Friday, February 18, 2011

24 weeks - weekly update

This has already been a busy week. I swear I say this every week! First off, Jake started eating sweet potatoes on Saturday. He LOVES them! I have continued giving him those since then. This week I'll be mixing it up. Not sure what I'm moving to, but, excited to try something new! I heard you shouldn't mix veggies and fruit (not together... but, introducing)? Just give veggies for awhile and then start in on fruits? Thoughts moms?
Tuesday mommy group went to the Orange Circle Antique Mall. It was really fun! We walked around, had lunch, and even stayed away from dessert. A rarity... I know! :) 

I used to go as a child. My mom would drag my brother and I. I hated it. I hated it with a passion and would cry every time she would take us. She would have to bribe my brother and I with food and gifts. Poor lady. Now look.... I'm doing it too! ha. I didn't find anything in particular. I do love antiques. I have certain things I look for. Ever heard of Jadite (Jadite depression glass)? When we were little my mom came across 2 sets of Jadite dishes, cups, and saucers and bought them for Marty and I. Once we got married my mom shipped us the boxes of the glass. It was made during the depression period and is worth quite a bit. I haven't used them though. I still have them in the box my mom sent me. I'm so afraid of breaking them. The are not replaceable. The fact my mom kept them as long as she had is more priceless than the dollar amount. I would love to pass this on to my children. I rarely see or hear about Jadite. Sometimes I get lucky and find an item here or there. And it's usually expensive. So, every time I go looking for antiques, that is what I look for.
Here are a few pieces of my collection:

My baby love on the adventure with me:

He's trying to grab my camera cord here... He's touching everything!
Happy boy!
On Wednesday, Grant was out of town, so my girlfriends came over and we had a potluck dinner! When I say potluck... it was seriously out of control! So much food and wine! I'm so lucky to be surrounded by these girls. I have the best friends. Bestie Katy came late so she wasn't in the group shot.

The older I get the more I realize that friendships should be effortless. Sure you have to work on relationships, but there shouldn't be anything you can't work through. The girls below have been my friends for years. Some for over 12 years. My grandfather once said, "A friend is someone that will be inconvenienced for you". This is true. The girls below are always there for me, and I'm always there for them. Without asking. It's so awesome to see us all change and grow as women. It's hard to believe we were once young sorority sisters trying to figure it all out.

3 of the girls below are growing there hair to donate to another one of our girlfriends. That is amazing to me. What a wonderful group of girls. *I will also be sending another blog out about the hair drive shortly*

Grant and I have a busy weekend ahead... I will post my photography lessons on Sunday and send another blog on our wine tasting adventure!
Love and cheers,

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  1. Definitely wait until he has tried all of the veggies first. I think we waited a month before giving Addison fruit, maybe longer since it takes at least 3 days with each new veggie. She LOVED sweet potatoes which is funny because I can't stand them. She also loved Butternut Squash.

    I love your dishes! I love depression glass anything. When we first did Addison's nursery I replaced every knob on her furniture with depression glass knobs. Of course they are replicas but at $5 each, well worth it! I can totally understand not using your dishes. You might want to ask your mom though, because maybe she really wants to see you use them with your family! And Jadite totally reminds me of Easter brunch!

    Cute pix as always, can't wait to see your photo assignments.


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