Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's a....

We found out last week after my results came back from my NIPT. The NIPT is the noninvasive prenatal test they offer to mom's of advanced maternal aging. Yep. I'm 34, turning 35, 2 months before the baby is due. So, that means I'm considered advanced. If I hear one more doctor or nurse tell me or joke, I might scream. Women have babies later in age. Must you call us advanced? My mom had Dylan at 40. Now I can respect what she went through! ;)

Anyhow, I decided to take the first trimester ultrasound and the NIPT. Everything came back great, and low risk. The test tells you if there are some chromosomal abnormalities and even tells the gender of the baby. So, it was confirmed by 99 percent accuracy that it is a female. A healthy baby girl. :) The ultrasound tech made a prediction on the gender while I was there also (This was at 13 weeks). She predicted a girl also. I had a feeling this baby was a girl as well. But, after having 2 boys, I figured we were having another boy. However, that is NOT the case. Our little girl is well on her way.

I still can't believe it. I look at Grant every day and say, "we're having a girl." He always smiles and gets excited too. The boys said from the start they wanted a sister. Asher came into our room one morning when Grant was getting ready for work, and he told Grant that he wanted a sister. It was so sweet. They are so excited to be big brothers.
The bump at 14 weeks and 4 days. It definitely popped out a lot fast this go round!
Stayed tuned! It's time to prepare for our little girl!

Coming this Thanksgiving 2015!

Our last trip to Boise was quite the trip for the Stones. I went out a week and half before Grant joined us. During the first week I was there I started noticing signs of pregnancy. All the same signs I had with the boys. I had so many thoughts! No? Could it be? Yes? We haven't even really started trying? Grant and I had made the decision that we were ready to complete our family with one more baby. But, this fast?!

My parents were working, my brother was at school... So, I took the boys to the store and bought a test. I took all 3 tests that were in the box when I got home. It was confirmed. PREGNANT!

I had so many emotions when looking at the test(s). Can I handle three? Will the boys be happy? THREE KIDDOS! I was excited! I was nervous. I WAS ECSTATIC!!! ha ha. All over the place. But, so very THANKFUL. I decided to text Grant immediately with a picture to surprise him. He wasn't set to travel for a few more days! I knew he had a busy day, but I wanted to send something that would surprise him, and make him happy. I sent the picture below.
What I didn't realize...IS THAT IT WAS APRILS FOOLS DAY!

Yep. I sent the text to Grant, and he thought it was a joke. How could he not? ha ha. OMG. ONLY ME! Anyhow, he ended up calling me and I promised him that it was no joke. He was so so so happy! He's always wanted a large family. It was exciting. :)

So, when I got back home I went to my OBGYN and it was confirmed. 6 weeks along. Saw the heartbeat at our first appointment just like my boys. Nothing better than seeing the baby grow on the ultrasounds. Tears of pure joy. What a gift!

After a few more appointments, we sent the following picture to our family. I was 10 weeks along.
This pregnancy has been so different than the others. I was pretty nauseous with this little one. And I spotted (sorry if that is TMI), for the first 11 weeks. It was quite nerve racking. Every time I went into the doctors office we did an ultrasound and everything looked normal and good. Some people spot and some don't. I did with the boys in the beginning, but not for as long. But, after 11 weeks, it stopped. THANKFULLY!

At 12 weeks when we saw the doctor again, baby looked good, and we were in the second trimester. We decided to share the news with friends.
I have been taking the time to enjoy our last pregnancy. Well, as much as I can with 2 preschoolers running around. We're to the moon and back about this. We feel so incredibly thankful for the blessing of another child.

Thank you to everyone that has messaged us. It truly means so much!

Hockey and Soccer

As the boys are getting older, they are getting busier and now we are beginning all the sports! It's so cool to see them become their own little people. Currently they are playing hockey, soccer, and swimming. My uncle, aunt, cousins, and even my cousins girlfriends have been so helpful with hockey.  Since my cousins are talented hockey players, and they are very involved in the Disney, they have guided us through the process. They have been coaching our little guys during the learn to skate program. I'm so incredibly thankful for all of them. The boys LOVE their cousins, aunt, and uncle. :)
 Being silly.
 My boys adore their uncle Phil.
 Kayla, Mitchell, and Jake.
 My little men.
Jake loves playing soccer. Asher wasn't old enough to play in this league. He was still able to run around with the kids and have fun. He can't wait to play next year!
 Buddies. Jake and Blake.
 The team.
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