Wednesday, January 4, 2012

29 weeks - 4D ultrasound

Today I got to see this lil guy:
Isn't he perfect? I think he looks very different from Jake. Well if you compare the 4D ultrasounds that is. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my little men grow! He kept smiling! It was so sweet. A happy little guy already! 

I have more exciting news.....

HE ISN'T BREECH!!! Well, so far that is. I'm hoping that he doesn't flip. If he doesn't flip I have a new plan. No c section. :) It depends on a few factors though. My due date is March 18. I'm scheduled for a c section on either March 10 or March 11. But, if this baby stays head down, and I naturally progress (dilate, efface, etc), then I will be heavily monitored and will go for it. Factors against me would be, he flips to breech, or I don't progress. Having my sons so close in age is also a factor against me. 

I'm just so excited I might have the opportunity! I have been praying for a VBAC, but know that God is the one in charge. So, I have faith that what is meant to be will be. I won't be upset either way. End result... healthy and happy little boy! 

Today was only my 4D ultrasound. My regular doctor appointment is next Tuesday. I will have more details on the baby then! So, check back next week for the update.

If your wondering why I haven't posted anything about Christmas yet... I left my camera in Boise. So, that is currently en route to my house... Will be posting those soon... I hope! 

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