Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jake's 1st Birthday Party - Mickey Mouse theme.

Yesterday was Jake's first birthday party! His actual birthday is September 1st. It's so hard to believe that Jake is already 1. Time just flew by. My little man continues to bring so much joy into my life. Watching him grow into a little boy is just amazing. God has certainly gave me the best gift ever. :)

Jake's party was a lot of fun! We had about 50 people here to celebrate. Lots of little ones crawling and walking everywhere! We had lots of friends, and lots of friends with little ones here. It was so neat seeing these little ones crawl, walk, and play together. One of my closets friends, Kristy was here before and after the party helping me blow up balloons, and just help with anything I needed! Thanks girl for all of your help! My mom and grandma flew into town! They wanted to be here for Jake's birthday party! It was so nice having them here. It was a major help. Jake LOVES his grandmas! They are flying home today and I'm pretty certain that means lots of tears for me later. I hate seeing them leave.

I have been working on Jake's party for over 6 months. I'm seriously not kidding. I picked the date over 6 months ago... maybe even a few months after Jake was born. I wanted to pick the perfect theme. I was at first going to do a color scheme... but, then I noticed something. Jake is in LOVE with Mickey Mouse. At the end of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse they have the "hot dog dance"... Jake goes bonkers when that goes on. He starts dancing, clapping, smiling, and sometimes laughs. When he is getting fussy I even sing the song and he smiles. That was when I realized that Mickey Mouse should be his theme. Since he is only one, I wanted him to just have a blast, and be around those and things that make him happy.

I decided to make all of Jake's decorations. I just think so much of it is cheesy, and I can't do cheesy!

Thank you for all that came, and celebrated with us. Grant and I are so thankful for all the love and support we have around us. Yesterday was really such a fun day and night. I can't wait to celebrate more birthdays in the future!

Jake's invitation (information has been changed). Heather L Myers is a good friend of mine and a very talented graphic designer. She makes all of our invitations!

Dessert table. Cupcakes, chocolate dipped Oreos, m & m's, lollipops, red hots, and lemon heads! (Click on pictures to make them bigger)
I highly recommend Custom Cakes by Angie. Angie is so talented. I told her our theme, she sent me ideas and we went with the following. She even make his smash cake!
 My mom and I made these:
I made a banner for every month of Jake's life. I also filled the mantle with photos of Jake.
 I decided to make a photo booth. So that people could take pictures in front of the cloth. I made all the banners. 
 My mom and grandma before the party started.
 I contacted Terra (Tickled Sew Pink) about making a shirt for Jake. I again didn't want anything too cheesy, so we thought of something that was Mickey... but, ADORABLE! Ladies, and gentlemen... that shirt is a 3T!
 Thanks Josh and Lexi for my Mickey Mouse hat from DISNEYLAND!
 A few of the kiddos watching Mickey.
 More kiddos and friends.
 I was singing with the kids! ha!
 Grandma bringing Jake his cake.
 Proud mommy and daddy. :)
 Shirt came off. He was so red!
Hope you all had fun! Jake sure did!

Monday, August 22, 2011

We're back!

Grant, Jake, and I went on a little vacation. Just the 3 of us. We have taken trips, but never just the 3 of us. It was fabulous. In fact, there was lots of pool time and laying around. I didn't take a lot of pictures. I know... shocking. I captured the best moments though.

We finally used our time share! We were getting ready to lose one of our weeks so we planned a quick trip not too far from home. We went to Scottsdale, Arizona. Let me tell you... IT WAS HOT! I mean, HOT! It was an average of 105 the entire time. I'm used to 75 degrees all year long, so this was kind of a shock to my system. I drank LOTS of water and stayed in the shade. Jake, and Grant were not bothered by the heat at all. Of course! ;)

I was able to get a massage, pedicure, and just a little spa afternoon while the boys relaxed at the resort. Grant got in a game of golf as well. 

Jake was a little fish in the water. He has no fear. He was lunging forward head first into the water, kicking, and moving his little arms. He just loved it! I had a hard time holding on to him because he's so strong and he wanted to do his own thing. I love that his little personality is really starting to shine. He's such a happy boy... but, he is very independent. He loves to do things on his own. And swimming was NO exception. The video below is Jake in his raft bouncing along in the little "lazy river". Grant was right next to him. It was adorable!

I must warn you... My annoying voice in the video. I just get so darn excited! Anyhoo, here it is!

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

I love this picture of a father and his son. :)
Chillin in our cabana!
This weekend is Jake's first birthday party! I can't believe my little man is almost 1! Check back for more birthday prep posts!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naughty Napper... Jake Stone

It's never a dull moment here at The Stone house. Jake is strong willed... and clever. I mean... he's so smart. And that scares me. He just figures things out and quickly I might add. So, with this intro I shall not delay. 

Jake Stone the escape artist is also Jake Stone the naughty napper. The last 2 days Jake hasn't really been napping. He's tired, but he refuses to lay down. We all remember the pictures of the video monitor I posted, right? Sleeping sitting up? Well, my strong willed child is now refusing naps. And he's tired folks. I know he's tired. He yawns, rubs his eyes, and gets a little fussy. Yep, he's tired. So, this morning I let him get REALLY tired. We ate, went on our morning walk, I chased him all over the front room... The tired monkey started with the yawning, etc. At about 9:30am I put him down. He slept for an hour and a half! yay! So, then this afternoon I thought he was back on his nap track. My napper was back! WRONG.

I put him down for his afternoon nap and he laid down with his little blankey while I rubbed his back. He looked up at me and smiled and started talking! NO! I thought... he is supposed to sleep... Even though it's super cute... I want him resting, so he isn't cranky. I waited him out. He closed his eyes. I walked out of the room. I'm so darn tired so I came down stairs and laid on the couch. About to close my eyes.... and... I hear banging. I look through the video monitor and there he is. Smiling in the monitor. Grant nailed the monitor above his bed. Safely so that he couldn't grab it in his crib. Well, my (tall) little guy managed to put his arm through the crib and pull the cord. However, the monitor is nailed to the wall. So he grabbed the cord (which was up pretty darn high and behind his crib, and started playing. And my naughty napper was talking and looking into the monitor. 

What was he saying? Well, lots of babbling and a few ma ma's! But, pretty sure he knows by playing with that cord I'm going to walk in there and get him. How did he find that cord? How did he reach it? How does he know to smile in the monitor (he's also been doing that since day one)? 

Looks like I have my hands full over here ladies and gentlemen. I better go. He's crawling toward me... looks like its time for a game of chase! 

Until next time. 

- Escape Artist/Naughty Nappers mommy

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mornings with Jake.

I've been slacking a little on the blogging because I've been keeping Jake outside and busy. Summer has been pretty mild and I'm happy about that. The funny thing is that September seems to be the hottest time of year. Only true Californians know that. So, I take advantage of the outdoors while its in the 70s. Jake is used to the sunscreen ordeal I make him go through. ;) Since I have gone through all the skin cancer scares and I have still more removals to go I keep my little guy outside, but with some sunscreen on. Ok, I just put it on his little legs, arms, and face. It really isn't an ordeal. :)

My little character.
Jake and I go on a walk every morning. I pack him up and give him his morning bottle, grab the dog, and were off! Our morning walk is peaceful. It's quite, suns not exactly up, and no one is around. It's my favorite part of the day. We walk around the peninsula and just take in all the sounds. Birds, waves, and boats clanking together. It gets so crowded and loud during the day so it's nice to be alone out there. I find I take this time to talk with Jake, and pray. This is a picture from my morning walk.

I'm in full swing with planning on Jake's birthday. I've already sent out invitations (expect for family... I'm waiting on photos from our last shoot to send to them). Cupcakes, smash cake, and birthday shirt are ordered! The picture below is after my first trip to Michael's. I bought some pre made stuff, but the majority of the decorations I will be making. Jake's birthday theme is "Mickey Mouse Club". Jake ADORES Mickey Mouse! And more than anything else the "Hot Dog Dance"... So, we're having a "Mickey - Hot Dog Dance themed birthday"... sounds interesting, right? Just wait... It's going to be great! 
Just a few things....
 In the afternoons I finish up laundry. Jake loves to help. He grabs stuff out of the basket and even puts things back into the basket. What a little helper. The picture below he's just taking a break watching Mickey.
It's been busy for us... but, I will make sure to keep the pictures and posts coming. Jake has been keeping me busy with his escape tactics. This kid is such a problem solver. He can actually break out of his baby gates. And yes, I bought the extra long, extra tall ones. Hmm. He understands how to unlatch, and how to push the gate forward so that the edges pull forward... Once he pushes the gate forward enough he takes off doing about 100 MPH around the edges. It's actually becoming more challenging to get him. He's quick. I have to watch this kiddo. He's cleaver.

Have a great day all!

Monday, August 1, 2011

11 months old

This is the last month that he is under a year old. Starting September 1st, Jake will be a year old. I can technically start saying years. It's so crazy to think that this is just flying by as it is. It's been an amazing year. Being a mother of Jake Bowman Stone. I am a mother. A stay at home around the clock mommy. I wouldn't trade my life for the world. Children are a true blessing. I'm thankful that God gave Jake to me.

I know we all think are children are amazing and smart. I am one of those moms. It's because everything he does amazes me and I'm just so proud of who he is becoming.

Last week when Jake was sick he was still a happy little guy. His personality is really shinning. Here are a few things about Jake.

1. He loves to give kisses. If you ask for a kiss he comes directly in for a big one! Such a lover!
2. He's finally cutting a tooth! I see it coming in.
3. If he gets frustrated or angry he puts his arms in the air and throws them down. Then he looks back to see if I'm looking and does it again.
4. He likes what he likes. No way anyone is going to talk this kid into doing something.
5. He LOVES hanging upside down.
6. He's trying to walk everywhere... not there just yet though. He get so excited when he gets moving... He looks for Grant and I and puts both his arms in the air and waits for us to say "BIG BOY".
7. He talks a lot. Rambling and laughing. The house is full of life.
8. He's a big boy like his daddy. He's wearing 2T size clothes.
9. Loves water. That kid could play in water for hours.
10. He's really starting to understand what I'm saying and he listens. When I remove the tray from his high chair he tries to climb out. I say, "sit down Jake", and he sits back down. But, tries again when my back is turned.... sneaky kiddo!
11. He knows his mama from his daddy and will call for us specifically.
12. Pretty sure he's a lefty. Everything he does (and has done since the beginning) is with his left hand.

Anyway, there is much more with my precious little one. But, here is what he's up to now. Next month I will turn my blog into his baby book. Very excited to do that. I have been planning this since I was pregnant with him.

Taking pictures of him gets increasingly hard... but, I keep trying. He just loves to play and get into things. Sitting still isn't his cup of tea.
Then he started getting upset because I wouldn't let him have the camera! 
 Then he got over it and started smiling again! 

Love my little guy!
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