Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photography Class - Day 5


Day 5 we were supposed to catch a loved one doing something that irritates us. I thought about this over and over... what does Grant do that drives me nuts? Then I came downstairs and figured it out! When Grant gets home from work he puts all his items on the dining room table. I'm kind of a neat freak so I go right behind him and put it on the entry way table. I like the dining room table with just my table runner and candles. I do like the fact he brought home that bottle of wine though. I put that into my wine rack! ;)

I used f/4, ISO 100 on this photo. 
I'm having troubles figuring out how to adjust my camera so that my local point is clear and the background is blurry. I hope to figure that out before this month is over. I think that might be my new goal...

I will hurry up and post Day 6 and Day 7 tomorrow. It was a busy weekend over here at the Stone house. Today we had the boys annual football on the beach and then we went to a super bowl party at Grant's best friend Matt's house. 

It's nice seeing all the "old timers" play a little game of footyball at the beach. And now most of us are parents so it's cool seeing how things change from year to year. For example, last year I was about 9 weeks pregnant with Jake! 

Here are some pics:

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  1. Great pics of the guys playing... hope there were no injuries! LOL.

    I think you just need to adjust the aperature in order to blur the background. Use the highest aperature or lowest number, and it should make the background go out of focus. But I am definitely not a pro, so don't quote me on that!!


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