Friday, January 6, 2012

Love + Friendship = Marriage

What a rough few days over here at the Stone house. 2 nights ago I woke up (around 1am) and was sick until about 8am. I called my doctor (OBGYN) at 3:30am and told her what was going on with me. She told me to try ginger ale, chicken broth, crackers, and so on. So, my wonderful husband went out to find me those items. The doctor also said that if I can't keep anything down, then I need to admit myself into Labor and Delivery.

Grant came home and I started to sip a little on the chicken broth, and ginger ale. I was more comfortable on the couch, so Grant sat right next to me and bought a movie for us to watch together. I managed to close my eyes for an hour. I then woke up and got sick! Being sick is horrible, but when your 7 months pregnant... it's even worse!

I decided to call back the doctor. The doctor said to go to the hospital. I left Jake at home with Grant and I drove in. I got there and went right up into my room. Monitors went on the baby immediately, and he was doing just fine. He is so strong in fact that he was kicking the monitor right off him. The nurse had to come in several times to adjust it. She thought it was from me moving... not my little guy. Then they drew my blood, and put my IV in. I was so dehydrated they could barely find a vein. As they were putting my IV in I threw up again. Only I almost threw up on the nurse. Another nurse ran in and brought a bed pan for me. There went my Gatorade. :/

After the IV was in and they gave me medicine to stop throwing up, things got better. The lights went off and I was able to lay there and relax. After a few hours I was able to leave.

The culprit. A virus. From what? Could be from traveling... ONCE AGAIN! Remember when Jake had a virus in Oklahoma, and had to go to the hospital? Well, apparently we all have sensitive stomachs! :)

Last night my sweet husband got sick. I feel so bad. Poor guy. After all his care and love for me. My husband is amazing. Holding back my hair, rubbing my back, holding me, going to the store in the middle of the night, sleeping on the couch next to me because it's the only place this pregnant lady feels comfortable. He's awesome. I'm one lucky girl! Not only is he a hard working  man, he's a family man. He is my best friend. Always making sure Jake, baby #2, and I are happy.

Well here's to a healthy New Year! At least we are getting these illnesses done before our new little guy arrives. My camera arrived yesterday, so I will upload those pics and blog tonight!

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  1. GIRL! That is scary! I hate the stomach bug...its miserable!!! I can't imagine what it would be like to be pregnant!!! :( I'm so sorry!!! I'm just so thankful that you and baby are okay!


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