friend to me, and been so helpful with my kiddos it was the least I could do! Josh and Lex are going to be great parents! I can't wait to meet this little baby! They are waiting to find out the gender! How cool is that?

The shower was gender neutral with the theme being primary colors/children's toys. It was so fun! I loved seeing her get spoiled by friends and family! Having a baby is such a wonderful experience. And I will be there for whatever they need along the way!

This is what we ended up with.

 Alexis and I. How cute is she? :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boise Trip - 4th of July

The Stones are back from Boise. It seems when you visit family it goes by so fast. You really try to take in all the moments, knowing your time is short. It makes me so sad that my children (at this point) will only see my parents a few times a year. I hate the distance. I will NEVER get used to it. I have however, adapted. Jake ran around chasing "pop pop (grandpa Spellman)", "ya ya (grandma Spellman)", "gigi (great grandma Hodges)", and Dylan. He loved chasing Dylan and following his footsteps. Dylan was such a good buddy, and took great care of him. He took him everywhere with him. They were so cute together.

One evening really stands out in my mind, and I will never forget it. I went outside to check on the boys, and I noticed 2 chairs under the tree, looking out onto the golf course. I went over and asked what they were up to... Dylan said, "We're just relaxing. I made sure I brought a chair for Jake and myself so we could watch the golfers. It's nice and quite." They just sat there quite. It was so cute. They were taking a "time out" away from the loud adults.
I once read that a boy baby craves alone time. That even if they aren't sleeping, a parent should let them play alone in their room, or put them down in their crib to lay in the quite. They need to "re-charge". The article went on to say that a man is the same way. Usually when they come home from work... just give them time to change, and change gears. I thought that was good advice... especially with a house full of men! ;)
 The majority of our time there was spent BBQ'ing, golfing, wine tasting, and going downtown for shopping. The BIG event we planned was Asher's dedication. We dedicated Jake last year, and it was so surreal to dedicate Asher this year. I felt so lucky, and just kept thinking how blessed I am to have 2 beautiful, and healthy sons. God is so good. I'm so thankful.
It's pretty impossible trying to get both babies to look at the camera at the same time. Maybe next year! ha ha.
 Our family of 4!
 Dylan and the boys.
As a Non-Denominational Christian, we don't baptise the child until they are old enough to make that decision for themselves. We do baby or child dedications. Instead, the Pastor brings the family and the baby, and prays for the family to raise the child to know and praise God, and to pray for the little ones. Our Pastor in Boise, is awesome. I love that church, and I love their messages. I'm thankful to have someone in our lives to pray with and for us on a regular basis.

Here are some more pictures from our trip...

The boys on the 4th of July.
Playing in the pool.
Grant and I have a few friends that have moved into the area. Jake and Kamran became quick buddies! here they are coloring outside.
 Megan and I are finally NOT pregnant at the same time. Who knows the next time I see her! haha.
 We took Asher wine tasting with us... while the guys played golf. Asher was a hit!
I will do another post later on my cell phone pictures, and what we have been up to! Everyone have a great week! 
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