Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update on Jake Bowman.

Grant and I just got home from the doctor and we found out that Jake is back to the breech position. He is now a complete breech. At our last appointment he was transverse (sideways) and we were hoping he would flip his head down... but, instead he went back to breech. 

My doctor is awesome. She could tell I was very upset. In fact, today I brought my birth plan in so we could go over it. I was so hopeful that Jake was going to move. Well, here is the birth plan now... C section. I know there is still a chance for my little angel to flip... but, the odds are against me at 36 weeks. Because the further along I go... the less space he has to move. The doctor is estimating he is around 6 pounds right now. I am hopeful and will pray for a vaginal delivery... but, it's God's will and plan... not mine.

My C section is being scheduled for September 2, 2010 at 7am. I have to wait for the scheduler to call to confirm details... but, that is what we are looking at as of now. If he decides to turn... Then I will cancel it.

So, here's the deal with the C section:
They will take Jake at 39 weeks so that there isn't a chance for me to go into labor. But, it's also long enough for him to have fully developed lungs. If my water is to break I'd have to rush to the hospital so that the baby doesn't start to descend and get stuck. They used to perform breech births vaginally, but with more complications it isn't worth the risk. I want Jake to be perfectly healthy and safe... even if that means that I can't have the "normal" plan of... "honey, my water broke, it's time to go to the hospital".  I will go to bed on the 1st knowing that the next day I will have a baby... with no pain of labor. I'm struggling... The fact that after I give birth my son that I've been carrying will go immediately to Grant while I under go more surgical procedures. It could take 45 minutes to an hour before I can even hold him. That crushes me.

Well that is the update on my little man. No more whining! I'm happy he is healthy and so am I. That is the most important thing. :)

Love and cheers,


  1. I've heard that Dr. can turn them externally. Worth a try. I was totally devastated to have to have Liam via C-section too. There's not really a way to sugar coat it, but I will tell you... that not holding him immediately afterwards was my biggest struggle as well. Especially since I held Aiden within seconds. But... good news is that, there are so many things going on, and your so emotional, that that time between his birth and when you get to hold him does go by surprisingly pretty fast. Not sure how LB memorial does it, but at St. Joseph, they wheeled Liam right next to me into recovery, and I held him as soon as we got to the recovery room.

  2. Have you tried anything to turn him yourself??? I had a professor at LB and she had her second daughter while they were at their second home in Costa Rica. The doctors told her that she was breech, so some of the midwives told her if she got into a position where her head is facing down, maybe like a downward dog I'm assuming, the baby would turn on her own. She did it everyday for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night, and sure enough, she turned right before she had her. I know when I had Addison I was up for anything, as long as it was safe, but I was definitely concerned with a c-section because you don't get to hold them right away, and then you are out of commission for a while when you get home. To me, holding her for the first time was one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, so when the doctor told me if I pushed for longer than an hour he'd consider a c-section, she came out in 10 minutes! Lol! You probably won't even notice it when you are in the room and they are finishing the procedure. And just think...you have 18+ yrs (until he gets married), to hold him and love him!!!

  3. I'm sorry, I know you were hoping not to have a c-section. But God has the ultimate birth plan, and you are right... the most important thing is that you are both healthy! I will continue to pray that Jake turns and beats the odds!

  4. Hey Brooke, my name is Kimlyn and I went to HS with Grant. We are due around the same time so I've been following a little of your story. I can totally feel your frusteration over being breech. I don't know alot about how to fix breech but I have seen woman try accupuncture and chiropractic care in an effort to turn the baby. I think the above idea suggestion about positioning yourself on all fours helps too. Just a thought . .. good luck and God Bless. Tell Grant "hello" for me :)

  5. You are going to be wonderfully fine and you will get through this! Your baby boy will be taken out healthy and happy and it will be just fine. LOVE you guys.

  6. Brooke, I'm glad you've been so open with this process as you've gone through it and the feelings and thoughts that go along with everything. It is so refreshing and helpful for people like me who are having our first babies too. Thank yo for sharing, I appreciate it!

  7. Hey Brooke. It will work out ok. Riley ended up being c-section even though I really hated to have that. Send me your email address though and I'll give you some tips. We had her at LB Memorial and I can tell you I didn't get her until 6 hours after she was born! I was so tired I didn't object but I really was sad I missed on on those first few hours. Made breastfeeding more difficult too. Anyways, I can send you some tips and what exactly to expect in general and at LB Memorial.

  8. Oops...that was Kaylene, not Chris. It's picking up his google account. :)


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