Tuesday, August 24, 2010

37 weeks and 5 days

It's time for my weekly doctor blogging!

I woke up today very excited because my doctor is back from vacation! Phew! Now... If I go into labor I have her to deliver Jake. My doctor is seriously awesome! She has also become a personal friend. She said if I go into labor before my scheduled Cesarean to text her so she can get ready to meet me at the hospital! I'm lucky to have that sense of security. With all the unknown I feel I'm about to embark on .... I have a doctor/friend that always gives it to me straight and that I can trust with my life... literally! ;)

Here is the updated news on Jake:

1 cm dilated, 90% effaced. He is a complete breech... butt is down and in place in the pelvis. This is the best breech position because his little tooshy can act as a block or plug if my water is to break, rather than a foot, or the umbilical cord hanging that can exit first. She doesn't think I'll go into labor before my date... but, if Jake is ready... he's coming on his schedule! I would just get to the hospital quickly so that we would get the Cesarean going! Clearly Jake already has a mind of his own though. ;)

I have decided to stop being a baby because I'm going to be having one. Big girl pants are on and I'm ready to face that I'm having a Cesarean! I'm excited to be having our son with my doctor, great anesthesiologists, and one of the best NICU's in the country if something was to go wrong. I'm a confident, positive person and I believe that everything is going to go great!! God is good and will protect my family and I!

Grant has been very supportive of my fears and I know he will be a great father that will follow our little man around the hospital until I'm out of recovery! My brother Marty and his wife Ashley will be there for the birth of Jake, and a few friends will be there as well (we were told to limit visitors because I'll be tired and sore from the procedure)! My parents are flying in on September 4th and staying with us until the 14th. I'm so grateful they are coming out to help! This is there 1st grandchild. My grandma will be staying with us in October, and Grant's mom will be flying out October 20th-30th to stay with us. I can't wait to see all of our family and for them all to meet our son! Feeling very loved! :)

We will meet our son on September 2 at 10am!!

I will post a picture of me at 38 weeks this Thursday. I have been forgetting... and I'm getting pretty darn big!

Love and cheers,

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  1. oh Brooke, how exciting! Are your parents going to get here after he is already born? You are going to love seeing your hubby taking care of his little man! I remember I was not feeling well, and Carlos was the one who went with Addison to the nursery to learn how to give her her first bath! He followed her around like a hawk. It was so cute though. I bet you are getting so so so excited! I can't wait to see pictures!


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