Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photography Class - Day 3

Then and Now

I thought about this the entire night... who and what should I do for a then and now. Then this morning I woke up and realized I'm too busy with my 5 month old to scan photos of Grant and I from 2004 or 2007... so, I decided to use another milestone in our relationship. THEN: The birth of our son. NOW: Tonight Grant was downloading itunes on the couch holding Jake, singing country music to him. Something casual. Things we do together just lounging around the house as a family.

THEN (September 1, 2010):
I choose 3. It was too hard to narrow down just one. The moment a man becomes a father. All from the hospital. Precious.
Proud Daddy.
Jake in the hospital - first 24 hours
Getting ready to leave the hospital. Family of 3. :)
NOW (February 3, 2011):
Using photo settings: f/2.8, SS 1/200th, ISO 1600. The photos were taken in a very dim room... NO flash. I can't believe what my camera is able to do. 
Singing and downloading country music
kisses and hugs 

Gosh, this just makes me such a happy mommy. My two boys. My loves. 

Pretty cool what the camera can really do.

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