Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Potty training at 4 months old?

Um... am I already behind? I was watching Good Morning America this morning and saw a clip of mother's going to Potty training workshops. Actually, at first I thought... What a good idea, get your children used to the idea of the toilet and then I saw something that really disturbed me. A mother holding her 4 month old over the toilet. The mother holding his "item" (we all know what I'm taking about) over the toilet as her baby pees. What are your thoughts on this? Does a 4 month old really know what's going on? There was another mother holding what looked like a newborn as well! Then it shows mothers giving their children excessive amounts of liquid so their children pee more so they can be trained. YIKES.

To each their own. I just saw that and actually got upset. Can't we just leave our children grow on their own time? I thought children start getting potty trained when they can walk to the toilet on their own. Or at least by the time they are 2 1/2 or 3? What is that age marker now?

I guess I'm still learning. My baby is still 5 months old. We are concentrating on sleeping in his crib and eating new veggies. :)

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

Click here for the GMA potty training link


  1. Lol, take it from me, they DEFINITELY go when they are ready, and I don't think a 4 month old knows when they are ready. My brother and I were both potty-trained by 18 months. I tried Addison at 18 months and she went on the potty 6x in one day. Because we were going out of town, and I had heard that you need to be home for a week for consistency to truly pottytrain, I didn't take it any further. When I went to her pediatrician she told me training too early will backfire, and to wait until at least 2 when they can tell you they have to go. Well, Addison is 2 yrs 3 mos and HATES her potty. She will sit on it with diapers, but if you take them off, she will sit on the potty and never go. I'm talking 2-3hrs holding it in. My cousin told me that her daughter (who was reading at a 3rd grade level in kindergarten) didn't pottytrain until almost 3. I am hopeful!

  2. That is disturbing! That's training the parent not the child anyway. Following you back from the hop, thanks for following One Busy Chick!

  3. thats really disturbing ! i think 18 months is DD went to an in home daycare and they started basic potty training around 18 months .....but shes 3 and still has accidents ....its been a struggle! but i think 4 months is ridiculous!

  4. That's TERRIBLE! You said to each their own but I'm JUDGING!! :) Holding a brand new baby or 4 month old or any age for that matter over a toilet is insane and awful to do to a baby. Those psycho moms need to put a diaper on their baby and go cuddle... but they probably don't do that either for fear of "spoiling" their newborn. please.

  5. let them use the potty when they are interested in using it. If they aren't interested they aren't going to really take on the whole responsibility. My sister in law is trying cloth diapers so that Hunter feels the wettness and is more interested in getting dry and not feeling like that.


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