Monday, January 23, 2012

32 weeks - 8 months

I turned 8 months yesterday. I went from small belly to big belly overnight! I've been reading old blog posts from when I was pregnant with Jake and it brings tears in my eyes. Being pregnant is such a gift. Life is a gift! 
Weight gain:
I believe I'm at about 15 pounds. I'm so active with Jake, I'm pretty sure I'm burning lots of calories. Plus, with the heartburn I've been eating pretty darn healthy and light. I just make sure I'm snacking all day! 
Pregnancy symptoms:
The heartburn has gotten worse. Grant swears I was like this with Jake too. I slept on the couch 3 times last week, because almost sitting straight up is better. Plus, this baby is moving like crazy. Not so much the kicking... It's the rolling and moving that keeps me up. He's pretty active!  
Doctor blogging:
I go to the OBGYN every 2 weeks now! I actually go in tomorrow. So, I will update on that blog!

Here is an updated picture of me:
This weekend was busy... like usual! I had 2 birthdays to attend and 2 important games to watch! ha! I celebrated my good friend Liz's birthday at the race track on Friday night, and my other good friend Katy's birthday was celebrated on Saturday! 

I seriously have a knack for the horse races! I'm not kidding. This is my 6th time going and I always leave a winner. I've learned how to read the stats and then with luck... I win! I usually play the winning horse, and I do an exacta box (with 3 horses). That means, I bet on the horse I feel will win the entire race, and then I choose the top 3 finishers (and with the exacta box they can come in any order). Anyhow, mama got a pair of Tom Ford glasses out of this trip! woo hoo! ;)
I also took Jake to get his hair cut... again! I take him every month. This kiddo has lots of hair! It's thick, wavy, and blonde. I'd like to think he has my hair... but, I'm sure he's got Grant's hair too! ;) Look at how cute my little monkey is! Jake is such a happy boy. The older he gets the sweeter he gets! I'm serious! If I say, "Jake, give momma a kiss", he comes running up to me and plants a big one on me! And then he hugs me and pats my back. I just melt! I wonder how he'll be with his brother? I'm sure he'll wonder what the heck the baby is doing here... but, he'll adjust and love him like crazy! The thing we'll have to work on is sharing. Jake is used to being the only one... so, the challenge will be sharing me, toys, and time. But, I will do my best to keep things as "normal" as possible. I read a great article my friend posted on becoming a mommy of 2. It was a good read, and it gave me some tips. The majority of what I hear is that it's tough in the beginning and then it gets easier as they get older. They will be about 17 months apart... I'm up for the challenge... obviously! 

Well, until my doctor appointment blogging... have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. That face sitting there all proud of himself is adorable!!


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