Monday, February 28, 2011

Photography Class - Day 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28

This was the last week of my online photography class. I learned quite a bit from the online lessons. I'm thankful that Willette offered such a wonderful opportunity for people to learn how to use their own cameras. I look forward to other classes they have online and encourage you all to get out and use the camera you own.

I feel like this was the push I needed to really utilize the camera I own and to also pursue getting involved with photography. In the future I plan on taking some courses, and eventually looking into an upgraded camera... SLR perhaps? ;)

Hope you all enjoyed my photos, and stories that go along with them. I surely enjoyed taking them, and sharing with all of you. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm so excited for what the future holds with photography.

Day 21
I decided to take my little ones hand. His hands are so darn adorable. I took his hand in mine and made the shot. It's hard to believe how fast he is growing. Tomorrow he will be 6 months old. Wow. Anyhow, this class has offered me the knowledge to utilize the camera and I fully intended on taking cool pictures of my lil man. One day I'll look back on these photos and never believe they were ever this small. I'm getting emotional. :)

I used 2.8/ 1/160th SS/ 3200 ISO - Natural light, and no flash.

Day 22

As if I wouldn't have used Jake's face. Duh! He is so darn cute! I could eat him up. I took his picture in the front room after his breakfast. I think if you look close you can see the rice cereal. He is such a happy baby. He makes my heart smile. I thank God for this beautiful boy! 

(I took the hands, face, and what they say all today... hence the same outfit)

I used 2.8/ 1/500th SS/ 3200 ISO - Natural light, and no flash.

Day 23
 We were supposed to look at our facebook photos and choose one to post. I chose this photo because this was such a fun day. This was in January of 2008. Grant and I our first trip wine tasting. We went to a winery I had belonged to for years to meet family. I remember when he took this picture. We were on a golf cart heading down to the barrel tasting room that is for members only. So elite... I know. :)

I had such a good time with him. A few months after this photo we got engaged. I love that man... isn't he handsome?

I pretty sure this was on auto with flash on. It was a sunny day out. This photo was taken with my old canon camera.

Day 24
The photo in Day 23 leads perfectly with the photo below. Where we met. Grant and I met in 2004 at a local bar. A bar I would never go into during college. I was out with a girlfriend having dinner and we decided to have a drink after dinner in a bar down the street from our house. It was a random Wednesday night. This VERY tall man came up and talked to me. When I say tall... I mean tall! Grant is 6'8. 

They say you will met "the one" when your not looking... I believe this statement to be true. 

Day 25
When you love them the most
I love him more everyday. It's really hard to pick a time when I love him the most. I decided to pick a time I love to watch him. That time is before his bath at night. I put him in his crib on his newborn lounger while I get his bath ready. He lays on that and watches his mobile. I also turn on Baby Calm dvd for him to watch while I'm preparing him for bed. Tonight he was laughing really hard! He's just so happy. 

I took the first photo with auto and flash on. His room is actually pretty dark, so I thought I had to use auto. To my amaze this is untrue. The last picture is on 2.8 / 3200 ISO, lamp on behind me.

Day 26
 When I got the assignment for Day 26 I laughed. Find a picture of your significant other with his friends. His "Bromance". I looked through a few pictures and I thought the one below was funny! It is Grant with his 2 buddies. Grant is the tall guy in red, Matt (middle) is his best friend from high school, and Josh (right) is Grant's old roommate.

We were at a Lobster festival in Long Beach, CA in 2009. It was a fun day with friends. The guys were being goofy, so I told them to pose for a shot. This is what I got.

Pretty sure this photo was taken on auto with my old canon camera. 

Day 27
What they say

 Jake is talking all the time. Just non stop. He's forming words and figuring out sounds and his voice. It's the cutest thing. I took the pictures below while I was taking his hand shots. He was talking so much... I decided to use the photos below. Mouth open, eyes smiling!

I used 2.8/ 1/500th SS/ 3200 ISO - Natural light, and no flash.

Day 28
For this assignment we are supposed to take a shot of our future. I took so many shots and then I came upon this picture that Grant took last weekend. He held the camera up and shot us drinking wine, and hanging out with friends. I see my future just exactly as this. Family, friends, wine, and laughter. This is exactly what I'm looking forward to continuing to do for years to come.

I'm lucky. I'm happy. I'm thankful. Cheers to the future.

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