Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VBAC watch 2012...

I hit the every 2 week appointment phase of pregnancy! Yesterday I went into the doctor with the thought the baby had flipped to breech. As soon as the doctor walked in the room, I told her my fears. Since I had one breech baby, the chances of another breech baby are pretty high. This baby moves so much, so I figured he had flipped.

He didn't! My little munchkin stayed! And the doctor said he's really far down as well. She said she'd be shocked if he flipped now. It can happen, but with the position he's in, it would be quite the challenge for him. WHAT A RELIEF! 

Here are some other things I found out... My little man is measuring 2 weeks ahead again. He is either going through growth spurts or he's going to be big. I'm aiming for a growth spurt! With a VBAC, he should be an average size, not super large. I'm naturally a healthy eater, so all the weight I've gained it going straight to this baby! I've gained about 17 pounds so far. I would like to stay in the 30 pound range. Normal is 25-30 pounds per pregnancy. I think I gained about 39/40 pounds with Jake. But, I started out pretty skinny with Jake. Don't think I completely lost all of my baby weight for baby #2. Seeing that I was only about 8 months out! ha! Anyhow, I don't stress about weight. I enjoy the pregnancy. I eat what I crave (in moderation), and I like to eat healthy for this growing boy! 

A lot of people have been emailing about VBAC's and my decision to have one. They ask why? It really is a personal preference. I never wanted a c section with Jake. I was devastated when they told me I had to have one since he was breech. At that point I was consulted about a VBAC (if I decided to have another pregnancy). I made up my mind back in August of 2010 that I would attempt one if I got pregnant again.

Knowing I don't have family close to help me... I don't want to be recovering from a cesarean. I want to be able to be as "normal" as possible for both my little boys. Grant can't work and be a helper at home. I will have our babysitter come in and help a few hours here and there, but it's mainly going to be me. I need to be in fighting shape! Keeping things as normal as possible for Jake, and caring for a newborn! :) 

There are so many websites with good information you can google or ask your doctor if your interested in one as well. I know I've been googling for years! My doctor and the hospital is fully equipped to handle VBACs. And you need to make sure your doctor is comfortable with your decision and is also trained in case of an emergency. Not all hospitals will let you do them as well. Long Beach Memorial is a great hospital! They have one of the best neonatal facilities in the country. Not only do I have a great doctor, I will be at a great hospital. It's all God's will. 

Factors on my side for a VBAC are:
1. I progressed with my first pregnancy. I dilated, effaced, and my water even broke.
2. The baby is head down.
3. I'm in good health.
4. I've only had 1 c section.
5. At this point my son is "normal size"

Factors that would make me not eligible:
1. He flips to breech.
2. He becomes huge.
3. I develop health problems, ex: high blood pressure.

I have also made the decision to have a cesarean by my due date if I haven't had the baby before that. Past 40 weeks you run the risk of low fluids and baby will keep growing and perhaps get too big. So, if I naturally haven't gone into labor on my own (they don't give you pitocin in a VBAC), then I will have a cesarean on March 18th. I'm not scheduling anything as of yet. I'm going to continue down this path and see what happens. 

Thanks for reading my journey! God has a plan... I know that. What is meant to be will be. I will not be disappointed if I can't have a vaginal delivery. I will accept that it's for the best for the baby and myself. I'm just excited for the possible opportunity.

The baby's room is really coming along! All the furniture is in place, I'm just waiting for the bedding and pictures to be made. I'll post a picture later this week of the beginning phase! 

Have a great day!


  1. My last was a c-section, if I were to have more (I'm I would choose VBAC also. That is awesome he is not breech! Keep up the good work Mama :)

  2. I SO hope your dream comes true! With my 100% natural non-medicated birth consisting of a 23 hour labor, a10lb 5oz baby delivered and 33 stitches- just 2 hours post delivery i was up scurrying around our hospital suite "decorating" getting everything set up the way I wanted while AJ and B slept. No joke. I pray you get just what you hope for. Believe and anything is possible:)

  3. I am so happy for you and your family. You are an amazing woman, wife and mother to your family and look foward to hearing how stone baby # 2 comes into this wonderful family you and Grant have created. Congrats Brooke, Big hugs to you!!!


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