Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aquarium of the Pacific- Jake 23 weeks

Jake and I had such a fun day! Today my mommy group went to the Aquarium. I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never been there, and I also didn't know how long Jake would make it. Well, he did great! My little man LOVED the fish! He was talking so much. His eyes were big and he was totally interested in everything around him! I took so many pictures and a video for Grant while we were there. 

Here is our video to daddy while we were there. (Jake watching the fish) 

To my surprise he made it about 2 hours. Not bad for a 23 week old, right? We walked around and then went to lunch at the Pike at Rainbow Harbor. We ending lunch with a giant chocolate cake. AGH. Do the sweets ever stop? Well, we spilt it between the girls... so, I don't feel as bad about it. 

I totally recommend going if you are in the Long Beach area. It was pretty cool. I would totally go again. I feel so fortunate to live in California. It was a beautiful day and we have so many neat things to do on any day we choose to leave the house! Next week... The Zoo!!

Here are some pictures from our outing:


  1. Hey!! We just went there last week & i just posted about it the other day! We had so much fun and it looks like you guys did too!! :)

  2. this aquarium is nice for a casual afternoon...but if u ever go up to Monterey, CA, you gotta hit THAT is a photo-op paradise and like 10times bigger!
    as for the ZOO, the LA Zoo is pretty great...

  3. Oh how I miss Cali!!!!

    Great pictures. Your blog is great!!! I'm glad you stopped by. I'm looking forward to reading although I might get a little jealous every now and then. I've learned that you can take the girl out of CA but you can't take CA out of the girl :)

  4. Beautiful family pics!! Following you now through networkedblogs.


  5. following you back through Bloggy Moms. If you ever have photography questions feel free to ask!


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