Sunday, June 27, 2010

We've moved...OFFICIALLY!

I'm really big on correspondence and making sure everyone in our family knows what's new with Grant and I. After we moved I knew that I wanted to let the family know so they can update their records so I contacted a friend that is a graphic designer for assistance. She designed a postcard that I sent out with our address change, with a vintage beach theme. It is so cute! I wanted to make sure I posted her information for my friends and family so if people needed a graphic designer they can contact her.

Here is our postcard we sent out last week (not with our actual address of course):

Here is Heather's contact information. I highly recommend her and plan on having her make our baby announcements when Jake is born! 

Heather Myers
Website: (click on Heather's name to the right to enter her blog) Heather Myers
email address:


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