Thursday, August 19, 2010

37 Weeks

Yesterday was my weekly appointment. I saw another doctor since my doctor is on vacation this week. Have some new information in regards to Jake this morning. Not sure I'm excited or scared! ;)

Jake is now Frank Breech. I'm 1 centimeter dilated, and 70 percent effaced. 

They estimate that he is already 7 pounds. I'm considered FULL TERM TODAY! I'm trying to take it easy until my doctor comes back from vacation next week. I barely got over the fact that I'm having a Cesarean... However, I'm not ready to have a Cesarean and have another doctor do it too!

I'm still continuing to pray that Jake turns. God's plan once again though. :)

Here is a chart about effacement and dilation in case you have no idea what that is:

I ordered some books on Amazon last week and they just came in the mail. The first book has been recommended by a few friends (Thank you Melina, and Vanessa). And the other 2 are staple books to have on hand. 

I will update our blog as I go along. I can't wait to turn my blog into a book at the end of the year! It will be something I can give Jake or Jake's wife on day. My journey through pregnancy with my little rascal!

Love and cheers,
Brooke Stone

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  1. Don't get too nervous. I was 3 cm, 90% effaced at 35 weeks.....4 cm, 100% effaced at 36 weeks and then had to be induced. Hurry up and wait I guess.

    Maybe he'll turn some more? Is that possible still?


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