Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 months and 22 weeks old.

What's new with Jake Stone? Well, let's see... he's been rolling since he was 11 weeks, but now he's rolling all over the house. I have to constantly keep an eye on him. He's also trying to crawl! His favorite accomplishment is sitting up. He's sturdy! Today I'm switching him to size 4 diapers and 12 month size clothes. Big like daddy? I think so! He's so strong. He pulls up on everything. He likes to stand (when I'm of course still hanging on slightly), and he LOVES eating. He's back on rice cereal. I started feeding him with a spoon. He likes it either way. Spoon or bottle... just as long as he's getting it. :)
Chewing on the bowl!

Mom's/Dad's: When did you start feeding your little one(s) solids? And what solids? It seems like this answer varies from doctor to doctor and mother to mother. Just curious!

I absolutely LOVE my little man. He now is taking naps in his crib... but, he's still in our room at night. We like him there. ha ha. But, I'm reading a new book, "The Sleepeasy Solution". I like this book. We are buying a new chair this weekend for his room so I'll be able to feed him in there at night. It's just whether mommy and daddy are ready. We have to make the decision for the sleep training and then we have to stick to it.

Everything else has been great. Happy, healthy little dude... That is constantly smiling and laughing. Life is good.

Here are some pictures of my 5 month old babe.

Silly boy doesn't like to sit still.
Took off his socks!

 Love and cheers,


  1. First of all... looks like someone got their internet working again! :)

    I love all the new 5-month pics, he is so cute! I want to squeeze him!! We started Hudson on rice cereal at 4 months since he was a big boy as well. I think we started the baby food around 5-6 months, once he got the hang of eating from a spoon. We started with the veggies and introduced fruits later. He loved the sweet potatoes and butternut squash... so much so that his nose turned orange!

    Congrats on Jake taking his naps in his crib... now you just need to pull the trigger at bedtime and reclaim your room! :)

  2. my goodness, what a charming boy! hard to believe they grow so fast, huh? when lexi was exactly 4months she was 19pounds! instead of rice cereal i did oatmeal so she wouldn't have a hard time going potty...i noticed when i put the oatmeal in her milk at night she slept deeper and longer!
    i know a lot of parents that refuse to allow their child to sleep in their beds..i am the exact opposite! as much as the kicks in the face in the middle of the night hurt...our baby girl has been sleeping in our bed 100% since 6months! the best thing is whatever works for you

  3. Ahhh I can't believe he is already in size 4 diapers...that's what Addison wears. It seems like she was in size 3's the longest. Addison wasn't 'chubby' until we started her on rice cereal at 4 months. We switched to oatmeal at about 5 months (I think) and she loved it. I never wanted a baby in the bed (which we didn't do), but once she started sleeping in our bed when she was a little over a year old, it's been hard to move her. My only thought is that if you are going to let him sleep with you, which can cause a suffocation hazard, you might want to see how he sleeps on his stomach. Most people don't let their kids sleep with them because of the risks, but there are more risks to them sleeping with you than there are to them sleeping on their stomach, especially if he is able to push himself up and roll over if he wants. Once Addison started sleeping on her stomach she slept A LOT better and longer! Sometimes it's easiest to just let them sleep wherever when we are so tired. Once we move, we are definitely putting Addison in a big girl bed and putting her convertible crib in the garage. Lol!


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