Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stone Chic Sunday Obsessions

I love the weekends. The house is quite, husband is home, baby is sleeping in his arms. It's just peaceful. I'm able to make coffee, and sit in front of my computer or read in quite. I even wake up early so I have this time alone. Don't get me wrong, I love the interaction with the family. But, sometimes it's nice to have quite time. I have always loved this time. Single, married, expecting, and now married with family. I will always enjoy this time. Whether I'm organizing, cleaning, working, working out, watching TV, reading, blogging, etc. It's my alone time. I get so much accomplished. Mentally it's nice to recharge my over worked batteries. Time I'm not talking or doing for someone else. With that said, today I shopped online. My accomplishment was buying things for Jake (necessities...) and a little something for me. ;)

I get so many emails about what my favorite things are for Jake so I decided every Sunday I would blog about them. Hoping this helps my pregnant friends and new mommies. I wish I had someone to ask when I was expecting. With the majority of my friends still single I didn't have anyone to turn to... but, my mom that has a 7 year old. Yes, folks... My parents had a surprise baby late in life. He's an amazing little boy. But, even 7 years things have changed so much in the baby buying game. I think this will be helpful! I search other mommy blogs looking for their favorites... So, I'm hoping fellow mommies will find my postings helpful too!

I went to Amazon and bought a bunch of things. One of the purchases was Jake's "big boy" car seat. My Lil man has grown out of his infant car seat. True story. So, I went with the Britax Boulevard 70 CS. They are the leader in car safety. And the price means nothing when it's the safety of my precious little guy. I found that Amazon had them the cheapest, with free shipping. Done and done. I also bought him ANOTHER Sophie the giraffe, Cloud B twilight constellation night light turtle, a book on making baby food, and baby food freezable containers. Also, I bought little Velcro straps for Jake's stroller. You wrap them around the teethers or sippy cups so they don't get thrown on the ground. How often are you picking these they've thrown overboard? I have one I bought at Babies R US for $5.99 . On MiniBarginz I found 2 for that price. 

Check out a few of my favorite websites:
amazon mom (better than regular Amazon... This amazon gives Prime benefits) (use code winegirl15 to get 15% off your first purchase)

Now, on to what my obsessions are for this week:

My 2011 BOB Revolution SE
I got mine for Valentines Day. For all you runners or walkers... GET IT! I use it everywhere though. We live at the beach so I walk a lot. I also like it for all around use though. It is light and it folds VERY easily. I know umbrella strollers are lighter, but if your an active person you should go and push one around. Jake likes being in it as well. 

Teething soothers
For awhile Jake would spit them out or get fussy when I put one in his mouth... but, we're back in business over here. Perhaps because he's teething? Not sure. I don't care though. It seems to give him and I peace. These look cute and are easy to clean. 

Now that Jake is eating food, he needs a good bib. I LOVE the aden + anais bibs... and blankets. Bibs are great for the drooling due to the teething as well. I also use the bibs are burp cloths.
Play time at our house is ground time. I put my little monkey on the floor and let him discover his toys, sitting up, as well as... gulp... crawling. He is attempting to do the crawl. It's all over after that... BABY PROOFING IS NEXT!

Here are a few of Jake's favorite things:

Favorite baby wash:
Mustela products

OK, I think that's enough for this week. Every Sunday I will post more of Jake's favorites! Let me know what you think. Are they are child's favorites as well? What are your child's favorites?

Happy Sunday shopping!


  1. I am a big fan of aden + anais. My girlfriend got me the swaddling blankets when I was pregnant with Hudson and they were basically all I used! I have already bought the bib/burp pads and the sleep sack for the new baby. :)

  2. I can't believe Jake is already out of his infant seat. Which one did you have? We had the Snugride 32 and Addison was at 90%+ in height and weight and stayed in it until she was 13 months.

    I love the Mam pacifiers. I had gotten some others that I read were better, but Addison hated them. She LOVED the Mam! And those velcro straps are awesome! I used pacifier holders that I had found on Etsy for all of Addison's toys and blankets since they wouldn't fall far, but the velcro straps are awesome for sippy cups and bottles!

    You will be amazed at all of the toys Jake accumulates. I feel like we buy books absolutely everywhere, and try not to buy too many toys since Addison has everything! It is fun though, and so hard not to buy. Especially when they have a favorite character!


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